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  1. peez3006

    Lassen Antelope

    I'm back from a good time in Lassen County. I hunted during the 2nd period. Antelope numbers were great. We looked over a ton of bucks, but never could locate anything big. I'd guess that we saw 120 different bucks. I knew he was short horned, but liked the look of this buck. So I decided to...
  2. peez3006

    Hidden Creek Outfitters

    Me and a couple of buddies are wanting to do a guided wilderness elk hunt in 2021. Has anyone hunted with Hidden Creek Outfitters recently? Any opinions on them? (good or bad) Thanks! Don P.
  3. peez3006

    For Sale FHF Bino Harness

    Bought new, for my 15x56s, a few years ago. Size is Lg. I believe. Binos fit perfect, I just decided that I'd rather have my 15s in my pack. Used once or twice. Great condition, no issues. $75 shipped. Don P.
  4. peez3006

    Let's see your Hatfield Knives

    I'd been drooling over Bob's knives for a while. I decided to spring for my 1st one last year. I broke it in, on a couple of bucks and a couple of bulls. It performed great! I had to touch up the edge after the 3rd animal. My normal knife is usually dull after just one. I decided that my...
  5. peez3006

    223 Winchester brass

    448 pieces of once fired 223 Winchester brass. $40 TYD Don P
  6. peez3006

    300 WSM & 270 WSM nickel brass

    151 pieces of Winchester 300 WSM nickel brass for sale. 61 Once fired, 90 pieces twice fired. $45 TYD. 164 pieces of Winchester 270 WSM nickel brass for sale. 32 Once fires, 132 pieces twice fired. $45 TYD. Don P
  7. peez3006

    Muzz Deer Success

    Guess I'll be first to show my muzzle loader deer success. I spent a couple of long weekends scouting. Lots of bucks were found. Some were good bucks, but none were great. I got lucky and found the one that I was looking for opening morning. I was able to stalk within 60 yrds of him and his two...
  8. peez3006

    Eastern Sierra buck

    I've eaten a few tags over the years trying to get it done with the bow. I finally killed my 1st archery buck last weekend. Hopefully not my last! Don P.
  9. peez3006

    Mystery Ranch Crewcab

    I have a used Mystery Ranch Nice frame, Crew Cab, and Daypack lid in multicam. Med/Med. In good shape. One tiny tear in daypack lid. I'm looking to get $400 shipped. I also might be interested in a trade. I'm looking for a like sized pack, just lighter. Eberlestock maybe?
  10. peez3006

    Zamberlan boots

    I have two pair of Zamberlan boots for sale. 1st is a size 11 mens. Worn some, for a season, but a lot of life left . $75.00 shipped. Other pair is a size 8 women's. Only worn on a couple of short hikes. Too stiff for my wife's liking. $75.00 shipped. Don P
  11. peez3006

    CA tag filled!

    Took care of my CA tag this weekend. We scouted a little and had found a good buck in this area. Thought this was him at first, but turned out to be a different buck that we hadn't seen before. He's a 23.5" 4X5. Broke off one of his G3s in the fall. We'll be up trying to find a buck for my buddy...
  12. peez3006

    Another Nv antelope

    I found a giant buck the day before season. I tried to kill him on the opener, but got boogered by another hunter. For all I know he's still chasing him, in his truck, all over Nevada! I'm rooting for the buck! So I went to plan B. I relocated a buck that I found scouting two weeks ago. He's no...
  13. peez3006

    Area 13 antelope

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-05-14 AT 11:44PM (MST)[p]I scouted a couple of days for my area 13 antelope tag. I did see some animals. It certainly wasn't like Wyoming. Densities were low. This was the best buck that I turned up. Good mass, good cutters, not much length. What kind of antelope is this for...
  14. peez3006

    Freezer is full of fish

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-21-14 AT 06:15PM (MST)[p]Well the freezer is full of tuna, yellowtail, and rockfish. I'm ready to work on four legged creatures. Let the scouting begin!
  15. peez3006

    Zamberlan 631 Civetta boots. Size 8 womans

    Boots are in nearly new condition. A few small scratches. Less than ten miles on them. Too stiff for my wifes feet. Cost over $200. $80 to your door. Don P.
  16. peez3006

    Bushnell Yarage Pro Range Finder

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-13-13 AT 07:17PM (MST)[p]Cleaning out the old stuff and I found this range finder. Decent shape. Works fine. I put in a fresh battery today, and tested it. Ranged good out to 375, then it starts to get picky. Was able to get ranges out to 500 or so in fading light. $75obo
  17. peez3006

    Leupold VXII 3-9x40 Tactical Scope

    Discontinued model. It's been on a .223 varmint rifle that I've barely used. In really nice shape. Glass is perfect. No ring marks. It's a 9.5 out of 10. I'd like $275.00. I'm also looking for a .380 or small 9mm pocket gun. Will add cash if needed.
  18. peez3006

    18b Jr buck hunt

    My family is headed out for Arizona in two weeks for the 18b Jr buck hunt. My 13 year old twins drew tags. We're going to have a fun camping/hunting trip. I've never been to the unit before. I chose the hunt for the dates. As it allows all of us to go as a family. Anyone willing to give a...
  19. peez3006

    Couple of Reg G bucks

    Three of us just returned from our Reg G buck hunt. Warm weather made for some slow hunting. The deer weren't out much during daylight. We managed to round up one good buck. We ended up 2 for 3. John killed his 30"er on the 2nd day of our hunt out of a slide at 458 yrds. I found my buck on the...
  20. peez3006

    Taryn's 2nd buck!!!!

