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  1. Deepcolor

    Reloading Supplies.

    Wanting to clean out a few items to make room. 200 pieces of Winchester brass 204 Ruger $60 per bag. 100 pieces of Remington brass 204 Ruger $60 per bag. 100 pieces of Winchester brass 25-35. $50 per bag. Approximately 1800 .20 Vmax bullets in 40 grain. $720 1000 rounds of HSM 38 Special...
  2. Deepcolor

    Weatherby 6.5 PRC

    Up for grabs in a Weatherby Vanguard High Country model in 6.5 PRC. Rifle has 50 rounds fired during break in and load development. Recoil lug has been bedded with some minor stock work( shrunk groups in half). Currently shooting a 150 SMK at 3000 FPS which is under MOA. Load and dope chart is...
  3. Deepcolor

    Old Reloading Stock

    Wondering if anybody else is digging into the old stuff and considering a new recipe. Let’s see what you have stored away that could still be used.
  4. Deepcolor

    Muzzy Help

    Looking for some help with a Rem. 700 muzzle loader. I had a friend drop off his muzz that has a stuck breach plug, sounds like he hasn’t taken it out for several years and now he can’t get it removed for cleaning. Any secrets out there? I imagine there is some serious corrosion and build up...
  5. Deepcolor

    Lowa Cevedale

    Up for grabs is an almost new pair of Lowa Cevedale GTX Pro boots is size 9. Solid boot that has great reviews online, they just do not agree with my feet. $200 plus shipping.
  6. Deepcolor

    Archery Success

    Wanted to share this unique bull I was able to connect with during the archery hunt. I had a previous encounter with this bull at the same wallow and couldn’t seal the deal, I won round two.
  7. Deepcolor

    Ass whoopin in the Uintas

    Anybody hear about a man getting his ass whooped up there over Memorial Day weekend? Sounds like he pulled a gun on a kid for riding his dirt bike past his camp, momma bear came over and whooped his ass!
  8. Deepcolor

    Kel Tec PMR30

    Anybody have one they are willing to sell or know a shop that will ship?
  9. Deepcolor

    It’s been nice.

    Sure has been nice here on MM ever since the Utah draw results came out. Can’t quite put my finger on what the difference is but I will figure it out.
  10. Deepcolor

    OIL Results

    Post em up here.
  11. Deepcolor

    Time and date not correct

    Anybody else have the problem of the date and times on post not being correct?
  12. Deepcolor

    Non resident in wilderness

    I am sure the answer is on the Wyoming Game and Fish web page but this is way easier. I am not here to argue the law that is in place, simply wanting to understand what the requirements are. What documents are needed for a nonresident to hunt with a resident in the wilderness areas? Is it any...
  13. Deepcolor

    Barrel length and MV/accuracy

    I am bumping around for a new rifle and have found myself with a first world problem. The rifle I have selected (Bergara B14 HMR in 7 mag) comes with a 24? barrel and threaded for a brake. Several others are fitted with a 26? barrel but not ready for a break. Question for the pros here. Can...
  14. Deepcolor


    My son was able to connect with this bull, good times and good memories.
  15. Deepcolor

    Bergara Rifles

    Any of you have any hands on reviews of these rifles? Specific to the B14 HMR would be very helpful.
  16. Deepcolor

    Crispi Colorado

    Anybody running this boot? Fit, support, waterproof and general overview. TIA
  17. Deepcolor

    Crispi Colorado

    Anybody have any miles on these boots yet? Looking for mountain miles feedback and how the waterproof has held up. TIA
  18. Deepcolor

    NR Deer Points

    Throwing it out there for you Wyoming deer unit pros. I have a buddy that will roll into 2020 with 10 deer points. Is there any late season hunts available, is he close or does he pull the trigger on G?
  19. Deepcolor

    Aoudad Info

    Any of you NM guys have any info to share on Aoudad hunting? OTC or draw tags for the DIY NR hunter.
  20. Deepcolor


    What's up with their site?
  21. Deepcolor

    Go kill some coyotes!

