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    Utah Trail Cam Ban

    I personally enjoy my trail cameras. I enjoy getting "good" pictures, I even have one now as my screen saver. My biggest issue is that now this law will make just one more reason for guys to be AH's on the side of the hill. The whole "I'm gonna turn your *** in" BS that is simply not...
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    Big Enough for LE Opening day??

    Depends on the unit, and how long you waited, how much time you have, is he in a huntable spot, archery or rifle etc. I put him right at about 300.. FOR ME... on a 4-5pt archery unit... ABSOLUTELY 8-10pt archery unit... Nope 10-15pt archery unit... HELL NO A rifle hunt... NO, 2nd half on the...
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    Droptine Buck Photo Contest

    HORRIBLE picture... But here is a drop tine buck I saw a few years ago
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    Fair Chase

    Yup... I challenge ANYONE... Moss, Kalan, ANY OF THEM, to get a 27in buck or a 300 class elk off the north slope with any consistency.
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    Fair Chase

    Damn straight!!!.... I've often wondered if hiring a guide to guide me on the north slope would be any better than I do on my own. That unit is toughest one in the state by far!!
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    Did Utah Gov. Elk or Deer tag ever get filled?

    Very good point, and the difference is subtle.. But.. TO ME, when a spotter is taking pictures w their cell phone, circling where you are and the deer, and sending it back, and talking you in real time on the radio, and the other spotter is watching a nearby group of other deer making sure...
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    Swaro ats 65mm vs 85mm

    Here's what I can say... I have looked through the Vortex Razor 85 and the Swaro 80... both at 60 power while on a hunt, right at dusk...side by side. And MY EYES couldn't tell a difference between the two..
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    Spotting Scope

    Is that the old gray/blockey looking one? If so, $1k is the high side, $800 is a decent price...
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    Did Utah Gov. Elk or Deer tag ever get filled?

    I've been on 3 guided hunts, 2 deer and 1 elk.. all 3 archery. My experiences on EACH one has a lot of similarities, and a few differences. The similarities, in no particular order. I killed the animal on the last day of the hunt after hunting HARD... SUN UP TO SUN DOWN.. putting in hard...
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