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    Well Boys....

    Roadrunner the way it works now here in communist New Mexico if you go to the border and come back to the US they will give you a motel room free health and dental even vision and then they will give you a check every month we need to stick together and vote this president and governor out of...
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    Big un

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    Amen praise the lord
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    SOLD Mathews Drenaline Bow

    If he doesn’t I will
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    SOLD Mathews Drenaline Bow

    Anybody think this is a good idea for a beginner bow hunter thanks
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    Local grocery stores

    It might come down to defending our rights and I don’t mean protesting she will eventually want to end hunting, we are going to have to make a stand.death before dishonor
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    For Sale Crispi Nevada Boots

    How do they fit tight 12 or maybe 12.5
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    Unit 14 Rifle Deer Hunt

    There is a lot of deer there and there are some trophy’s in there. If you have horses it will be a lot easier if not get ready for some long walks if you want a good one.
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    Hunter etiquette and being a sportsman

    Look harder in your state you’ll find some wrong,if you stay out of our state maybe you’ll find some wrong in yours.
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    Hunter etiquette and being a sportsman

    Yep and if the guy that said that don’t like it here stay out we won’t miss you.
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    Lets see those NM archery bulls!

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    Any Reports From 15

    Very few deer in 15
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    Any Reports From 15

    There is water
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    Any Reports From 15

    Saw a stud down Monday going towards slaughter Mesa 7x6
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    Covered Up

    What a change in weather did the hunting get better?
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    AZ gov tag produces a public land 470

    This is going on in a lot of places hunters paying thousands to shoot waiting bulls.
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    Hunter etiquette and being a sportsman

    Like I said your a very nice guy to be able to hold back. I don’t have that in me .
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    Hunter etiquette and being a sportsman

    Your a nice guy I couldn’t put up with all that. That’s why I have to leave the forum once and awhile when people start talking politics .😁
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    Elk hunt turned into a bear hunt

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    how would you handle this

    The guide knew exactly what he was doing the hunter knew less but at that close range both were at fault. I wouldn’t use that outfitter again.
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    how would you handle this

    You think maybe he was saving the bigger one for some other hunter.
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    NM Bugle Report

    Down here in 15 there was a little action this morning more than the morning before.
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    Unit 15 Youth Hunt

    Well that’s one of the best youth hunts in New Mexico I will give you some info everywhere I have a place up there and there is elk everywhere.
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    Scouting/ Packing Camp

    Looks like fun out there.
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    34 Deer

    Yep anywhere
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    New Mexico Bound

    this dude is a nice guy
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    New Mexico Bound

    Make sure you have gps lots of private.
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    Calling patriots

    Centerfire you are part of religion I am not religious I am a follower of Jesus so I suggest you get right.
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    Calling patriots

    Centerfire maybe you won’t help your child when he falls on Sunday either huh
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    Calling patriots

    Centerfire are you a Pharisee
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    Calling patriots

    How do we know that these guys that claim to be hunters are not plants put here by the communist agenda be careful guys they are not here to discuss hunting it’s getting hard to trust people that have this communist agenda.
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    Calling patriots

    What Bobby said you are spot on
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    Calling patriots

    You have to be a real American to understand what is happening they are attempting to change the country don’t believe for a second this is random.
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    Calling patriots

    See that’s what I am talking about diablo you are blind
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    Calling patriots
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    Calling patriots

    That’s why I can’t stay here on the forums too long because of these left wing communist America haters .
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    Calling patriots

    If you know god follow him he will take that fear from you.
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    Calling patriots

    That’s the problem you don’t know god
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    Calling patriots

    Nmhoula next time you take a dump wear your mask and see if you can smell your crap your drinking the kool aid
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    MLG bout to strike again

    Get ready to fight and die in a firefight it’s coming as long as the left has there way pray pray god is the only one that can get us past this.
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