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  1. bpbigperm

    Well Boys....

    I received and email last year for speed goat. 4.22.20. tick tock. tick tock. I hope to see green again this year. All red for many years.
  2. bpbigperm

    Fresh Post

    Congrats! Nice buck.
  3. bpbigperm

    Tag return, anyone else returning their tags?

    I am returning my X9a tag and have posted the link to how to return tags below. DFW is allowing people to get their points back. It is impossible to glass where we want to hunt. I also do not feel safe packing into an area and being dropped off with all of the fires going on. The area we...
  4. bpbigperm

    Bro connected on Antelope

  5. bpbigperm

    I think he's hooked!

    Way to go!
  6. bpbigperm

    Antelope Buck down

    Congrats. Nice lope.
  7. bpbigperm

    New Mexico Bound

    thanks for sharing and glad you had a good time with your son. That means more than anything.
  8. bpbigperm

    New Mexico Bound

    Good Luck tomorrow
  9. bpbigperm

    That Was Quick!

    Way to go! Congrats!!
  10. bpbigperm

    Share hunts

    That is the worst raffle I play every year. No dice again.
  11. bpbigperm

    Calling patriots

    I agree that there is a role of government in policing our society. The grey area is where does it stop? This is what usually separates the left from the right. The argument starts with policing of perceived civil liberties. Everyone has different opinions of what their civil liberties...
  12. bpbigperm

    Calling patriots

    Wow that escalated quickly. I work in the oil industry and we have to do FIT tests for masks. So most people in the oil industry are educated on masks as to wear them, how they work, and how to maintain them. We wear masks in situations where a normal person would pass out due to the fumes...
  13. bpbigperm

    North Western ca

    Call the DFW biologist aswell. They might be working with some land owners on other projects and have a relationship you could use to get access. I would also contact the PLM program to see if they have private land with access to tag holders.
  14. bpbigperm

    Are BLM Lands State Parks?

    So NR are not allowed at state parks. I am glad I didnt draw unit 38 elk. But for the antelope hunters this shouldn't include BLM lands right? On a side note, so if you call your disobeying of the law a BLM protest like the other protesters, can you hunt BLM while protesting BLM...
  15. bpbigperm

    Mule Deer

    Ryan you should look at general archery tags in Utah as well. When researching a unit you can always look at harvest rates to show what kind of success people have had in the past. It took me three years hunting OTC tags to get a deer, and I was self taught as well. So dont measure success on...
  16. bpbigperm

    Quarantine in effect now
  17. bpbigperm

    Quarantine in effect now

    Been reading up on this. Exempt is hospital workers, military etc. and people conducting business in NM. My business is to harvest antelope meat. If any of you fly in I would state that you are there for business. I did also read that there is a $100 fine for not wearing a mask in public. I...
  18. bpbigperm

    2020 Az deer draw

    My buddy got his CC hit. Nothing for me.
  19. bpbigperm

    A zone pics

    Same gene pool probably. Our area in Utah has left side downers every once in a while. We try to harvest those young, but some always slip by.
  20. bpbigperm

    A zone pics

    cool looking deer. Thanks for sharing
  21. bpbigperm

    Today ?

    Great explanation of a unique draw system. I just checked my numbers and I am 500,000 above the goat. Close but no cigar.
  22. bpbigperm

    X6A Tag Return

    Tell them you have covid
  23. bpbigperm

    Ca posted

    We drew X9A with a 7 point average, two 6's and a 9.
  24. bpbigperm

    Ca posted

    I’ll be there too. Congrats
  25. bpbigperm

    Ca posted

    Lucky dog. Congrats.
  26. bpbigperm

    Ca posted

    My buddy drew north eastern elk archery. Never been there if anyone has hunted that before we could use some advice.
  27. bpbigperm

    Ca posted

    Who drew? I got my deer zone
  28. bpbigperm

    Tick tock.....

    Results posted! Drew deer
  29. bpbigperm

    Tick tock.....

    Looking like next week. Wyoming should be next Wednesday, and Oregon on Friday. I dont expect to draw either of those, but there's always a chance.
  30. bpbigperm

    When will Oregon post results?

    I read June 19 as well. How bad is their website though? Worst in the west.
  31. bpbigperm

    Tick tock.....

    June 9 was posted somewhere, obviously didnt happen. I'm expecting to finally draw for deer. I am just hoping the corona didnt change peoples draw choices too much. I have in my notes June 13 at 2am I got an email last year from CDFW, not sure when was posted on website. It didnt matter to me...
  32. bpbigperm

    Tick tock Christmas in June

    Just got an email from CPW, was so excited. Then I read it and I was unsuccessful. What a prick tease.
  33. bpbigperm

    Mule Deer 221-223 Late any weapon

    congrats, my choice as well with 9 points. I probably have a long time to go.
  34. bpbigperm

    Nevada draw results

    all red on the website when I looked up results. Theres always next year. Oh and Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, Arizona to go this year. Come on random tag for the strip.
  35. bpbigperm

    Best guess when NV draw will post?

    Maybe the increase in applicants is due to the rises price of meat. I know I have had people hit me up for elk burger who dont hunt. Maybe some guys who havent hunted in a few years are dusting off grandpas rifle to try and get meat.
  36. bpbigperm

    Cmon Antelope!

    2018 Nevada. I think 2022 I can put in again.
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  39. bpbigperm

    Any CCs been hit yet?

  40. bpbigperm

    Any CCs been hit yet?

    Last year the draw results were posted May 15, and third week of April the CC charges showed up. I have read this year the results will be posted May 11, and I have also read May 25. I just wanted to know if anyone has seen charges yet.
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