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    Wanted Searching for Tikka Wideland 6.5

    Send me a message. I tried, but couldnt message you
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    Wanted Searching for Tikka Wideland 6.5

    Depending on how big of a hurry you are in, I could save you some money when they are back in stock. I have 12 suppliers that are regularly receiving shipments
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    Bundy Back In Jail

    Hopefully they keep that mouth breather locked up where he belongs
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    Whites Super 91 demand?

    $500 on the 45 caliber with peep sight, $650 on the 50 caliber with leupold ultimate slam. They were the super 91's with stainless and black stocks
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    Whites Super 91 demand?

    Guess the demand was still there. They sold on Utah Gun Exchange in a matter of hours. Those that have messaged, sorry I should have listed them here first.
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    CVA Paramount Pro, Colorado version

    New in box CVA Paramount pro, 50 caliber. The Colorado version with peep sight. $1450. Large box, so would rather not ship. Im in Riverton Utah but frequently around the Summit county area.
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    SOLD WTB NEW Smith and Wesson 986 Performance Center 9mm Revolver

    I know in my case that I made soo much money from Covid through the election time, that anything I can sell now is just extra. If it doesn't get better in the next 2 years then Ill worry. Its been bad though with 3 dealers folding in my immediate area.
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    SOLD WTB NEW Smith and Wesson 986 Performance Center 9mm Revolver

    Ill keep a eye open with my 12 suppliers. Pretty depressing right now with all the out of stock items, but might get lucky
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    40, muzz elk guide suggestions

    Thanks for the help everyone. I booked with Biggerstaff for 2021. Assuming i draw the muzz tag with 20 points, if I dont hopefully 2022.
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    Whites Super 91 demand?

    Been out of the muzzy game for a while, so not up to speed on current trends. Are Whites Super 91's still in demand? I checked Gunbroker but there wasn't much there to establish a price. Im thinking of parting with two of mine that haven't been used for a while now. Just want a fair deal for...
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    40, muzz elk guide suggestions

    NR with 20 points burning a hole in my pocket. Thinking about a muzzle loader elk hunt in 40. I know there is a ton of private land. I used to always read about BiggerStaff outfitters, but haven't heard that mentioned lately and their website hasn't been updated in years. I'm typically...
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    Sadly, I don't see it getting better anytime soon. As a 3 gun competitor and machine gun enthusiast, I was buying 75,000 primers every month to help the local club members. Now I'm lucky to get 25,000 primers every six weeks or so because I was a regular buyer. Have a small manufacture that...
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    Master baiter, San Juan or la Sal

    Sitting on 16 points as a resident, and thinking about burning them this year. While i was building those points I was hunting the Idaho panhandle for bears every year. Have plenty of bears under my belt from hounds and archery over bait. For some reason I just prefer sitting over bait...
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    San Juan Bear Trail Cam

    Makes me want to burn my bear points.
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    Suppressor Wait Time

    Its worth a call to the ATF and check status. I'm selling a ton, and haven't seen an individual application take over 8 months for a while. Its possible the stamp was lost in the mail. Happens occasionally. You will just need your serial number and call (304) 616-4500
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    Suppressor Wait Time

    Was your on a trust? Trusts have been taking about a year. I just got a stack of approvals for individual applications. Several at 5 months, and a few at 4 months. 40 or so examiners and they are all not as fast as each other.
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    Salt lake county rifle hunting regulations

    Not sure where you would hunt around herriman that isn't private land. Butterfield is almost all totally private. Yellowfork and Water canyon is asking for trouble. Can not hunt the park, and the private property owners watch those areas like a hawk. Good luck
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    Proof Rifles?

