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    124 Elk

    We had a great hunt & my boy took a 330ish bull on the 3rd day of the rifle season. The 2 best bulls we chased during archery were both broken on the opener of the rifle. I wouldn't think of this as a trophy unit (compared to the trophy units in Utah for example), but this ranks near the best...
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    124 Elk

    Thanks guys. I was up there last weekend and can see we should have a great hunt. Huuuuuge unit and seems like we'll find elk with no trouble. Hopefully we can find a good bull or two to focus on. Picking that 1 spot to hunt seems likely to be the hardest part!
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    Pine Valley - Late Muz

    Thanks BigJohnT - you'd think with the entire West praying for snow every year we'd get it once in a while! ;)
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    Pine Valley - Late Muz

    Thanks BCDeer - I appreciate any info you can pass along!
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    124 Elk

    Thanks for the info so far guys. I saw the Tipton HMA & wondered about it. They only give 5 permits, so it's another long shot to get that permission, but we'll apply when it opens. We definitely won't bank on it. I'm getting pumped to get up there soon!
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    124 Elk

    Hello all, My boy drew the elk tag in 124. Didn't really even have a hope for the tag at under 6% odds for Nonres with max points. We know the west half of the unit a bit because we have hunted 101 for deer. That was several years ago though, and we paid no attention to the elk. We'll scout it...
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    Pine Valley - Late Muz

    Hello all, My boy drew the late muzzleloader hunt on Pine Valley. We've hunted the unit several times during archery, muzzleloader & early rifle. But have limited time on the unit in late Oct / early Nov. We'll be there for the full hunt & will eat the tag if we don't find a good buck (180+)...
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    Parallel universes

    I was recently talking to a buddy about the long odds of drawing a particular deer hunt and he told me it's the same in his hobby, canyoneering. He said early each spring there will be a bunch of posts on the popular canyoneering sites inviting expert guidance and participation. A day later he...
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    Idaho 73A deer - late muz

    Hi Sparky, I had to head home today for an unexpected funeral. I'm planning to head back up after Thanksgiving for the rest of the hunt. I mostly hunted the south & west side around Rockland as well. I haven't seen anything the size of that buck so I'd appreciate any info you care to share...
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    Unit 61 3rd season deer

    Thanks Rick. I had the same thought after being out there last year - lot of older bucks had to make it through the hunt. I just hope we don't have the same weather this year - the hunters I talked to were severely depressed. I only saw 3 - 22" bucks taken. Good luck - seems likely our paths...
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    Unit 61 3rd season deer

    JT, thanks for the comments. You have me chomping at the bit for November! Glad to hear you're getting some moisture in the area. I expect I'll get over there to do some scouting a couple times before the hunt & then again just prior. I'm already doing my snow dance - not that it ever works...
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    Unit 61 3rd season deer

    For better or worse, I cashed in the points on this hunt this year. Plan to hunt more often and not bank points in the future. I've been on & around the unit a bit, but never hunted it. I've read the forum posts about it which have been very helpful. I was down there last year looking around at...
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    Idaho 73A deer - late muz

    I've hunted it a couple times years ago during October. I definitely need to get back up to refresh my memory of the country. Having a tag in your pocket in November is always fun. Guy
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    Idaho 73A deer - late muz

    Congrats & good luck! Do you hunt it regularly? Guy
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    Idaho 73A deer - late muz

    Hi, I lucked into drawing this tag and would appreciate hearing any advice. I've hunted the unit a couple times, but as this is the first year with the late tag, I've never hunted it in Nov. Wondering where the deer winter / migrate and how snow affects location in November. Thanks in...
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    Lifetime License holder thought

    Anyone whining about a contract made with the government where a citizen exchanges their money for a service, you'll happily forfeit any such contracts you've made with the government? Such as the hunting tag you buy in January but don't use until October? Or, thinking longer term, Social...
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    Leon Parson Backside of No-Tellum Ridge #1

    Sorry - thought I'd put it in the ad. Asking $3000. Thanks, Guy
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    Leon Parson Backside of No-Tellum Ridge #1

    Leon Parson Backside of No-Tellum Ridge #1 #108 / 750 Framed & matted Willing to ship. Will ship with or without frame as you wish. Will consider trades - ATV? Guitars/Amps? Guns? Call or txt Guy @ 801-899-5471 or email at
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    Unit 74 late deer hung

    I was thrilled to see I drew this tag. I've hunted the unit several times over the years and know it pretty well. I haven't spent much time on it at the end of November, though. I'd appreciate any info on whether the deer migrate at all & whether they tend to move by the rut. PM here or email...
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    Vortex Razor HD 20-60x85 Spotting Scope

