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  1. sb2017

    Think we'll see em by tuesday?

    It sure would work out nicely for me if I can draw the OIL desert sheep while I'm still in the 5 year waiting period to reapply for rocky 🤠
  2. sb2017

    Colorado point creep

    One question that came up when applying.... aside from the Draw Recap reports, is there anywhere to look up the number of people that hold a certain number of points? Like a chart similar to the recap reports, but for all point holders in CO? I'm pretty sure the Recap reports only show the...
  3. sb2017

    Comment by 'sb2017' in media 'Dad's Elk Success'

    Thanks Founder! The story got published in February's Huntin Fool. Pretty exciting! I also didn't realize that the title of the image would show up for all to see :LOL:. "Dad & Me Elk" is what I named it just so I could find it again on my computer as I was sorting them.
  4. sb2017

    Big Enough for LE Opening day??

    The pics of the original bull in question are just 4 or 5 year old pics of the Jimmy John bull. You can tell by the curvature in his G2s.
  5. sb2017

    Bull Elk Photo Contest ... Let's See Pics!

    I thought you did too elkboy :LOL: these contests are really fun and I hope they keep on coming, so this comment isn't at all griping but it blows my mind that your bull didn't even make the list! Have you taped him yet?
  6. sb2017

    unlimited Elk tags?

    Now that Utah is mulling the unlimited OTC idea, all they have to do next is bring some wolves in. Good thing we pay millions to these agencies to do this critical thinking for us.... I would have never come to that conservation tactic on my own. Increasing hunter numbers and increasing...
  7. sb2017

    what is your favourite hunting dog

    Love this thread! There's a few breeds on here that I had never even heard of. Kind of surprised no one has chimed in with any lion hounds? Those are some of the most persistent hunting dogs I've ever seen. Mine is just a pack out companion, but I wouldn't trade her for anything.
  8. sb2017

    Sportsman's Elk Tag Filled

    I'd take a 550 inch typical 12x12 in Bora Bora on my birthday over this bull anyday
  9. Dad Elk.jpg

    Dad Elk.jpg

  10. sb2017

    Dad's Elk Success

    We just got back from an unforgettable hunt! After 22 years my dad finally pulled an elk tag in NM. Him and my mom went down a week before season started to scout around and learn the area. I drove down and got there Friday afternoon, the night before season. I made it out for an evening glass...
  11. Packing Elk.jpg

    Packing Elk.jpg

  12. Dad's Elk Success

    Dad's Elk Success

  13. Dad Elk.jpg

    Dad Elk.jpg

  14. Elk on Hoof 3.jpg

    Elk on Hoof 3.jpg

  15. Elk on Hoof 2.jpg

    Elk on Hoof 2.jpg

  16. Elk on Hoof 1.jpg

    Elk on Hoof 1.jpg

  17. sb2017

    Unit 29 Access

    I appreciate the input! Definitely expecting a tough hunt given the access conditions. Agreed on not accessing through private without written permission, I was mostly just curious if the trailheads were showing up as private or "non-public" because they were restricted access areas but still...
  18. sb2017

    Unit 29 Access

    I'm from Los Angeles... first time hunter. Bought a tag off the leftover list... won't have time to scout and won't be able to make it there until mid season. Would anyone be willing to tell me where the biggest buck in the unit hangs out? Best place to drive to for a shot? I have tickets to...
  19. sb2017

    431” Monroe Bull

    I was just yanking your chain, but I'm glad we convinced you to post it! What a beautiful bull... wow. Thanks for sharing.
  20. sb2017

    431” Monroe Bull

    I know every single thing about it... including its parents and favorite color... not my info to share though
  21. sb2017

    Middle of the day

    It's unreal to me how much happens in the middle of the day when you just sit still and watch. That's my favorite thing to do rather than spend the time to go back to camp. I'd say pick a spot that seems worth a whole day, glass from daylight til around 10 am, then go sit somewhere that you can...
  22. sb2017

    Post your Shiras moose photos!!!!

    I had him at 150 yards for a good 30 minutes, but I wasn't the one with the tag :LOL:
  23. sb2017

    2019 Buck Mount

    Thank you everyone, I ran out of room on my walls so I started being partial to the pedestals... now I'm running out of furniture to get rid of in order to make room for the pedestals. It's not that I have a ton of trophies, I just don't have a ton of house. :LOL:
  24. sb2017

    2019 Buck Mount

    Got my buck back from the taxidermist last week. Really thrilled about how it turned out.
  25. 20200828_173617.jpg


  26. sb2017

    Sheep mounts?

    I'm all out of wall space in my current house and have big dreams of a trophy hall in my future house :LOL: so for the time being I'm partial to floor pedestals. I'm really happy with how my sheep turned out, and it takes about 10 minutes to move him around and test out different spots to put...
  27. Sheep Pedestal.jpg

    Sheep Pedestal.jpg

  28. sb2017

    Region 7 Antelope

    Marburg, feel free to PM me
  29. sb2017

    Unit 201 or Unit 21

    I got into a discussion with some guys on another platform the other day that spurred me to look at some recent numbers in some units around me For 15/35/36/45: 2018 Estimated total deer: approx. 13,700 Buck ratio: 30% 30% of 13,700: approx 4,100 2019 Buck tags issued for all units/seasons...
  30. sb2017

    First Antelope Mount. opinions/criticism welcome

    When you find one please pass along to me after you're done! 😎
  31. sb2017

    Unit 201 or Unit 21

    I would say this goes for the whole state, or at least everywhere that I have any knowledge or hear anything about. Plenty of the state I'm not familiar with but this seems to be a statewide issue.
  32. sb2017

    Got my 2018 buck back!

    I would guess that buck was 173" in 2016! Awesome buck, congrats
  33. sb2017

    First Antelope Mount. opinions/criticism welcome

    What an awesome buck/mount. How long is that straight side?
  34. sb2017

    Unit 201 or Unit 21

    I think you'll probably get more helpful info with more specifics... assuming you're asking about deer? If you're expecting to draw 201 elk you would have drawn 21 3 times by now :LOL: I also know the quality of hunting varies immensely between seasons in certain units, advice/recommendations...
  35. sb2017

    Muley Success

    Thank you all! I have enjoyed getting more involved with the site and reading other's success stories, so it's fun when I have one of my own to contribute. Yes, this was a CO buck. The weather was downright bizarre this year, giving both deer and hunters whiplash on what to do. Believe it or...
  36. sb2017

    Muley Success

    This was a hunt that I have been looking forward to for years and years. I finally drew this year and put a lot of work in and was able to get this guy on 2nd to last day. I went into the season with high hopes due to the early snow and cold temperatures... but a switch flipped 2 days into the...
  37. sb2017

    Region 7 Antelope

    Thank you all! I'm certainly excited to have filled the tag. Doe, I did not take all of his measurements for a score, but I did tape his horns just out of curiosity. He is exactly 13" and 13.5". I really was expecting him to be longer than that, but I think his lack of mass makes his horns...
  38. sb2017

    Region 7 Antelope

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-15-19 AT 01:40PM (MST)[p]I appreciated the help and input that I received leading up to the hunt so I wanted to post an update/story. As hunters mentioned, the road conditions were in fact less than ideal! Antlerradar, I now know exactly what you mean by "gumbo". Fall is the...
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