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    Blaze Orange ?

    I've read the regulations that state all rifle hunters are required to wear blaze Orange but does this requirement also apply to a buddy that is in the field with me but has no tag ? He would probably wear it anyway but I Wouldn't want him to get cited in case he forgets.
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    Unit 74 High Country Rifle Deer

    Looks like I drew. Not asking for areas but would to know when you think the high country will be open for scouting considering this years snow pack...? Hate to make the drive then find out can't access the high country. Thanks
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    74 Eary Rifle Deer

    I have read conflicting reports on the buck quality for this high country hunt. I'm at 15 NR deer points and should be in running to draw this season according to research. Anyone care to share their experiences on this hunt. Thanks, Greg
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    Utah proclamation ?

    Did I read correctly...? I'm NR and if I draw hunting permit tag and my hunting license expires before hunt I do not have to purchase another hunting license....? And... My big game permit also allows me to fish in Utah...?
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    Predator Hunters ?

    Any predator hunters out there in eastern Az. I've really be trying to improve calling knowledge this season. Have called in quite a few coyotes but no foxes or cats....would like to ask for advice....
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    Rainfall ?

    Doesn't seem like anybody is talking about lack of moisture this is very dry right now in Arizona and south western U.S and from what I read predictions expect this trend to continue. Looks like I will be saving my 10 elk points this year and hope for better moisture level in 2019.....
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    Sheep Mount Insurance ?

    I am having a full body mount done on my desert bighorn ram. I was wondering what kind of value I should place on mount? I want to insure it on my homeowners insurance. It is a B&C ram if that makes any difference on value. If anyone has any ideas I would like to hear..... Thanks!
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    Sheep Dorsal Cut ?

    My taxidermist recommended that I skin my sheep with a Dorsal cut for full body mount. He showed me where to make cuts but I need more info as I don't wanna ruin cape. I've searched youtube for video but there is nothing. Anyone know where I can watch video of this skinning method ...
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    Scope Rental ?

    I have a sheep hunt I'm scouting for. Glassing 4 miles plus with my 65 mm spotter is not effective. Does anyone know where I can rent optics like a 95 mm spotter ? Would love to buy but not budget.... Thanks, Greg
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    Non-Resident's Only

    Did any non-residents actually draw a quality tag in Utah this year ? I have been putting for 14 yrs for everything I can as NR and have drawn zero tags......all I ever get is that "unsuccessful" email.... Would let like to hear NR success to at least keep my hopes up for drawing.
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    22-250 For Deer

    My boy is turning 10 this summer and he is taking the Hunter safety course. My question is is the 22-250 to light of a load for deer out to 300 yards. I know shot placement is key however with all things being equal will this caliber get it done? He is very comfortable and accurate with this...
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    REI Closed

    Kudos's to company REI for closing on "Black Friday" and encouraging their employes to use the day to "Get Outdoors" on the day off........I hope this catches on with other companies.......
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    G5 Floating Pin

    I made a bonehead move and tried to remove my floating pin off of my G5 sight.....5 washers fell out when I removed pin and I can't figure out it go's back together.....I have tried every sequence but doesn't move up and down the way it did before when I turn knob...I have looked on YouTube for...
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