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  1. larrbo

    Deleted social media

    I deleted my Facebook page today because of the recent actions of Big Tech. I didn't have a Twitter account but I do have a Parlor account that has been shutdown. Google is a little more difficult because they control much of the internet. Isn't it great to live in a country where we have so...
  2. larrbo

    Freedom lost

    We all lost more freedom this evening. Google removed Parlor from their play store and that will remove the App. Someone from Parlor was on Tucker Carlson 5onight and said that Apple may follow suit. This country is becoming a banana republic.
  3. larrbo

    Why I like going to the office

    I really enjoy being in my office at work and want to share what I look at everyday. I didn't get a photo of the turkey in the corner.
  4. larrbo

    Kona fishing

    I go to the Big Island every year and have wanted to go fishing, I finally did it this year and caught my first striped marlin.
  5. larrbo

    2019 buck

    This season was pretty tough with all of the warm weather but I was able to harvest this buck. Sageadvice used to really like joining me when I would hunt this location, really miss him.
  6. larrbo

    Trapping and fur sale ban

    The Governor signed a bill yesterday banning all trapping and fur sales in the state of California. As we continue to see the noose tighten on ammo and gun sales it only a matter of time until they go after big game hunting.
  7. larrbo

    Sad news

    I wanted let everyone know that our friend Sageadvice passed away yesterday. Happy hunting buddy.
  8. larrbo

    2018 buck

    I haven't posted much is the last year but I'm still out in the woods looking for deer. This is the buck I harvested this week.
  9. larrbo

    Wolves in Califirnia

    I saw one a couple of years ago near Chester and got no comment when I contacted Fishing Game.
  10. larrbo

    Pig hunt success

    We needed some current hunting posts so this is this weeks pig hunt. Both myself and my wife killed our pigs this week.
  11. larrbo

    Fishing with Sageadvice

    He's going strong and still catching big fish.
  12. larrbo

    Merry Christmas

    I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And we only have 2 months from Christmas Eve until the Giant's first spring training game:)
  13. larrbo

    SF Giant's. 2016

    Pitcher's and catcher's in 6 weeks. Bout time. Go Giant's
  14. larrbo

    Colo. landowner deer tags/ranch wanted

    Looking for up to 3 landowner deer tags with ranch to hunt this season.
  15. larrbo

    SF Giants--Page 2

    The thread is getting a little long so it's time to start a new on just before the halfway mark of the season. Go Giant's
  16. larrbo

    SF Giant's 2015

    It's an odd numbered year, so should our expectations be muted? Heck NO! Here's a few things I am looking at as the season starts in a few weeks. 1. My buddy Sage was right....we had a wolf in panda clothes playing 3rd base, now we can move on. 2. Get well Hunter Pence. 3. McGhee and...
  17. larrbo

    Big Storm

    How's everyone doing in the big storm that hit last night. Here in Chico it rained 1.70 inches since late afternoon yesterday. The winds only got up to the low 30 MPH not the 60 they were predicting. At work we were worried about getting all of the loads out last night thinking the power...
  18. larrbo

    Panda gone

    Just read this online this morning: The Red Sox didn't rest on the news of signing Haney Ramirez. They're reportedly addiing third baseman Pablo Sandoval as well. The Red Sox have signed free agent third baseman Pablo Sandoval to a five-year contract, reports Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. The deal...
  19. larrbo

    2014 California Buck

    This is my California buck from this year. On my way back home I stopped to see Sage and he took this photo. After hunting Elk in California for the first time this year and a successful deer hunt it's sad to put all of my hunting stuff away.
  20. larrbo

    NE Cali Elk Hunt

    It's hard to believe but I will be hunting elk 13 days from now in NE California. So I have most of my camping gear put together and my other stuff packed(still need to sight my rifle in Sage). Hopefully I will get a signal on my cell phone so I can post how my hunt is going. I have set aside...
  21. larrbo

    SF Giant's 2014-Page 2

    The season is a quarter of the way over and the thread is getting really long. So we should start a fresh one so it doesn't take forever to scroll to the bottom thread. Other than that....How bout them Giant's.
  22. larrbo

    SF Giant's 2014

    Time to strap it on and get the new season going tomorrow. It should be a great season as we battle the Dodgers for the West...but don't forget about the D-Backs. Stay healthy boys and play good ball. Go Giant's
  23. larrbo

