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    $500 Cow Elk Hunts - Private Land in NE Utah

    Typically it will only take one morning to fill the tag, but I am happy to let you hunt up to three mornings to fill your tag if needed. We are located about 15 minutes outside of Roosevelt. Great kids hunt - even better for a first time hunter. Tags are ~$50. Dates are flexible. Let me...
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    $500 Cow Elk Hunts - Private Land in NE Utah

    Shoot me a message if you are looking for a cow elk to fill your freezer. Great private land access with lots of elk. We can provide date options for you to consider. This is not a physically challenging hunt - friendly for all types of hunters. Tags are available to purchase and are in...
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    Lots of Elk - Private Land Access for General Bull (Muzzleloader)

    Great private land access available in northeastern Utah for one hunter who holds a general season muzzleloader bull elk tag. We will help you get oriented on the ranch and get you set up for success. Plenty of elk - as many as 200 at a time on our place as of the last few days. Bordered by...
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