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    New boy for boy

    I am looking at getting a new boy for my 14 year old boy. This will be his first year elk hunting with a bow. Anyone have any suggestions? I have been looking at the Mission Hammr, but open to any quality bow.
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    Oryx #2 for my boy

    My boy lucked out and drew a second oryx tag for Ft. Bliss this year. Texas side this time. Talk about luck. Two oryx in one year. Not nearly as many on the Texas side, but we were able to get it done. One shot from the 6.5 at 200 yards and it was a done deal
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    Cool picture

    Here is a cool picture of my 11 year old son walking up on his first bull (third elk). Here is another couple of pictures of the same bull from last month and a day before the hunt.and finally one of him packing out the rack.
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    Two oryx

    My boys doubled up on oryx this weekend on Ft. Bliss. Fun hunt
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    16C youth elk

    Any reports out of 16C? Guessing they are bugling pretty good now. Both of my boys (11 & 13) have tags. Headed out this weekend for our last scouting trip prior to their hunt. Was out for Labor Day weekend, but it was hot and dry. We found one more area not to go to that weekend. Hope to find...
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    Tripod and head

    Any suggestions on a tripod and head? I have been looking at the Manfrotto, but I am undecided on the head. I will be mostly spotting from the truck or atv with 18x binoculars so weight is not a huge factor. I would like to keep the cost under $450.
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    Bosque del Apache turkey hunt

    Has anyone ever had their kid draw this hunt? One of my boys drew it. Wondering what it is like. Pretty excited for him.
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    Turkey hunt for kids

    Does anyone know of a private land hunt that I can take my boys on that doesn't cost as much as a african safari? I want to get them thier first turkeys without having to compete with 50,000 other public land hunters. Just need acess to the birds. Don?t need a guide. Please PM me if you know of...
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    Dogs 2 hunters 0

    Took one of my boys out yote hunting today. Called in two and missed both. One came up behind us and I missed him in the brush at 100. The second ran up on us and my boy couldn't find him in the scope at 4 yards. Talk about close. That dog growled at us when he figured out what was up. I was...
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    Freezer is full

    Between my hunt and my boys the freezer is full.
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    Gabe's first antelope

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-23-17 AT 02:03PM (MST)[p]My boy got his first antelope this morning. Still hunting for my other boy, but we are drowning. Haven't seen rain like t this in a long time.
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    16D Bull

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-20-17 AT 05:17PM (MST)[p] Not my biggest, but at 15 yards I couldn't pass him up.
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    I received a couple of SKRE shirts for Fathers Day and I really liked the quality, unfortunately my fat butt was a little too big for the shirts. I contacted SKRE and they were a true pleasure to work with during the return process. I can't say enough how impressed I am by their customer...
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    Denver bow shop

    I am headed to Denver for vacation soon and want to see about having a bow shop up there do a tune up on my bow. Any suggestions? The bow shops in my area are less than desirable. Any shops in the Springs area will work too. Thanks.
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    Kids rifle

    Need some opinions on what rifle you guys would suggest for my boy. I am dead set on a .308, but I am open on brand for the most part. I want to keep the price of the rifle (without scope) at or under $1000. My boys are currently sharing a Ruger American. It gets the job done, however I would...
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    Next year

    Already thinking about next year. I am a nonresident with only six points, but I like the abuse of getting the unsuccessful email. I usually put in for the Book Cliffs. That said what unit would you guys suggest for me next year for deer? Keep putting in for the Book Cliffs or something...
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    First elk for Julian

    My oldest boy got his first elk this weekend in 16D. He and his little brother hiked their butts off to get it done. I was so proud of them for all the hiking with no complaints. Cool thing is that he dropped her right on the Contiental Divide.
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    16D Youth cow elk

    Anyone been in 16D in the last couple of weeks? My boy has a cow hunt in 8 days. I have not been there since the beginning of October. Wondering if the elk are still dispersed about the same. I really want him to have an opportunity at his first elk.
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    16D/16A Collins Park

    Just got back from a weekend camping trip to 16D. Didn't draw elk this year so we figured we would check out the elk instead. Saw a few bulls in the 330" range and a couple of smaller ones. Bunch of cows too. Actually saw a lot considering I was dragging along my two boys. On Saturday morning...
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    Middle Rio Grande Valley Cats

    I know this is supposed to be a hunting forum, but does anyone have any knowledge of catfish spots in the Belen to Socorro area? I can remember going out to somewhere near San Acacia as a kid with my dad. Looking for a spot to take my boys.
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    New smoke pole

    My boy struck out on the draw here in NM so I am looking at left over tags for him. There are several muzzy tags for a couple of units I bow hunt regularly so I figure I will pick up a new rifle and give it a go. Bang for the buck what are your guys opinion on rifles under $500? I don't want to...
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    Back door not working.....