    My daughter Taryn was fortunate, and drew a tag for the "Canada De Los Osos Jr Buck Hunt". It was an awesome experience. The guys really put on a top notch hunt for the five lucky hunters. The kids got a good safety talk and overview of the hunt to begin with. Then we enjoyed a great bbq lunch...
  21. peez3006

    Ling Cod Special

    I went fishing yesterday, out of Avila, on the Pacific Horizon. Western Outdoor News chartered the boat and called it the "Lincod Special". It was a little choppy and windy but we made it out to Pt Purisma. The action was never wide open, but we picked away at the fish all day. The 30 anglers...
  22. peez3006

    July 2nd Rockfish trip

    Several of us MM members are going fishing on July 2nd. We'll be on the 3/4 day trip out of Avila. Patriot Sportfishing. Cost is $66 per person plus any needed tackle. It would be cool to meet some fellow MMers. So make your reservations and lets get after em! Don P.
  23. peez3006

    More rockfish!

    I went on an overnight trip With Channel Island Sportfishing Fri-Sat. Conditions were Choppy and windy, but they got us on some nice rock fish. After we all had our limits, we tried a few drifts for some halibut. No halibut, but a whitefish and a 16# sheephead that won the jackpot were caught...
  24. peez3006

    Best medium weight boot?

    Does anyone out there have any experience with the Lowa Ranger GTX Hi, or the Zamberlan 1009 Vioz Top GT. I'm trying to find a medium weight boot with alot of ankle support and a flexible sole. I currently have the Lowa Tibet. A good boot, just too stiff for me. Really kills the balls of my feet...
  25. peez3006

    Tag quotas posted

    Final quotas are posted. Don P.
  26. peez3006

    Couple of NV bucks

    Here's a couple of Nevada bucks that my buddy and I got this year. I killed mine during the muzzleloader season and Jeff got his during the early rifle. We looked over lots of bucks, but had a hard time finding the big boys. Mine was one of the better bucks we saw in my unit and Jeff's was the...
  27. peez3006

    161-164 muzzleloader deer

    I just got off of the phone with the NDOW. I was offered a 161-164 muzzleloader tag. What a shocker! Of course I took it! I'm pretty familar with 173, but I havn't spent much time in area 16. Anybody out there willing to throw me some hints. I don't mind backpacking into a wilderness. I live in...
  28. peez3006

    Medium weight hiker?

    I'm looking for a new medium weight hiker. I've currently been using the Vasque Wasatch. I was pretty happy with them, but after a little over a year both soles are splitting across the balls of the feet, where they flex. I'm looking for something close to three pounds, gore-tex lined, decent...
  29. peez3006

    LO Muzz. cow tags

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-08-09 AT 07:38PM (MST)[p]My buddy and I struck out in the CO elk draw. I'm waiting on the leftover list to come out. Then there is always the gen. bull tags. I'd prefer to hunt during the muzzleloader season, though. This might be a little early, but does anyone know of any LO...
  30. peez3006

    Leupold VX-II Tactical scope

    I have a Leupold VX-II 3-9X40 Matte Tactical scope. (54070) I bought this scope new in 2003. I never use the target knobs and because of them it doesn't fit in my hard gun cases right. I contacted Leupold about putting regular adjustment screws on it and changing the duplex retical over to a...
  31. peez3006

    Hunters Ed. Class

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-29-08 AT 08:49PM (MST)[p]Any MM'ers going to the Hunters Ed. Class, Jan. 10th, in Kingman. A buddy and myself will be there. Don P.
  32. peez3006

    Nevada archery

    I'm headed out for Nevada early Thurs. morning. Going to be trying for my first archery buck. Will be walking in midday, setting up camp, then getting in some afternoon scouting. Friday the hunt will be on. Good luck to all others that drew. Be safe! Don P.
  33. peez3006

    NEVADA IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hunting in Aug. with my bow! Don P.
  34. peez3006

    TC New Englander

    Hi. I'm looking for an Idaho legal muzzleloader. I have a chance to buy a LH TC New Englander Muzzleloader for $300. It is used, but seems to be in very good shape. Anyone have any experience with this gun? How do they shoot? Is the price right? Thanks! Don P.
  35. peez3006

    NM youth deer hunt

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a little advice. My ten year old twins just passed their hunters education course here in CA. I'm applying them for antelope and deer hunts. I'm dialed in on the antelope hunt, but I'm unsure about the deer. I'm going to apply them for units 4, and 5b for the first two...
  36. peez3006

    Wyoming Antelope Units 68,106

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a little info on these units. Anyone out there willing to share some info? (Public land, Quality) E-mail me if you want. Thanks Don P.
  37. peez3006

    Wyoming Game and Fish

    Hey guys. I just wanted to vent and see if I have a reason to gripe. I just got off of the phone with WG&F. I was directed to the biologist's voicemail to leave my question. (So far, so good.) On his message he states that he cannot return any calls out of state, unless he calls collect. This is...
  38. peez3006

    CO 4th season bucks

    Craig and I had a good hunt in CO. We got tags for 3 points in a new 4th season unit. The weather didn't really cooperate. We were hoping for some snow but saw very little. The bucks were rutting though, and we saw around 20 bucks a day. Craig killed the biggest buck that he saw. (26 1/2" 4X3) I...
  39. peez3006

    2006 Nevada buck

    Hey guys. Thought that I'd share my Nevada buck with you. I got him on the third weekend of the season. We spotted about 60 bucks opening weekend, but nothing real big. I only got to hunt one day on the second weekend because I got sick. We managed to spot 14 small bucks. Third weekend I was...
  40. peez3006

    Powerbelt hollowpoints?

    I have a question for those who shoot powerbelt hollowpoints. What have your results been? I just returned from Utah. I shot a deer at about 150 yrds. I hit him a little far back. The bullet hit a rib and exploded. It didn't bust any of his guts or his paunch. Some fragments of bullet or bone...
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