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  1. jmcfly22

    SOLD Garmin Rino 755T w/ Accessories

    I no longer use this so I thought I’d sell it. Purchased new from Cabelas. It’s a Garmin Rino 755t. Works perfect. Has an anti glare screen protector on it now and 2 more to use. Also comes with FNF Gear holder to attach to a pack and GoPro case to store everything in. $450 OBO. Will consider...
  2. jmcfly22

    SOLD Nosler 6.5 PRC Brass

    I have 4 bags of Nosler 6.5 PRC brass. It's factory 2nds. 50 count per bag. Willing to sell for $100 a bag.
  3. jmcfly22

    SOLD .22 LR Ammo

    It's $45 a box for the Winchester ones ($135) and then $75 for the Federal box.
  4. jmcfly22

    SOLD .22 LR Ammo

    I have 4 boxes of .22 LR that I'm looking to part with. $45 a box for the Winchester ones and $75 for the Federal. Located in Salt Lake. Call or text 801-599-9090
  5. jmcfly22

    222 Rem MAG ammo- for sale

    Sold Pending Funds
  6. jmcfly22

    Federal 222 REM Rounds

    I just found 3 boxes of Federal 222 REM in my safe and must have bought the wrong thing. Anyone have a 222 and want to make me an offer? Located in Salt Lake.
  7. jmcfly22

    SOLD Federal Large Magnum Rifle Match Primers

    New box of Federal GM215M primers. 1000 ct. $125. Located in Salt Lake City 801-599-9090
  8. jmcfly22

    ISO 215 magnum primers

    @Hunterturbo Gallenson's thanks you for the extra traffic this morning, as do I! Picked up 2000!
  9. jmcfly22

    selling everything

    What scope do you have? How much do you want for the Blackhorn, and are you willing to ship to Utah?
  10. jmcfly22

    FS:Kowa TSN883 spotting scope w/20-60x eyepiece

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-16-17 AT 11:45AM (MST)[p]I'm interested .. PM me. Or text 801-599-9090
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