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    Nah, there's only ONE bottle of Crown.
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    Results Today!

    they get a penny from moderator for every complaint here so they delay haha;)
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    Well Boys....

    State puts more effort into keeping these kind of results secure than security for voting, crime, drivers...
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    Spring Turkey strategies

    Lay down take a nap. Wake up from said nap to see some jakes running off from the decoys while trying to figure out why that man sat up. Go for lunch
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    Spring Turkey strategies

    Have heard them gobble in response to thunder before as well.
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    Sheep Units

    A little off topic- do the ewe hunts count towards the BHS OIL? or are they separate?
  7. sbeard4

    Archery Barbary Success

    Awesome, nice trophy. Would like to take one one day. Not a trophy necessarily, just a check on the bucket list.
  8. sbeard4

    Youth encouragement success

    Congrats! My son got his done too! 2 boys and 2 llamas one trip
  9. 20DE91F6-0DF7-4E0D-A792-E85E031D00A2.jpeg


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    Just read this as I get ready to go to 36 with my sons for youth encouragement hunt. I hope that they will see their dad and their Savior with your eyes.
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    NR cow elk tags?

    Mescalero Hunting: Mescalero Big Game Hunts in New Mexico ( they are upto $625 now, not sure of any ancillaries. Used to be $500 a few years back and no ancillary fees
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    NR cow elk tags?

    Best bet is probably to just buy one from the reservation for $575
  13. sbeard4

    NR youth hunting

    You can get a cow tag on the Mescelaro/Apache range b/w cloudcroft and Ruidoso for $575
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    NM Bugle Report

    Lot of bugling in unit 36 this weekend
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    Covered Up

    Wow! and the hunt, elk activity?
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    Apply for Moose by April 30th!

    What's the draw rate for NR hunters?
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    Post up what you drew

    N A D A x8 for me and the boys
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    I just wonder if cv19 will bring landowner tags back down

    sorry I can't site the study but I saw that too on Boston, but it was 35 or 38% of those tested in a boston area. LOL. The standford study showed (if I recall correctly)that 85% of those who were antibody positive had never had symptoms or been part of the screening pool requirements. Sweden...
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    Draw results

    Funny how instead of licking our finger and sticking it in the air to decide when the results will be in, we lick it and stick it... well I'll just say next to Rio... Glad we have him!
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    Draw results

    its not faulty tests ( although they do have a false positive rate - us test probably 1% maybe less, WHO test 2-4%). The fact is that with antibody testing we are finding out that 85% of people showing positive results were never tested for corona because they had no symptoms and no contacts...
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    Draw results

    Not agreeing with it. We have had 2 cases down here in Lea and they were a month ago. Yet she has shut down our churches even little ones. I believe the constitution actually is quite specific on that
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    Draw results

    Big fine for Tresspassing, no fine for harrassment that I am aware of, Just a headache for the warden
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    Draw results

    At this time anyone entering the state for non-essential services is required to self quarantine at home for 14 days. I wanted to go to Texas to pick up a LLama I paid for , but even working in a hospital I would have to wear a mask at work for 2 weeks and still be quarantined at home
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    Draw results

    She is likely buying into the cray-cray argument that everything needs to stay shutdown till a vaccine is given.
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    I just wonder if cv19 will bring landowner tags back down

    Its arguable, they aren't selling a good across state lines. The NR is coming to their state and receiving services in that state. They came from another state sure, but the completion of all transactions were arguably in the same state. Back in the 80's Kansas alcohol age was 18. Living in KC...
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    I just wonder if cv19 will bring landowner tags back down

    As it stands you are supposed to quarantine at home/residence for 14 days if you come in from out of state. So that would seem to eliminate a lot of out of state hunters. It would be foolish for me as a landowner to have you out to my place if you are coming from any sort of hotspot IMHO...
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    Draw results up~ ur welcome

    Albuquerque still likes her. Watching her corona virus vids on youtube and they all croon about how she's saving our state
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    Draw results up~ ur welcome

    NO, I'm saying we won't likely know why they weren't released early even after 4/29. The one person on here who has implied he works for G&F said the results won't be out early. He posted yesterday, and said when he's not on it may be because things are getting really busy. Course if Governor...
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    Draw results up~ ur welcome

    I'm in state, but would not support cancelling the outers. Its just one more step towards shutting us down too
  30. sbeard4

    Draw results up~ ur welcome

    I'm in agreement with you both, but Stupid is as Stupid does. Won't hurt her re-election to block out of state hunting. In fact some will be happy about it. And the results of draw are on hold. So the question is why. Probably never know even after 4/29
  31. sbeard4

    I just wonder if cv19 will bring landowner tags back down

    if the governor blocks out of state license purchases/hunting like some states have then it will
  32. sbeard4

    Draw results up~ ur welcome

    not anything verified, but I suspect the holdout is likely over the governor being concerned about the our of state hunters coming in with covid. Apparently some states, according to Eastman's have banned out of state tags this year. She may have her eye on that and pushing things back while...
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    New Forest ORDERS

    And I'm a physician here in Lea County. Keep seeing people from Albuquerque coming down in their $300,000 rigs with their $18,000 RZRs to ride off road in the dunes between us and Roswell. Meanwhile I can't even go to my church with only 60 people in a county with no cases for weeks - no thanks...
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    Youth Antelope and deer

    Former Missourian here. Agree NM not great for deer. MO has cheap OTC youth tags for <$35.
  35. sbeard4

    Unit 36 youth encouragement cow hunt

    We are headed out to begin scouting tomorrow AM. However it may be worthless - tomorrow night Ruidoso is expected to get 6-12 inches of snow. Any thoughts on how much this might change locations? will they immediately start moving out or will they hold up for a couple days (it hits the mid 40's...
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    Daughter in law gets her first buck

    Nice, Great start to a great family!
  37. sbeard4

    Sons First Bull

  38. sbeard4

    Rhodes Canyon Bull

    That's awesome! I hope I get the draw someday
  39. sbeard4

    First bull

    awesome, can't wait for my little guys to get their first bull
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