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    Results Today!

    I am thinking next week! One more week of hoping and praying before the Sea of Red appears...good luck everyone!
  2. ixsolracxi

    Son's First Deer

    Congrats!!! Youth hunting is awesome!!!
  3. ixsolracxi

    Archery Barbary Success

    Congrats, beautiful ram!
  4. ixsolracxi

    Unit 2a late archery

    Was up there last weekend, nothing but spikes and a few forks. Even the tusks on the javelina i saw were bigger than the spikes!!! Good luck!
  5. ixsolracxi

    Oryx #2 for my boy

  6. ixsolracxi

    Game Proscessing

    I am fortunate that my cousin is a meat cutter so I don't have to worry about going anywhere else. Has an entire set up in his garage. Plus, it's a good time to talk hunting and life while processing an animal and I don't have to worry about not getting all of my meat :)
  7. ixsolracxi

    Youth hunt success

    Congrats to your son on a great year! I miss the days of my daughter being a youth hunter. I still remember the weekend going to hunter safety, buying her a 7mm-08 and taking her on her hunts. Thankfully, as a 19 year old, she still likes hunting. Cherish these days and all of the memories!
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    Year of the deer

    Nice bucks, congrats!
  9. ixsolracxi

    Two oryx

    Congrats on two fine animals!!!
  10. ixsolracxi


    wow, what a great weekend, two great bulls! congrats to all!!!
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    NM unit 53 Elk update

    congrats on your bull!
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    NM Bugle Report

    I was up in the Wahoo area a few weeks ago hunting deer. Never heard one elk, very little elk sign (most droppings were old and dry) and it's my first time in the unit never seeing an elk. I saw more speedgoats than deer and elk combined. All of the tanks were dry (not even mud, just dry), very...
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    Lets see those NM archery bulls!

    Wow Tallpine, helluva bull!!! Congrats on a fine bull 12ring!!!
  14. ixsolracxi

    Lets see those NM archery bulls!

    Wow!!! Helluva bull Iccy!!! Congrats!
  15. ixsolracxi

    NM Bugle Report

    Was out hunting deer in 21, not a peep!!! Dry and HOT, went by 6 tanks and all were dry, not even mud at the bottom. Huffed it all weekend, even up to Wahoo, got back to my truck and it was 90!!! In total, saw 29 antelope, 9 deer and 000 elk. In all my years hunting 21 (21A), this has been the...
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    Daughter's Buck

    My daughter was able to connect on this buck yesterday around noon in 59. Yesterday morning while we were stalking we saw a small herd split off and top a hill. It was getting hot and started looking for bedded bucks to stalk. We went around to the area the small herd went to look for them...
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    New Mexico Bound

    You will see animals in the grasslands but they are wary. I was out in 59 last week for the archery hunt and they were running once the truck stopped. We have hunted 47 back when it was the entire NE area on my daughters youth hunt and my archery hunts. Concentrate from Abbott to Mills is my...
  22. ixsolracxi

    That Was Quick!

    Congrats Philthy!!! Beautiful ram! Let me guess, that was your ram that Paul from Imperial was fleshing on FB? Interesting you had a problem with the accubonds, we have taken oryx and elk with nosler accubonds with one shot kills without any problems. When is the poolside bbq?
  23. ixsolracxi

    Guess I will finally be forced to wear a mask

    Don't have to wear a mask while hunting or driving after the check in, orientation over loud speakers. When checking out each day hunters and crew must stay in the vehicle. In the field: You will not be required to have your mask on in the vehicle or in the field while hunting. If you are...
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    Unit 21A Elk Hunt Help!

    In all of my years hunting 21A i have never seen a cat. However, there is a lot of bear sign so it wouldn't hurt to get one. I'll be out there labor day weekend hunting deer.
  25. ixsolracxi

    Newburg: Death by Dysentery

    I watch all of his videos and here's a new one I was finally able to watch last night. This is about an elk hunt in 17 (i think) where a cameraman quits on him and the video didn't make his regular youtube show. Pretty hilarious, something funny to watch as we begin our final preparations for...
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    Unit 21A Elk Hunt Help!

    Send a PM to me
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    Closest towns are Datil and Reserve. I have never eaten in Datil (not sure if there is a restaurant) but there is a good one in Reserve. Depending on where you are in D could be a short drive. Good luck.
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    cool bool!
  29. ixsolracxi


    Received refunds for all tags not drawn.
  30. ixsolracxi

    Youth Prghrn 56

    Beast, PM sent.
  31. ixsolracxi

    Oryx pics

    Excited that I drew on range again, two years in a row now. I'm looking forward to hunting these beautiful animals on the Rhodes Canyon hunt again in December. I'll be holding out for that trophy broken horn!!!:LOL:
  32. ixsolracxi

    Youth Prghrn 56

    Hi Beast. We have hunted up there quite a bit, mostly on my daughter's youth hunts. Let me look over some maps and I will send a PM.
  33. ixsolracxi

    What do you guys think ?

  34. ixsolracxi

    Post up what you drew

    Archery deer early 21, archery antelope 59, javelina rifle and broken horn oryx Rhodes in December. Daughter drew rifle antelope in 59.
  35. ixsolracxi

    Draw results up

    Super excited, drew oryx on Rhodes Canyon two years in a row (OIL last year, broken horn this year), archery antelope in 59, archery deer in 21 and Javelina. Daughter drew rifle antelope in 59!
  36. ixsolracxi

    Draw results up

    Phil, you lucky SOB!!! CONGRATS!!!
  37. ixsolracxi

    Draw results

    Drew archery antelope in 59, archery deer in 21, rifle javelina and Rhodes Canyon Oryx two years in a row (broken horn this year)! Daughter drew rifle antelope in 59. Waiting for the morning on ibex and barbary.
  38. ixsolracxi

    Draw results

    I saw this first on facebook several hours ago. Pleased with the results!!!
  39. ixsolracxi

    Draw results

    Go to my purchases and edit, you can change there.
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    Draw results

    Ha Ha, if that is the case i drew everything 😂 😂 😂
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