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    Results Today!

    Any tag suits me just fine...Green on the screen!
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    I agree with SS....That's one awesome caribou!!
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    Vaccine Side Effects

    2nd dose today, not even a sore arm....Eating ice cream anyway!!
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    2021 NR Deer App Unit Choices

    I'm in unit 2 2nd with not enough points for deer.....Unit 40 muzzy elk with 21 points elk. Fingers crossed on that one.
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    Vaccine Side Effects

    Moderna....Nothing from the first one. 2nd one is next week. From reading the 2nd one gives stronger side effects.
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    New Pope and Young World Record Non-typical American Elk

    Awesome bull.......Thanks for sharing that.
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    Bundy Back In Jail

    I'm still wondering what happened to 15 days to stop the spread....That was a year ago if my memory is correct!!??
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    Dream Sheep Gun

    Mine is the first rifle I ever bought forty some years ago. Ruger M77 tang safety in 270 Win. Nice wood stock. New barrel a couple years ago and added a Swaro Z3 scope. Shoots sub moa, should work fine. Now I just need a sheep tag!!!
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    Credit Card Hits

    Congrats to all who drew!! Lets hear from those that drew on how many points it took?? I'm wondering how bad the point creep was?
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    Credit Card Hits

    Lets hear what you all draw!!
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    They are hitting cards!

    Nothing here but was not expecting to draw......Good Luck to the lucky ones!!
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    Credit Card Hits

    My info is finally all in and correct!!...tic tock.....
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    Chicken Pot Pie

    That does look GOOD!!
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    Credit Card Hits

    Tick Toc
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    Credit Card Hits

    I hope you are right WapitiBob!!
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    HAMS Elk hunts Did you try for it?

    Yes....Muzzy without a scope is just like Colorado!
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    New to Muzzy

    Powder bullets and sights are more important than the gun.....Lots of good info in this forum.
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    Latest News from AGFD

    Your post is right on the money,money! I have one card that in 20+ years has never been compromised and my other one has been canceled for fraud 3 times in 3 years. Been lucky so far that it hasn't happened at a time to cost me a tag. Hope AZ allows cards to be updated before the REAL draw date.
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    Credit Card Hits

    All I originally wondered when I started this thread was when the card hits would occur. Since we are past that date by a couple weeks, who can guess when it will occur?? I guess the 18th of March!
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    Mule deer outfitters

    Rob Marosok, Wyoming Wildlife Outfitters.
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    2 Days Poll

    Less than 20%
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    Is twice the price twice the scope?

    You cant go wrong with a Swarovski Z3 in my opinion. Less than $900.00. I have a couple, no more lower end for me.
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    Sheep back from taxidermist

    2 thumbs up hornguy!!
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    Credit Card Hits

    I hear Georgia Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin and Nevada are having the same problems.......
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    When to clean your barrel?

    Almost never clean the bore......
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    Solace Pattern now available for pre-order

    Tell me about the gaiters hornkiller? I was thinking about ordering a pair.....
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    Credit Card Hits

    Mine and my sons points are there but it still says we have not applied.....
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    40, muzz elk guide suggestions

    I am doing the same thing you are thinking about doing. Been collecting elk points for 21 yrs. Mike is most likely booked out a year or 2. If your going to go unit 40 don't wait get on the list now.
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    Very seldom and not for very long........Boring since all the new rules.
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    6mm Remington

    Same bullets different cartridge....243 for me
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    Credit Card Hits

    What's a few more days?? 18000 more applicants?? Dead people applying? People applying more than once? There goes the random odds.....
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    NM sheep

    Make your choices and apply. Can't win if you don't play and they are all good sheep areas.
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    Credit Card Hits

    Good Luck all!!
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    Wyoming IBEX

    I think ZIGGER knows all about them!!?? I've seen them east of Wyarno. Contact the taxidermists in Sheridan and I bet they can tell you more....
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    Expo results are up

    ZERO for me and I'm not shocked!
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    Credit Card Hits

    I'm not taking your tag shedneck.....I'm in for a couple of long odds picks this year. Archery season won't work this year as using my Colorado points.
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    I'll just keep my 270 Win......
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    Credit Card Hits

    I've been waiting 18 years.....Another week won't hurt!!
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    Credit Card Hits

    When will they start this year??
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