    Anybody have any trigger time on a Proof complete rifle. I have a chance to buy one at a great price, and seriously considering it. Not a ton of reviews on the internet or Youtube, so hoping someone has actually tried one to give an quick review. I have one of their barrels on my 3 gun...
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    Deer voucher, private land question

    I'm talking with a rancher about buying a deer voucher that's for private land. Sounds like a small amount of property at 900 acres. He is saying the forest service land behind is accessible on the voucher. The way I'm reading the regulations, private land tag is only good for private land...
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    Suppressor Wait Time

    one round several times a year in different states and a lot of years doing it, eventually will lead to major hearing loss. 5 grand in hearing aids or $200 tax stamp and suppressor cost. Wish I would have done it when I could still hear.
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    Suppressor Wait Time

    Average right now for individual applications are averaging 6 months. Trusts are taking on average a year. Have had a bunch lately in the 4 to 5 month range, so its luck of the draw.
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    Suppressor Wait Time

    Hearing protection, recoil reduction. Its awesome.
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    Wall tent heater

    Probably a Big Buddy heater using a hose for a bulk tank. Ill occasionally use a big buddy just for quick heat if I don't want the big stove.
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    Banish suppressor

    Fingerprints and passport pics are now required for trusts and induvial application. Trusts are not the easy button they used to be during the obama years.
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    Banish suppressor

    Logically one would think you are in the system, and additional NFA items would be easy. Unfourtantly its not the case. Start the whole process over again. Each serial number is handled as a separate application. The only exception i have seen has been batch approvals. Have had...
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    As a gun dealer I'm constantly looking at what my suppliers have available. Blew me away when I saw some of those crossbows that cost over 2 grand. Sure a lot of options nowadays. My interest is piqued, and eventually Ill pick one up. Nice to be reading some reviews on brands that are nice.
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    Banish suppressor

    I sell way more compact brake version than the direct thread. Most of my customers have mentioned they like having the muzzle brake from Thunderbeast just in case the rifle is used without the suppressor. Downside is the CB version does add a little length. ( want to say 3/4" compared to...
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    Banish suppressor

    Never heard of them, which means they are not doing enough business to get picked up by a big supplier. Things like that scare me for follow up support. Lipseys, RSR, Davidsons, Allen Arms tactical all act as suppliers for suppressor companies that sell high numbers of cans. No biggie if...
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    SOLD CVA Paramount Pro. NIB

    He is all hooked up already
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    Banish suppressor

    Thunderbeast Ultra series. Being a suppressor dealer that has sold around 3,000 units I have learned you get what you pay for in a suppressor. Its the same $200 tax stamp on whatever suppressor you choose. Im not going to talk smack on banish, but I will say that today is the first time...
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    SOLD CVA Paramount Pro. NIB

    Hard to find CVA Paramount Pro. I don't have any good tags this year, so I would rather see it get used by a hunter this year. Brand new in the box with all the included goodies. New format is being tricky for me to post pics, but a quick google search will show you pics from CVA. $1350 cash...
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    Guns as an investment???

    The investment aspect as worked out well for me. I'm a FFL dealer and have a knack for falling into great deals. The old Colts like Pythons and Diamondbacks have been kind to me. The bigger money I have made have been from Transferable machine guns. A long time ago I watched my 401k...
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    Are you behind on child support

    Sounds like a bill that should pass.
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    Savage has a new gun

    Excited to see these rifles in person. Hopefully guys wont be spending more than around $1130 for them.
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    AZ Kaibab Success

    That has me stoked. I head down next week for my late tag. Congrats
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    Retire of Not

    Retired at 47, however I knew I would need to go back to work for health insurance. Doubled my income and now I'm in a no stress job. Wish I could retire for real, but in reality I like having fun toys too much to pull the plug for real.
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    AZ 12B West Late

    Congrats on the tag. I was in the same boat with 19 non resident points. Seems like there will be a lot of us hunting it this year, just based on the amount of posts on Monster Muleys. It will be my first time there, so I don't have any advise to pass on. Good luck and maybe we will bump...
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    Whites super 91 and Leupold scope listed on Utah Gun Exchange

    >> >>Was browsing Utah Gun and >>noticed a Whites super 91 >>with the Leupold super slam >>muzzy scope listed for $600. >> I dont need anymore >>Whites, so passing the info >>on. > >I Thought a SUPER SLAM was >a Weaver? > > > > > > > > > >I know so many people in >so many...
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    Whites super 91 and Leupold scope listed on Utah Gun Exchange

    Was browsing Utah Gun and noticed a Whites super 91 with the Leupold super slam muzzy scope listed for $600. I dont need anymore Whites, so passing the info on.
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    Bear v. Prius

    > >The bear ? one of the >biggest he's ever seen, driver >Damian Riley of Columbia told..... Coming from a Prius driver, I'm sure he knows what a big bear looks like. LOL
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