    I'm by Cabelas in Lehi, Utah. I'm happy to ship the scope with payment up front.
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    Vortex Razor HD 20-60x85 Spotting Scope

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-19-13 AT 12:01PM (MST)[p]Sold
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    Wyoming 102 deer & 112 antelope

    When it rains it pours! Me & my boy drew 102 deer & 112 antelope tags this year. I hunted elk on 32 a couple years ago & saw some good antelope bucks so I'm pretty comfortable with that hunt. I didn't see many deer though. I'll happily eat the antelope tags to give the deer hunt the best chance...
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    Unit 67 late deer

    I'll be hunting it the next 2 weeks. I'd appreciate any info or insight! Thanks, Guy 801-368-8554
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    Moose help

    I saw 2 mature bulls on the west side of the Pine Creek road in 67 yesterday. About at the Piney Creek campground. I didn't look at them very closely - so I'm not certain just how big they were. Now I know someone with a tag I'll play closer attention if I see any big bulls. Good luck! Guy
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    Unit 67 late deer

    I can't believe it's November - time to get serious about this hunt. If anyone sees or hears of any good bucks in 67 I'd sure love to hear about it. Any wolf info would be appreciated too. Thanks, Guy 801-368-8554
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    Nebo Elk

    If any of you Nebo rifle / archery hunters saw a good bull (320+) that you left alive on the mountain & are willing to share the info, please PM or email me @ Headed down with my buddy for the muzzleloader hunt on wednesday. Thanks in advance, Guy
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    Idaho deer unit 67 late

    I drew this tag this year. If you are familiar with the unit/hunt & willing to answer some questions please PM me or email at I've hunted the unit, but never drawn the late hunt until now. I'm not asking for honey-holes, just hoping to get general info & hear about the...
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    Idaho unit 67 late

    I drew this tag this year. If you are familiar with the unit/hunt & willing to answer some questions please PM me or email at I've hunted the unit, but never drawn the late hunt until now. I'm not asking for honey-holes, just hoping to get general info & hear about the...
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    What forums really need

    It just occurred to me what would really make forums more enjoyable. All forum sites, not just Monster Muleys. Forums need to take a lesson from facebook & allow blocking of particular members. Just think how enjoyable MM could be if you could block the handful of annoying sobs & never see...
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    Utah LE Draw

    They draw all the first choices first, then the 2nds. So, in order to draw a 2nd choice, it has to be undersubscribed - which none of the buck deer LE units will be. Bottom line, zero chance to draw a 2nd choice LE buck deer.
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    Utah kills 47% of bucks a year...

    Were the units with +100% of bucks killed counting does pregnant with male fawns? ;)
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    Lifetime and Dedicated

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-31-12 AT 10:28AM (MST)[p]My recollection is that there were about 4000 lifetime licenses sold. Sales stopped in '94 - I'd imagine plenty of those 4000 have stopped using their tags, but that's just my guess.
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    Lifetime and Dedicated

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-31-12 AT 10:33AM (MST)[p]Heh, rich, elite & famous - ya, that was me at 26 when I bought my lifetime license. I saved my OT $ for a year to purchase the license because I knew I'd surely hunt for more than 14 years - which is what it would take to pay for itself as the price...
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    Leon Parson - No Tellum prints #2 & #4

    Leon Parson Notellum Ridge Prints 2 & 4. $2000 for both. Prints are nicely framed & matted. They are in mint condition. I will consider selling separately. #2 - Crest of No-Tellum - $1500 #4 - Buck Fever on No-Tellum - $750 I will also consider trades - please email me trade options. Honda...
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    Will They Stay a Management Buck?

    My bet is that he'd stay a 3 point. He's old enough to have his genetic shape. Since the 3 point tines aren't thick / palmed, I'd say it's unlikely they'd fork in later years. From what I've read, a 3 point is a 3 point is a 3 point. His mass / tine length / width may change based on age &...
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    Serious Voting Proposal: Dismantle the Wildlife board

    This thread is a perfect example of why our deer herd sucks. It appears there aren't 2 people on this thread who agree on a solution. So what happens? We spend our energy bickering with each other like an old, married couple who's kids have left the house & now they've discovered they never...
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    Euro Mount Bracket

    Just what I needed - thanks for the pics DakotaSage. Looks like a really good solution! Guy
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    On the Wall 10 days after the kill

    DakotaSage - would you please post a pic of the bracket you made? Looks like a nice solution. Thanks, Guy
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    Magnificant seven buck

    DRHORNHUNTER - I sent you a PM
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    SOLD Leon Parson prints

    Mike, shoot me an email at - thanks
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