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    Archery Elk hunt in Unit 5B

    Helllo all, Considering a unit 5b archery hunt, anyone have any experience in this unit your willing to share? or PM me thanks
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    Heading to Unit 80/81 this week

    Decided to try units 80/81 OTC archery this year, I see some snow in the forecast for Tue-Thurs so that should be interesting, we arrive Thursday for a ~10 day hunt so hopefully snow will push some down from the highest elevations. So looking forward to getting out West, not much mountains here...
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    Elk Archery Hunt Unit 12/23/24

    Heading out for the cross country drive to Colo for an elk hunt, drew a non-resident tag for unit 12/23/24. Going to rely on google earth + OnX online scouting, will be interesting to see how this will work out, live too far away to get boots on the ground before the hunt. Anyone been hiking...
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    which units are wilderness?

    Anyone know if the fish & game dept has any listing of which units are wilderness? As a NR, trying to understand which units I can hunt with and without a guide or resident with me.
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    Hunting stores in NM for BH209 & primers

    Can anyone point me to any stores in Sante Fe, ABQ, Los Alamos or surrounding areas that might carry BH 209 powder and WIN 209 primers. I be flying into NM (Sante Fe) for a muzzy hunt at Valles Caldera, can't ship powder or primers on planes so trying to see if I can find locally when I arrive.
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    Drew Valle Caldera Muzzy Tag

    Well, after ~10yrs, finaly got lucky, odds are not easy for a non-resident, but pretty pumped I'll have the opportunity to hunt this awesome place. Looks like awesome country, can't wait. I see a bunch of folks on this site have hunted the VC before, if anyone is willing to offer any advice...
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