    Feb. 14th--Important Date

    Hey guys....February 14th is a very important day, make sure to buy you sweetheart a card and some candy. And......Pitchers and Catchers report to spring training for the Giants. This is a big day!
  24. larrbo

    Lone Survivor

    I read the book a few years back and couldn't put it down until I was finished. Today I went to see the movie and it was well done, you will walk away with a ton of respect and thankfulness for our troops. If you are thinking about seeing the it. God Bless our Troops.
  25. larrbo

    Bring on the Seahawks

    Let's wipe the smurk off of Pete Carroll's face.
  26. larrbo

    2014 Predictions

    I thought that it would be good to share some of my predictions for the new year: Sage--Will finally hookup the record German Brown Trout at Lake Almanor only to have it accidently knocked off by the guy with the net. Eel--Will come out of retirement and join the crew on The Wizard this season...
  27. larrbo

    2013 California Buck

    For the first time in several years I didn't hunt out of state, so I put all of my time in hunting my spot in California. I went up several times and hunted hard this season. Saw several good bucks but kept holding out, then the bucks dried up. I went up for the last time to pick my quad up...
  28. larrbo

    Giants--Hot Stove

    Well we signed Timmy to a 2 year 35 million dollar contract next year. I think they almost had to sign him with Zito moving on and a real question mark on Vogelsong.
  29. larrbo

    Did I see a Wolf?

    I travel Highway 36/32 between Chester and Chico almost every weekend. Over the years I have seen deer, bears, mountain loins, bobcats and a fisher. This morning my wife and I were about 7 miles west of Chester on Highway 36 when we saw an animal ahead trotting down the road. I slowed down...
  30. larrbo

    Lead free Ammo

    The governor signed the lead free ammo bill yesterday. That gives us a couple of more years to shoot the ammo we have. What a great state.
  31. larrbo

    Giant's 2nd half

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-09-13 AT 08:42PM (MST)[p]It's time to start a new Giant's thread for the second half of the season. Last night I only made it to the 14th inning because I get up at 5:30 every morning. Even though they lost the game last night they didn't quit....that is a hopeful sign. So...
  32. larrbo

    Dividing California

    If it were on the ballot, how many of you would vote to divide California into 3 states? A lot of us in the north state have no voice in how our state is being run. I would vote yes.
  33. larrbo

    Gun control idiot

    Colorado's congresswomen Diane DeGette is sponsoring a gun control bill on magazines and said this at a forum on gun control. ?I will tell you these are ammunition, they're bullets, so the people who have those now they're going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of...
  34. larrbo

    SF Giants--2013

    Now that Buster is a Giant for life we can sit back Monday and enjoy the new season. Go Giant's.
  35. larrbo

    Pitchers and Catchers Feb. 12th

    Only 5 1/2 weeks until pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Here are my questions for the upcoming season: Will Brian Wilson sign with the Giant's? Will Tim Lincecum's new haircut bring back the magic? Barry Zito...the good, the bad or the ugly this season? Who runs the...
  36. larrbo

    Successful hunting season

    In mid-summer I didn't know if hunting season would happen for me this year because I had back surgery on August 13th. I had draw a Nevada deer tag this year and I also had a tag for deer in California. The surgery went well and I worked hard on my rehab and the doctor let me go to Nevada and...
  37. larrbo

    Goin Hunting-I think

    I posted back a few months ago that I needed to have back surgery and hoped I would be able to hunt by October 10th. Today marks 7 weeks since my surgery and I go to the doctor this week for what I hope and think will be a release to go next week. I know that I feel the best I have in years...
  38. larrbo

    back surgery before hunt

    I have been dealing with a punky back for years and finally it went belly up in late May. After going to rehab and treatment the MRI shows that I need surgery. I am getting a spinal injection to calm tha pain down tomorrow and getting the surgery as soon as possible in early August. The good...
  39. larrbo

    Randy Moss a Niner

    Well it looks like the 49er's signed Randy Moss to a one year deal. Never have been a Moss fan, hope he doesn't ruin the chemistry on the team. What do you guys think?
  40. larrbo

    Giant's 2012

    Hey it's that time of year....pitchers and catchers report this weekend and heres my top ten list for the season: 1. Buster's ankle...good as new? 2. Freddie's shoulder....can he turn the doubleplay? 3. Pablo's belly....the lower his weight the higher his batting average. 4. Zito....what...
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