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    Pieces and parts to make a European mount. Steel skullcap, right eye socket and nose from a real skull, right antler is a heavy brown three my son packed out 8 miles and the left is some old lichen covered and chewed relic.
  2. Frankenbuck 005.JPG

    Frankenbuck 005.JPG

  3. Frankenbuck 003.JPG

    Frankenbuck 003.JPG

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    Displaying multiple euro mounts

    Found another picture with it installed on a wall......
  5. Skulls of Steel 030.JPG

    Skulls of Steel 030.JPG

  6. 3 legged buck mount 005.JPG

    3 legged buck mount 005.JPG

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    Droptine Buck Photo Contest

    'Not the Tallest nor the Widest' figured he had better go with a droptine this year.
  8. Droptine 003.JPG

    Droptine 003.JPG

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    Displaying multiple euro mounts

    The display was designed to mount on a wall but kinda got stuck in the back corner of the bench right now. Left skull is made from stainless steel tubing, center skull is natural from a deadhead that had the nose shot off and the right skull is from Type-L hard drawn copper.
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    Dad’s Late Season Bull!!!

    I can't believe it has taken me months to get around to reading such a great story. I'm 73 myself and I've not seen elk hooves worn like that but I do know what it feels like. A few years back my son and I were on a three day antler hunting trip. On the second day my feet began to feel quite...
  11. Frankenbull 008.JPG

    Frankenbull 008.JPG

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    6x6 Frankenbull

    Been there many a year. The skull was split in two with mostly just the skull cap remaining. The skull cap was spliced back together and the skull was finished off with a steel replacement and stitched to the skull cap with stainless steel wire.
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    Idaho is ruined

    Once this year I couldn't use the main driveway to my house because a crewcab pickup had it blocked. Four people were in the truck and two in the field just over the fence in the pasture that belonged to my friend. The "hunters" were eyeballing the deer around the front of my house and on my...
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    Not the tallest nor the widest II.......

    By clicking on the pictures you can see the mounting system. You shape the pedicle to the burr (not the burr to the pedicle) and then use the magic spell called 'Hook and Gravity'.
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    Not the tallest nor the widest II.......

    So.......after two days I finally get to see shat he has been up to. 'Not the tallest nor the widest.......' and 'Not the tallest nor the widest II.......' side by side. No holes drilled in or screws/bolts placed in the antlers. They all come off in seconds.
  16. NANCII 009.JPG

    NANCII 009.JPG

  17. NANCII 008.JPG

    NANCII 008.JPG

  18. NANCII 006.JPG

    NANCII 006.JPG

  19. NANCII 014.JPG

    NANCII 014.JPG

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    Not the tallest nor the widest II.......

    He is making the skull for the set that he found a coupla days ago. Somewhat bigger than 'Not the tallest nor the widest.......'
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    Wyoming antler hunter mauled by grizzly.

    So....the bear was killed during the encounter but no details have been released.
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    Wyoming antler hunter mauled by grizzly.

    I'm wondering who killed the bear. Was it the shed hunter?
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    Wyoming antler hunter mauled by grizzly.

    I guess the bears are now guarding the antlers in Wyoming. Antlers and Griz
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    Not the tallest nor the widest.......

    Yeah, something like this guy found years earlier........
  25. BIG SHEDS 003.JPG


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    Not the tallest nor the widest.......

    ......but some of the heaviest found this year. Left side was found in an small bare spot with 12-18" of snow all around. Tracks say the elk had been chewing on it. Weeks later, after the snow melted, the right side was some 60 yards away. Steel prosthetic tips were made by the skull creator to...
  27. NANC 001.JPG

    NANC 001.JPG

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    Wyoming madness!

    I believe the distance and the glassing. Cannot speak to the winter kill in your area. Yesterday there was a shed hunter in our area that hiked for 16 hours and picked up 8 brown elk sheds. Every shed was spotted with the binoculars first. Two additional sheds were far enough away he had to get...
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    Wy ticks

    I'm not in Wyoming but you are not alone. Heavily traveled trails along creek bottoms or in tall brush or willows seem to be the worst spots. Ten minutes in one gulch around here and you'll have 50 ticks on you. Other areas you can hike for hours and not get one.
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    Adequate day.

    No cedars in our country. Here antlers are mostly in elevations between 6,000'-9,000'. Sheds are found in the sagebrush, grass, mahogany & pines. Get up high and glass down below you and across the canyon. Glass 20 yds to a mile away. Antlers are on the ridges, slopes facing South, West, East...
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    Looking to sell antlers?

    Excellent advice. prepared for the buyer by knowing what you have. My son sold his antlers Tuesday. He graded and weighed the antlers before the buyer arrived. He graded them in such a way that the buyer would most likely regrade some of them he did. Everybody left...
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    Adequate day.

    Thankfully almost all of that stuff is our neighbor's. Very nice neighbor though. However.......our junk pile (not shown) is at least as big. I'll have my son get on our junk piles later as, yes, he is still hauling antlers right now.
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    Adequate day.

    But the boy had a tough hike out.
  34. 20200330_193143_resized.jpg


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    Which big buck to hunt? Pick only one

    Kill and eat the small buck with #2. Let the big bucks breed. Then find their sheds and mount them..
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    Shed hunting 2020

    Deer or elk?
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    Man up.

    Yes, I suppose I do have a different perspective on these deer than some of you. We don't seem to be lacking for the little beasties. I used to have horses left over from a previous marriage. The deer destroyed the hay bales. In the spring I used to have a garden of tulips. Deer love those...
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    Man up.

    So.......on to many others posting. What has been your experience in December and January? No experience for those months? Chaos and discord? Death and destruction? Because I believe that what you expect out of others is what is on the inside of you. Do you all believe that it is impossible to...
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    Man up.

    Thank you for your post. It is perhaps the most lucid (some of you may have to check your dictionary) of them all and tinged with a modicum of curiosity. And I'm glad to hear you have hunted antlers in January, even if it may be slow pickings. In response to your post......the 1st antler was...
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    Man up.

    My son does have a dog. Absolutely useless for shed hunting but good cougar bait. Will chase rabbits and mice and ignores deer.
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