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    Big Nor Cal Bear

    My son put the smack down an a big old bruiser yesterday. He's been after two different bears all season based on their tracks and sign. He got a glimpse of one of them during deer season, but couldn't get a shot. A few weeks ago all he could come across was fresh sign, but now bear. He decided...
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    Couple of coastal B zone bucks

    Both of my boys have punched their first B zone tags this season with some nice blacktails. My youngest got his on opening day of the B4 season. My oldest got his earlier this week by himself so he couldn't get in the picture.
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    Wyoming antelope trifecta

    This was the first of our 3 bucks. My oldest boy won the flip and was first shooter. After looking over 40+ bucks this guy had enough character for him. We spotted him about 800yds out and snuck to within 300yds when he emerged from behind a small hill at 260yds and it was lights out.
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