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    Unit 6A elk

    Has anyone been having any luck in unit 6A for elk this year. Seems as though this unit has not been performing as it has in years past. We have the rifle hunt this coming weekend and have been scouting it but not seeing or hearing much.
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    Unit 2C

    Hi ive been a member on here for sone some time just here to see and read some great content. Did anyone happen to hunt the muzzleloader hunt in unit 2C? I drew the late rifle hunt in 2C and have been scouting. I have been seeing does and smaller bucks but nothing larger. Any tips or advice from...
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    Nonresident Question

    Hello I am very new to the site but have lurked for years and enjoy all the posts and pictures. I applied last year and got 1 preference point for Colorado and would like to use it this fall. I am familiar with Colorado but not hunting wise. I would like an easier hunt that I will have the...
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