    I tried the back door method with my wife's "application" last night and it didn't work..... As a matter of fact she told me "It is not working and never will work!!!"
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    I am jonesing like a crackhead for the draw results. Swear I have the shakes, a headache, diarrhea, I'm picking at my skin and feel like I am going to barf at any minute. I have been contemplating breaking into my mom's house and selling all her stuff on Craigslist so I can buy a landowner tag......
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    Snow on the ground???

    Anyone been around 16D in the last couple of days. My boy has a cow hunt the day after Christmas and I was wondering if we were going to be on hard crunchy snow. I am hoping not since it is his first hunt and I want it to be as easy as possible on him.
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    Camo - C4E & First Lite review

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-03-15 AT 12:42PM (MST)[p]Use both on a 10 day elk hunt in NM C4E - The cut and fit are really good. Lots of freadom of movement. All positive points. Down side is you will sweat like a pig. This camo material is horrible. Overall I would not recommend this camo. I am going to...
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    State Land Access

    You guys need to read this. From $200K to $2M for us to access state land to hunt???? Really? That is quite the jump.
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    Anyone in the Soccoro area seeing any dove? 2013, 2014 were great down there for me, but last year sucked. Trying to figure out where to go next weekend.
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    Favorite sight

    Just switched over to a Spot Hogg Hogg Father and it is by far the best sight I have ever fielded. What are your guys favorite and why?
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    Jim Lane

    Don't know if anyone really found out why he was booted. I guess he was nailed for sexual harassment while working for the NMDGF. Of all people, he decided to mess with the director of HR for the NMDGF. Well that behavior followed him to his most recent post at the land commissioners office. See...
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    Antelope doe

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know of anyone with antelope doe tags for sale. My boy just passed hunter saftey and I would like to track down a tag for him.
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    Savage Axis Youth

    Looking at a Savage Axis Youth for my boy. Anyone have any experience with one of these? Reviews seem to be good for such an inexpensive rifle.
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    New Release

    Looking at getting a new release for hunting. What are you guys shooting? I want a hook style release for use with a d-loop. I am willing to bust up for an expensive model (Carter, etc.) if it helps in accuracy.
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    Hunting tigers

    Slow time of the year so I am going to go tiger muskie fishing at Bluewater for the first time. Anyone have any experience with them? Any pointers besides keeping your fingers and other tender parts out of the water:) Any lure suggestions?
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    300 WSM 4 sale

    I have a 300 WSM for sale. Reminton 700 topped with a Leupold 3.5x10x40 B&C scope with Leupold rings and bases. Has a brand new black web Bell & Carlson Alaskan Wilderness II stock with full lenght aluminum bedding block. The action is glass bedded. Also upgraded the trigger to a Tinmey 1.5 lbs...
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    Badlands? They should be called BTF! I love my Badlands pack, but after some severe abuse it final broke. I ended up breaking the internal frame after a couple of years of abuse. True to their word they fixed it no questions asked. It only took a week and it is good to go. I can't say enough...
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    16D Success

    Got this guy last Friday. 50 yard shot and he was down 80 yards latter. Bulls were screaming every day. Really wet hunt, but I guess thats the norm for the second hunt. At least it was not as wet as last year.
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    Mail order bow tuning

    Anybody ever use one of the services where you ship your bow to a shop to get tuned? The local bow shops are terrible. One has nothing but kids working it and they could care less. The other bow shop is so disorganized it is not even funny. Anybody have an experience? Good or bad.
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    Good start to the season

    Had a good start to my 2014 season. I went out of state to UT to bow hunt the high country. Took this guy Thursday night. 50 yard shot straight up hill and it was a done deal. I am glad to be home in NM where the air isn't so thin! That 12,000' hunting is rough! Makes me love the Gila that much...
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    Thank you Utah!

    Wanted to say thanks for a great deer hunt. Hunted the Beaver unit and took a nice 3x4 on my last day hunting. Saw lots of bucks and a couple of big boys. Looking forward to next year. All the other hunters I ran into in the back country were great.
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    Beaver area bow shop

    Headed out to hunt the Beaver area for the opening week. Where is the nearest bow shop to Beaver? Always like to know in case something breaks.
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