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    Aoudad, Axis and Whitetail Cancellation Hunts - DEAL

    Axis hunt is Booked! 1 opening for the aoudad hunt and I do have a few whitetail hunts open.
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    I offer free range Aoudad hunts on about 1 million acres across west Texas on private land we exclusively hunt. I have hunts priced all across the board to try and fit most budgets. You can check them out here:
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    Kicked Off Aoudad Season Last Week

    We started a little early this year to accommodate a couple clients schedules and boy was it hot! It was pre rut/just starting the rut and a couple brief yet much needed afternoon showers got these big rams up and moving. We saw a bunch of Aoudad and one that is on the hit list for next time...
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    Went 5 for 5 This Weekend

    5 very happy clients that were all successful on there free range/low fence Axis and Blackbuck hunts this weekend. We even finished nearly 2 days early. Great shooting by all! Lots of tasty venison heading to fill up there freezers. Enjoy the pictures and Happy Hunting. Specializing...
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    2 Texas Trophy Axis Hunts Available

    2 day hunt with 2 nights lodging guided for 1 trophy axis buck and 1 doe. Book by the end of the week and we are throwing in an axis doe for free. $2595 per hunter, only 2 hunts open. Can be done now through the end of summer but sooner the better while the action is hot.
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    Texas Free Range Deer Hunt Specials!

    Not your monster muley hunt but something different with a mixed bag limit to change it up. They are healthily discounted hunts where we welcome single hunters to sign up or entire groups. Please only book if you are sure you can make the hunt. Due to the multiple options I will keep the hunt...
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    West Texas Aoudad & Deer Hunts

    Free range fair chase hunts on private land in west Texas. Guided, semi guided with even a handful of self guided hunts offered each year. Season leases for mule deer also available. Right now we are booking for all species and will book up to 2 years in advance! Single hunters or groups...
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    Thinned out a Few Aoudad

    Rain, rain, and more rain. Oh and lots of mud on this trip but heck Im not complaining we needed it pretty bad. Everyone stuck it out and we saw great numbers of Aoudad daily averaging anywhere from 75 to 100+ seen each day between the group. Each hunter had multiple opportunities with 4 out...
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    West Texas Success!

    Figured you guys might enjoy some of these pictures. Stacked up some nice Axis, thinned out the hog population a bit and even took a big old boar Javelina. Not a bad week in west Texas. Specializing in free range fair chase hunts in west Texas.
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    A Busy Week in West Texas

    Offering Free range Trophy Hunts in far West Texas. Aoudad, Mule Deer, Whitetail and more!
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    A Busy Week in West Texas

    Well this past week or so has been a blast and Im glad to finally be home. We wacked and stacked some nice aoudad rams, predators, and javelinas. In between the back to back full schedule I came home last sunday (the 15th) and immediately had to take my wife to the hospital and she gave bith to...
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    Palo Duro Canyon Ram

    Good looking ram, we start hunting them in one month and I cant wait to get some big ones down on the ground. Offering Free range Trophy Hunts in far West Texas. Aoudad, Mule Deer, Whitetail and more!
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    A Couple Pictures from West Texas

    New to the site guys and figured I would share a couple photos from our hunting adventures out here in west Texas. All free range and fair chase. Just a couple and I hope you enjoy! Offering Free range Trophy Hunts in far West Texas. Aoudad, Mule Deer, Whitetail and more...
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    Monster Coues Deer

    Beautiful animal, hopefully one day Ill get one like that to put on the wall. Offering Free range Trophy Hunts in far West Texas. Aoudad, Mule Deer, Whitetail and more!
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    Mountain Lion Hunt

    First off than you for your service. For a lion hunt you may want to check out the far western areas of Texas such as Alpine, Marfa, valentine, etc. They are having a huge problem with lions out in those parts and cattle ranchers hate them and will virtually allow you free access. You just need...
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    Low fence deer hunt?

    Free range fair chase= low fence not a high fence which area common site in Texa. Offering Free range Trophy Hunts in far West Texas. Aoudad, Mule Deer, Whitetail and more!
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    Low fence deer hunt?

    Right now you need to watch out for areas that have burned or that are in a severe drought. Alot of the deer are hurting and antler quality is way down this year in some areas of Texas. Some of our places the deer are doing great but some quality is down no matter what we do. Try the San Angelo...
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