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  1. ElkHunterNM

    Bear hunt back on

    Due to Covid my 2020 spring brown and black bear hunts are canceled. I’m back on for 2021. Thank you to Alaska game and fish for their help and support through this pandemic. Flights booked. Locking tags in hand and .338 sighted in. I can’t wait for the to happen.
  2. ElkHunterNM

    Unit 51 muzzleloader bull

    I helped my brother on his unit 51 muzzleloader hunt. Harvested on the first day in the afternoon.
  3. ElkHunterNM

    Antelope Buck down

    I had an a amazing hunt yesterday. After about a 2 1/2 mile nature hike I connected on this Antelope Buck. I missed he first shot 🤣and connected on the second shot @473 yards.I
  4. ElkHunterNM

    Poaching case botched

    Check out this article from the Santa Fe New Mexican news paper. This is why we don't have any deer. This article made me sick, just amazing how this won't get prosecuted. I wonder how many others like this are out there...
  5. ElkHunterNM

    Youth hunt

    Took nephew on his first hunt, after 27 shots he harvested his first animal.
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