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    Another where to move to in WY?

    I've been to and stayed at numerous towns in WY and so far Thermop has my vote by far...
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    Cali big game statistics

    Tags were dropped from 795 to 500.
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    Cali big game statistics

    I hear ya! I work for the State and my department has been adamant from the beginning that COVID was not an excuse for poor customer service. Unfortunately, all departments are ran differently and some are WAY behind the curve when it comes to IT.
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    Cali big game statistics

    I had a contact, let me see if I can get an answer.
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    Hogzilla mud monster😏😏

    Nice hog with good cutters! One of these days your going to screw up and smile in one of your pics...:)
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    Ever been totally lost and still denied it?

    It's only happened a couple of times. During the most recent time I "thought" I knew where I was and when I saw my buddy near me I got upset that he didn't stick to the plan and was trying to get in front of me during our push. He was on the far side of a 3 man push and I was on the opposite...
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    Big Nor Cal Bear

    My son put the smack down an a big old bruiser yesterday. He's been after two different bears all season based on their tracks and sign. He got a glimpse of one of them during deer season, but couldn't get a shot. A few weeks ago all he could come across was fresh sign, but now bear. He decided...
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    Bear 1.jpeg

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    Any A30 hunters out there

    Yep. I was impressed (and thought he was crazy) on how many bucks he passed up, but it definitely paid off with a buck of a lifetime.
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    Any A30 hunters out there

    My buddy got this big boy on Thursday.
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    My A & B Zones

    Unfortunately they won't do any work to control the brush from regrowing and it'll be twice as thick in a few years...and CA wonders why these fires burn so hot and get out of control.
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    Unit 3/301 elk info?

    Several pieces of State land are leased by an outfitter in 301 that I know of. He does a good job posting the land that he leases, but it's not 100%. If you are trespassing, he or his wife will call the warden and cite you. He has several people watching the property lines all day long. As...
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    X zone Archery!!!!

    One down 2 to go for us..heading up again friday.
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    Pronghorn Judging?

    When judging you want good mass all the way up, especially above the prongs. For length I like 2 1/2 times the length of the ears and for the prongs I want at least double the mass. If points are your thing then remember that mass and the prongs are more important than the length. A 14" vs a...
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    Processor Near Worland

    Paintrock in Hyattville is very good. Although Reinegs is in Riverton, they do the absolute best, I drove from Thermopolis to have my antelope done.
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    Share hunts

    Nothing here as well...
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    Share hunts

    I had assumed it was this morning since they said the 28th, but then again I should have known better. My guess now is after 5pm.
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    medicine lake

    Yeah, they evacuated on Friday...was up there scouting. I just hope it does burn far 12,000ac and 0% containment.
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    Knoxville wildlife area

    It's a beautiful area, but gets hammered hard. Opening weekend is a war zone which is why they are now limiting the number of hunters. Access points are limited so those areas look like a walmart parking lot on payday. Good luck if you go and be safe!
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    No tag 39 years and counting

    I was at 32yrs for antelope before I got mine...39 has to be a record!
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    Ca posted

    A3, nada on everything else.
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    Nevada draw results

    I was successful at being unsuccessful yet again!
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    2020 turkey season

    All nice birds, congrats! I'm surprised that was Martini's first bird on the 23rd.
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    Max deer points

    OK, i'm coming in from left field on this but it brought up something i've thought alot about and I think it's a good idea..just curious what you guys think. What if DFW allowed applicants to enter the number of point they wanted to use, up to their current max. If a guy has been waiting 18yrs...
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    CA License Sales?

    April 15th
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    Fourth season buck.

    Dandy buck, congrats!!!!
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    Region W (unit 82)

    Hunted it this year. Major winter kill last year so quality and numbers were way down. Place was loaded with people and most of them were knuckleheads. Don't think I'll go back. All 5 of us tagged out but nothing big, my boy and I lucked out on a pair of 4x4's, the rest were 3x3's.
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    Baileys first deer

    Very awesome, congrats to both of you! It's always encouraging to see another generation brought up right...way to go dad and good shooting Bailey!!
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    Couple of coastal B zone bucks

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-20-19 AT 08:41AM (MST)[p]A little more story on the bucks. My youngest won a .243 at a local CDA dinner and we got it shooting well with barnes 85gr tsx bullets. The buck came out at first light and was quickly walking away up the hill. At 275yds he finally stopped long...
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    WIN a Daypack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack!
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    Couple of coastal B zone bucks

    Both of my boys have punched their first B zone tags this season with some nice blacktails. My youngest got his on opening day of the B4 season. My oldest got his earlier this week by himself so he couldn't get in the picture.
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    42 Antelope help

    So you're not interested in hunting 41? When I had that tag I was shocked to see antelope on the very tops of the peaks where you'd expect to find a mule deer buck.
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    G1 advice

    The deer in that area are migratory. The deer you'll be hunting during the G1 season will not be around during your scouting trip, they're still up in the high country. You'll still need to apply and get drawn for Tehama in order to hunt it during the G1 season. Weather means deer so pray for...
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    Apprentice Hunt Applications

    All big game is the 12yr minimum. Good luck in the draw!
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    Apprentice Hunt Applications

    From the regulations... Applicants for deer tags must be at least 12 years of age on or before July 1, of the license year for which they are applying or at the time of application if they are applying after July 1.
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    No Canada de Los Osos deer hunt?

    It's a special hunt within A zone. It'll be available to apply for probably in july. It's an unbelievable hunt for the jr's.
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