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    S. Dakota

    OK, so I've never hunted whitetails before .Started with the points thing in S. Dakota 4 years ago and now I'm starting to think about it a little more seriously. Anyone hunt out there for the whitetails? Trespass hunts available? Any info would be great .Thanks
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    A ZONE

    Any archery success guys? Rifle this next Saturday! Who's going?
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    Is there a list out that shows what's left after the second draw? Couldn't find it on the website. Thanks
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    Nevada bulls?

    What the heck? All these late Nevada hunts going on and no pictures of Awesome bulls? Where are the pics guys? Somebody had to draw a tag!
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    Goats in 57&58

    Anyone hunt in this country this past season? Its always been on my radar for antelope, Just wondering if the tag increases the last couple years hurt the quality? Any recent reports? THANKS
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    Left over draw

    Results tomorrow. Anybody else in?
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    ATV rifle scabbard

    Ive got a gun rack on the front of my Honda foreman , but I like the thought of those side mount jobs I see on some rigs. Witch one do you guys like,use?
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    What say you guys? Results Friday the 14th. is my guess.
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