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  1. tayhot

    For Sale RL 26 and RL 33

    I have 8 pound jugs of both reloader 26 and reloader 33. I am in the Phoenix area and I would sell, or trade for Retumbo, H 1000, or large rifle Magnum primers.
  2. tayhot

    For Sale Brand New PSE Carbon Stealth Mach 1

    Selling a brand new PSE Carbon Stealth Mach 1. Never used, still has wrapper on the riser logo. Comes with 5 pin Black gold slider sight ($350) and will ship with the nice hard case in the picture. Located in AZ. Asking $1,400 with everything pictured. The bare bow retails for $1,599...
  3. tayhot

    Trade pistol ammo

    I’m looking for some 9mm hollow point ammo. Here’s what I have to trade... 4 boxes of.45 ACP 2 boxes of .40 S&W 1 box of .357 let me know if you’re interested. I live in the WV but travel to EV frequently
  4. tayhot

    For sale: 338 ultra competition die set

    I have virtually brand new 3 piece RCBS Competition die set. Think I paid $330 for it. Asking $250. All reasonable cash offers considered. Feel free to text me at 602-512-5117
  5. tayhot

    Brand new bow for sale

    Lost my job and need to sell my wife's brand new PSE Fever One Pro. Been shot less than 10 times. Comes with Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro rest, 4 pin sight, dozen arrows cut to 26". 40 lb limbs. Asking $350 + shipping Retail for now alone is $399 Call or text Taylor at 480-492-1052
  6. tayhot

    Custom 338 RUM

    Custom 338 RUM Rem 700 action, trued/accurized 28" fluted Benchmark barrel in #4 Holland's Muzzle brake (recoil equal to .243 Win) HS Precision stock Action bedded and floated Jewell Trigger Tubbs oversized recoil lug Talley Rings and bases (bases are bedded) Two tone Duracoat finish Leupold...
  7. tayhot

    .257 STW (Hot Tamale)

    I am selling my custom built .257 STW rifle. This rifle has less than 50 rounds through it and is by far the most accurate rifle of all my custom builds. It will shoot overlapping holes at 100 yards and has a 2" group at 400 yards. 100 gr TTSX traveling at 4060 fps is simply amazing and deadly...
  8. tayhot

    2012 PSE Evo

    Used on 2 hunts. 2012 PSE Evo Spott Hogg release X force quiver Tommy Hogg 5 pin with bottom slider Trophy taker smack down pro rest Octane stabilizer 24 - 300 spine Easton axis n fused arrows Lots of new broad heads Hard case Lots of misc vanes Asking $1,000 for all Call or text Taylor @...
  9. tayhot

    this happened on MM? can't be
  10. tayhot

    Youth Bull

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-27-12 AT 09:31AM (MST)[p]Had the priviledge to get this young man on a great bull. We were pretty much surrounded by bulls all morning. When this guy stepped out he wanted to pull the trigger. I ranged him at 521 yards and was very leary about the distance. Then I remembered...
  11. tayhot


    1. If readily available to you, would you scout via airplane if it cost you next to nothing? 2. Do you use cell phones or radios while hunting with buddies? 3. Is it unethical to use radios or cell phones while hunting? 4. Have you ever made love to a real woman?
  12. tayhot

    Score this NM bull

  13. tayhot

    Score this bull

  14. tayhot

    Never thought libs were this crazy
  15. tayhot

    Custom 338 RUM

    Rifle is still available. Less than 50 round through it. Here is a short description of the components H/S Precision stock fully floated and bedded action BenchMark Barrell in Sendero contour 28.75" Wyatt's extended magazine box 700 action trued/blueprinted The rifle loves Barnes 265gr TTSX...
  16. tayhot

    left over unit 30 deer tag

    Thinking about this left over youth deer tag? Is this a good unit for opportunities for an 11 yr old boy? I know Stinky would know, but he is out of town. Your thoughts? Thanks
  17. tayhot

    How to piss off Stinky Stomper

    Just try to call him on his "hair day". Couldn't get a hold of him for a few hours then all of a sudden I get a text where he was all pissed off and he said I'll call you later, you are interupting my hair appt.
  18. tayhot

    Weaver 3x15x50 Super Slam Scope

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-01-11 AT 08:43AM (MST)[p]I bought a Weaver Super Slam scope last year for my rifle. Wasn't happy with the rifle so I decided to build a new one and wont be needing this scope anymore. It is has the EBX reticle (BDC) and is very strong. Steel rings and bases will come with it...
  19. tayhot

    NMPAUL, do you know where Stinky is?