    I had this mortality report sent to me today. I here a lot of Utah hunters complain about low deer numbers and poor fawn recruitment and then bash another hunter for his method of killing these coyotes. Made me chuckle a little today when I read this chart...
  22. Deepcolor

    Anybody have an opinion?
  23. Deepcolor

    Browning Buckmark Extractor Replacement

    Anybody here had to do this replacement? I am not sure what parts are needed, is there a kit available?
  24. Deepcolor

    First Cat

    Thought I would share this here, good times and a first for me.
  25. Deepcolor

    ISO Used Coolers

    Just wondering if anybody has a used but good condition cooler they want to sell. Asking for a friend.
  26. Deepcolor

    Savage 17HMR

    Won this rifle in a raffle and just can't fall in love with the caliber. Shot less than 50 rounds. $400 with bases, rings and 50ish bullets. Located on SE Idaho.
  27. Deepcolor

    AR Advice

    Looking for input on my new AR. Radical brand. Chambered in 5.56 Rifle will only fire PMC 5.56 ammo I have tried 5 different brands of ammo with poor results. It seems that the rifle will not fully chamber the round. Very light or no primer strike and then I have to really work to get the...
  28. Deepcolor

    High Country Deer

    Honest questions here, no mixed agenda concerning other threads about deer going right now. Does a certain drainage, canyon, or basin produce big bucks year after year? Do these areas produce because of feed and water or is it because of other environmental factors? Access for hunters, escape...
  29. Deepcolor

    Kuiu bow to pack system?

    Wondering if anybody has used the Kuiu bow holder, how did it work with your bow, and can it be attached to a Mystery Ranch pack? Your thoughts?
  30. Deepcolor

    Residency Question

    Question for you Wyoming guys about residency. I had a friend call tonight asking advice on a premium bull tag he drew this year. He recently moved out of Wy. and is wondering how this will effect his residency by the time his hunt starts in October. He mentioned a 180 day timeframe but is...
  31. Deepcolor

    Something Positive

    Hello MM, Let's try something positive. Post up a couple of your favorite photos from 2016 hunting season. Wyoming archery deer hunt with my brother for 6 days. Packing out my 12 year old sons first bull...
  32. Deepcolor

    Ballpark Score?

    I realize this is not the best picture and doesn't show the entire drivers side. Anybody have a guess on score? We spotted this buck while packing in the day before archery opening day this year.
  33. Deepcolor

    Bragging on the kids

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-04-16 AT 09:38AM (MST) by Founder (admin)[p]We had a whirlwind of a rifle season this year. My 12 year old son pulled a second chance bull tag in a u it we archery hunt every year. All 3 kids had rifle deer tags for the same timeframe. We were able to spot a small herd of...
  34. Deepcolor

    D Bags in the high country

    I am looking for some input from you seasoned high country hunters. I just returned from a week chasing mule deer in Wy. region H and have some questions about other hunters. I ran into 2 resident hunters the night before the opener while classing the same basin. We spoke about the area for a...
  35. Deepcolor

    Where's Founder

    Come on Founder, it has been 8 days since you hooked us up with your horn porn from the high country. I am starting to go through withdrawal syndrome.
  36. Deepcolor

    Best Hooded Down Jacket

    As the title says, I am searching for the best value in a down jacket to be worn during September highcountry hunting. I have looked at the big players in the camo mfg. and a lot of backpacking/outdoor suppliers. I have found a few jackets that seem to fill the need but am wondering what you...
  37. Deepcolor

    Blood Tracking Dogs

    How many of you have used a dog to find your deer or elk? I have trained my wirehair to trail and he has been on 3 elk (bowkills)and 2 deer ( 1 rifle and 1 bow). All of these animals would have been found by standard tracking but I am hoping to get a bunch of easy recoveries in before having to...
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