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  1. mozey


    LOL--I was already spooked a little when I was walking up on it. If the zipper would have unzipped from the inside I probably would **** myself too.
  2. mozey


    Well, hopefully they'll see this and go back for it. I was already packing a turkey or I might have thought a little harder about bringing it all out and dropping it off at the BLM office. At some point it's got to be considered litter.
  3. mozey


    There was that freak snow storm last hunting season (don't remember the month), so that could be what happened.
  4. mozey


    I worry about that too, but I don't remember hearing about any missing persons this past hunting season. Not 100 percent positive this is a hunter, even though the camo shirt would indicate such. The Continental Divide Trail passes within a mile, and if someone took the wrong fork I could see...
  5. mozey


    Don't really know what the right thing to do here is, but I'll probably report it. This is on BLM.
  6. mozey


    Sleeping bag, camp stove, camo shirt, tarps, several freeze dried meals, shovel, bottle of Crown Royal, etc. About two miles from the nearest road, 150 yards off the main trail.
  7. mozey


    I didn't forget it--I just can't make my phone download a pic to this site while in the field:
  8. KIMG0357.JPG


  9. mozey


    Lots of gear in this tent, but doesn't look like anyone has been around for months.
  10. mozey

    Well Boys....

    Yeah--that's a little closer to what I would expect: good news changed to bad news.
  11. mozey

    Birds of Marquez

    I had that tag last year. I'll send you a PM with my phone number.
  12. mozey

    Barbary sheep hunting

    Yes, with a perfectly placed shot through the front shoulder, similar to where you are supposed to hold for oryx. Vitals are further forward than where you would normally hold for American animals. Immediately behind the shoulder is a gut shot.
  13. mozey

    Spring Turkey strategies

    Been a dry year, so I'll probably sit water the first day. I'm just really looking forward to some forest therapy while putting my world's worst turkey hunter reputation on the line. Should be fun.
  14. mozey

    Call the Governor

    I love all this tough talk. Come back and tell me that when your friend takes a bullet meant for you. I did my part--I helped get a neutral vote changed to a vote against. Now I'm looking for ways to pay my friend back as I've never previously donated to his campaign (we're not in the same...
  15. mozey

    Call the Governor

    That's awesome--you're calling out others on here for how they communicate, and yet you yourself are showing a significant lack of reading comprehension, in addition to putting words in my prior post that I never wrote. I stated that I feel bad that my friend is taking all of this abuse to...
  16. mozey

    Call the Governor

    I actually did say something to my representative, but I don't know if that's really fair to him because he is also a personal friend. I sometimes feel like I'm inappropriately taking unfair advantage of our friendship because he is not a hunter, and yet he is now taking all kinds of abuse for...
  17. mozey

    SB 312 is now SB 419

    ...these days I find myself going against the general flow so frequently, I'm starting to wonder whether I'm the stupid... ;-)
  18. mozey

    Best in America

    ...would be happy to trade Kristi for Michelle, 24/7/365. Or at least Susanna for Michelle; anybody but Michelle.
  19. mozey

    Best in America

    I was watching a Joe Rogan podcast with Glen Vileneuve of Life Below Zero fame, when Rogan referenced something about Jussie Smollet, and Vileneuve had to admit that he had no idea who Smollet is. At that moment, I was filled with envy for Vileneuve. I think that Vileneuve-kind-of-lifestyle...
  20. mozey

    Barbary sheep hunting

    I actually hate calling any more attention to barbs--they used to be OTC, but now they're getting harder and harder to draw. That's unacceptable to a 20-year addict like me. So, to any newbie who is thinking about experimenting with barbs, just say no--they're not worth it. Save your money...
  21. mozey

    Heinrich's letter

    NMPaul: "the last thing we should let happen is let these Communists get involved and play politics with it." This is the correct answer. Whatever their "good-intentioned solution" ends up being, the fallout for us average law-abiding citizens will be worse than what we're currently putting...
  22. mozey

    Another big un

    Wow, just wow.
  23. mozey

    Sheep Units

    I've yet to have the privilege to hunt bighorns in other states, but the one time I was privileged to do it here, it was relatively easy compared to all of the other species I hunted here. Mine was a two week hunt, but I was done within the first hour of daylight.
  24. mozey

    Big un

    Don't care, rez or not, in my mind that is about the ultimate deer. If I'm ever blessed to shoot a buck like that I'll probably have to give up hunting, because I'll think I've died and gone to heaven... :-)
  25. mozey

    Did someone actually mistake a bighorn

    Dang--very sorry to hear that actually happened.
  26. mozey

    Archery Barbary Success

    Very impressive.
  27. mozey

    Did someone actually mistake a bighorn

    I haven't heard anything specific, but I got an email from NMDGF today warning me as a barbary hunter to make sure I know the differences between barbarbys and bighorns. Includes pictures too, which begs the question: why did NMDGF feel they need to fill my inbox with that stuff?
  28. mozey

    Did someone actually mistake a bighorn

    for a barbary?
  29. mozey

    Tax question for guides

    Disclaimer: I am a CPA, just not that kind. But I am going to go a little against the general grain here and say the correct answer to your question is: it depends. If you are a regular nine-to-fiver that has just done a little guiding on the side, then I think any of the available...
  30. mozey

    My 2020 Colorado Buck

    Seems like wherever you go, outstanding trophies hit the dirt... :cool:
  31. mozey

    2020 Hunting Season

    Those additional pics are great! I can definitely relate to your hardcore sheep hunting friends. I've had the good fortune to help a couple others harvest one like that, but try as I do, I can't seem to put it all together for myself. I do love trying though! :cool: In fact, I'm getting...
  32. mozey

    2020 Hunting Season

    I got some barb-envy right now... :)
  33. mozey

    Son's Arizona Coues

    That is a pretty deer!
  34. mozey

    Year of the deer

    I just got back from Nebraska too--took two turkeys and a whitetail in the last minute on the last day, but my whitetail is not nearly as nice as yours! Much congrats! I'm hoping to make Nebraska a habit every year I don't draw a NM deer tag--loved it there.
  35. mozey

    My CO buck. Best in a long time

    Nice! Wish more people were as honest as you, Paul... :cool: That's what makes it fun.
  36. mozey

    Best opening day of my life!

    I had a day like that once--very rare and makes you appreciate them all the more when they do happen. Much congrats to all of you!
  37. mozey

    Wifeys and my Bulls

    Tremendous all around.
  38. mozey

    Any news from 6C

    ...don't give up yet--still two days to hunt!
  39. mozey

    My 1st New Mexico Muley

    Tremendous buck. I'm especially impressed that you stayed with it despite all the hikers, and then found a draw where there weren't any...
  40. mozey

    Cool picture

    Yup--that is really cool. Lifetime memory right there.
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