  20. tayhot

    GPS Coordinates to 370"-380" bulls

    I have two bulls that will score close to 370" - 380". I will set the bidding starting at $1,000. Highest bidder gets the GPS coordinates. Stinky, you may want to bid high to shut me up. HAHAHA.
  21. tayhot

    Randy Couture

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-12-11 AT 08:40AM (MST)[p]Had a great time with Randy, Tom McMillan and film crew at G3 Outfitters elk camp. Tough hunt getting him on a good bull, but on the second to last day he missed a good bull I named "Brock Lesnar" at 65 yards. We worked our butts off for him but ended...
  22. tayhot

    which jig?

    I have the Bitz right helical and AZ EZ mini. I'll be using 2" vanes and wanted to know which I should use to put on the helical. Ive heard the AZ puts too much. Can there be too much?
  23. tayhot

    location of vanes in relation to nock?

    Is it better to fletch the vanes as close to the nock as you can or does it not matter?
  24. tayhot

    QTPIE'S Leapord Pic and Story

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-16-11 AT 09:23AM (MST)[p]On behalf of Stinky.... Here should be 1 pic of the Leopard I shot. She was a big pretty female that got herself in trouble by killing a calf and hanging it in a tree. Workers on the farm found the calf on wed. morning, we went to investigate and...
  25. tayhot

    AZ fire silver lining?

    Maybe it burned all the damn wolves?
  26. tayhot

    Got drawn !

    16e last archery hunt, 16 muzzy deer, and Ibex! Son drew youth 16 deer. Now gotta start getting in shape:)
  27. tayhot

    2010 PSE Bowmadness

    LAST EDITED ON May-03-11 AT 05:16PM (MST)[p]70 lbs limbs New Vapor trail strings Comes with original strings (never shot) Trophy taker Smackdown rest true glo 5 pin G5 quiver stabilizer shipped to your door in a hard case $450
  28. tayhot

    On behalf of Stinky

    With Stinky being away from his throne, he asked me to post these pics for him. The first pic is the same as the last thread, just a better shot of the size of his body This pic is of another male, just a tad smaller.
  29. tayhot

    Cam Newton

    Any Came Newton fans? I dont like him as an NFL QB. Dont think he will be a bust, but certainly not a starter right off the bat. If Carolina was smart, they would sit him the first few games.
  30. tayhot

    So who is LDS?

    It's no secret here.
  31. tayhot

    What does he score?

    He had about 40 days left of growing, what do you think his potential was last season?
  32. tayhot

    Does this get your blood pumping?

  33. tayhot

    Rifle for 10 yr old

    My son passed hunters ed and it will be his first year hunting to fill his own tag. Anyways, we have put in for the typical big game hunts of Elk and Deer. My question for all you experienced hunters who have had young kids is what caliber rifle and which brand? Right now I'm looking at a Savage...
  34. tayhot

    Crazy Question

    I'll make it brief. What do you think of a pre-death memorial service before the said person has passed? And once they pass, no funeral will be given?
  35. tayhot

    PSE Evo review

    So I broke down and finally got the 2011 PSE Evo. I was shooting a Bowmadness prior to this and can I say holy crap what a difference. The Bowmadness is knows for being very smooth, but the Evo is incredibly smooth especially for a speed bow. It has a very clean/smooth draw and its wall is very...
  36. tayhot

    Mange pic?

    This varmit showed up on my trail camera. I think it's got mange, what do you think? What ever it is, it is one ugly mofo.
  37. tayhot

    2010 PSE Bow Madness

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-20-11 AT 11:19AM (MST)[p]2010 PSE Bow Madness XS. Shoots great and used only on one hunting trip. Comes with: New Vapor Trail strings and cables ($80) Tru Glow sights ($89) QAD Ultra HD Rest ($170) Stabilizer Factory strings and cables (never used) $500 or obo. I will ship...
  38. tayhot

    bow forgiveness

    Why are bows with a longer ATA distance more forgiving? I have a PSE Bowmadness XS, if I went with the XL would it then shoot better?
  39. tayhot

    this is funny

    Hope it hasnt been posted before.
  40. tayhot

    best bows for 2010?

    What are the top three bows you shot or purchased in 2010?
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