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    NM 16A, Anyone with firsthand knowledge?

    icgamer, send me a pm and maybe I can offer some help on areas.
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    Draw results up~ ur welcome

    Well Rio, since your still posting, the draw isn’t happening this week. Fingers crossed for next week though!
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    A3 guide Jed Larson convicted of poaching

    No ONX chip required to know if your on the rez or not in that area. Everyone knows the fence is the line.
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    Kuiu Super Down Ultra XL Jacket

    Sold to Bobcat743 Thanks
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    Kuiu Super Down Ultra XL Jacket

    Sold pending funds
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    Kuiu Super Down Ultra XL Jacket

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    Kuiu Super Down Ultra XL Jacket

    Hooded-Excellent condition, Verde pattern. $180.00
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    Fierce fury 7mm rem.

    Pm sent
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    Rut help NM unit 16a

    Give me a call when you have time.
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    Rut help NM unit 16a

    The problem with horses in NM is the lack of water. If you have an area you plan to ride into, you will need to ensure there is water available. I hunted this unit last year with my son and helping another friend this year. It's a good year to have this tag, a lot of moisture this year. You...
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    Rut help NM unit 16a

    You should hunt the last 8 days of your hunt. Weather is different every year it seems, was hot and dry last year but not uncommon for afternoon thunderstorms. Very large unit and you should be able to get away from all the road hunters if you don't mind hiking into some remote areas.
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    Please sign and share!!!!

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    Governors Tag Hunters

    Who guided the 400? Bull?
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    Help field judging this bull! What do you think he scores before my LE hunt?

    330, a lot of inches on that left 4th but all the fronts are short, even the 5ths. May not make 330.
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    NM Unit 16D - Elk Archery - Rain Inquiry

    Good luck on your hunt! You drew a great unit.
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    NM Unit 16D - Elk Archery - Rain Inquiry

    I was just there and it's green and most tanks have some water. Elk have put on allot of weight in the last month.
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    WTB Trail Camera

    I have a couple HD Bushnells with security boxes I would sell. $70 each includes the box.
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    WTB Stone Glacier 5900 or larger -Bag Only

    I have a frame, looking for a 5900 or larger bag.
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    Trail Cam Pic

    Really nice Bull for sure!
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    Trail Cam Pic

    I think the 3rd is showing on the right, cant see the G2, but a 350 frame bull, only reason that bull makes 350 is the long 4th's make up for short 5ths. IMO
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    Trail Cam Pic

    Mid 350's, lets see a big one.
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    Kuiu Icon 5000 pack Vias pattern

    Pack is used but good condition. M/L belt. $300 plus $25.00 shipped. One tie strap has a small tear in fabric. I can provide more pics.
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    Bowtech 360 RPM

    What year was the Bow manufactured?
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    Outdoorsmans Micro Pan Head & Manfrotto Befree Tripod

    What model is the tripod?
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    Is it time for the state of Arizona to change how it views guides & outfitters?

    Competition is a good thing, it controls cost yet there are disadvantages as well but gives a tag holder choices. If not for this option in AZ, I would bet your fees would be $10k for guiding, so I can see how you don't like this, but for the majority of hunters using a guide what your paying...
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    AZ late bull

    Awesome story and great Bull! What unit were you hunting?
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    Swarovski 15x56 SLC HD's

    PM sent
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    guess the score

    36 should be the states top big bull unit since 80% of the Bulls up there are now considered 330 5x5's!!! Lol just finding a 6x6 will be a guaranteed 350 bull!! Hahaha sorry couldn't resist, I'll borrow that tape next, maybe we all will have a few 390's in the shed.
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    New KUIU Gaiter in Vias Camo

    Brand new on Kuiu website for $69. I would be interested for $50.
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    Where do you live?
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    FoxPro Fury

    I'm interested, pm sent
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    FoxPro Fury

    Pm sent
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    Which are the best Trail cameras

    Get a python cable too, must have or it will be gone.
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    Which are the best Trail cameras

    I have 10 Bushnell Trophy cams and would highly recommend the Bushnell cameras, the 5 and 6 mpex work great. I've experimented with Primos, Moltree, and Reconyx and still prefer the Bushnell.
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    SOLD FHF bino hub

    PM sent
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    Hodad bull

    Would sure like to see better pics of that bull, really nice.
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    Sitka ascent pants

    I'll take them, 575 405 8092
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    SOLD Sitka Gear

    I will take the pants-575 405 8092
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    unit 18 idaho

    I know the unit well, send me a PM.
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