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  1. bowhunter3

    Leon Parson No-Tellum Series

    Anybody ever bought or sold the entire series of these prints? Just curious what the going rate is for them. Feel free to PM me if that’s better. Thanks
  2. bowhunter3

    Sitka, Kuiu, Exo, Crispi

    Updated list below or items that I still have available Salomon x ultra 3 mid gore Tex red size 9-$80 Mountain smith mountain shelter LT olive-$80 Sitka OC lightweight LS tee medium-$45 Sitka OC heavyweight beanie OSFA-$20 Sitka OC Fanny pack-$90 Sitka OC lightweight tee SS medium-$45 Sitka OC...
  3. bowhunter3

    Favorite Mule Deer Print

    Just picked up my favorite one today! There are a few others that I really love as well. Not sure I have room for all of the ones I want to buy in my house unless I have a dedicated art room! 😂
  4. bowhunter3

    Sitka, Kuiu, Exo, Crispi

    All prices below include shipping. I’m also willing to offer a deal if purchasing multiple items. Make me an offer. Salomon x ultra 3 mid gore Tex red size 9-$80 Crispi Summit gore Tex size 9-$80 Pots & Pans backpacking set-$5 Sitka bino bivy SA Large-$50 Sitka heavyweight hoody brown large-$60...
  5. bowhunter3

    Browning 6.5 and CVA Muzzleloader

    I’ve still got the CVA.
  6. bowhunter3

    Browning 6.5 and CVA Muzzleloader

    Sorry the 6.5 has been sold already. I have the Muzzleloader still if you are interested in that
  7. bowhunter3

    Browning 6.5 and CVA Muzzleloader

    Hey guys, I have a Browning AB3 6.5 creedmoor in max 1 I’m looking to get rid of. I also have a CVA Optima V2 .50 cal muzzleloader in max 1 that I’d like to sell. Asking $350 for the browning and $250 for the CVA. Also will consider best offers. Let me know if your interested and I can also send...
  8. bowhunter3

    Snowshoeing Near Afton

    Sorry, didn’t think the original one worked and just realized they both posted. Not sure now I can delete a thread I started.
  9. bowhunter3

    Snowshoeing Near Afton

    Hey everyone, The wife and I are staying in Afton next weekend for our anniversary and want to do some snowshoeing. Anyone know of winter trails between Afton to Alpine that are good for snowshoeing? Is the greys river road maintained at all during winter? Even just a good snowmobile trail would...
  10. bowhunter3

    Texas Axis Recommendations

    Hey everyone, I’m looking to do an axis deer hunt for my wife and I sometime in the next few months. Most likely decided on Texas as I figure it’s probably a lot cheaper than Hawaii considering paying for flights and luggage. Any recommendations on a good outfitter that you have been with...
  11. bowhunter3

    Hoyt Carbon Defiant

    70# limbs and just barely put new strings on it. Black gold 5 pin slider sight Beestinger stabilizer Hoyt 4 arrow quiver Ripcord drop away rest Bare bow-$800 With accessories $1100
  12. bowhunter3


    Man that is an impressive season! Congrats
  13. bowhunter3

    Wanted Brent R Todd Paintings

    I'm not familiar with any of those ones. Mind posting some photos of them?
  14. bowhunter3

    Kaiparowitz HAMS Hunt

    Hey everyone, My mother in law got called today for a turned back tag and accepted it for the late kaiparowitz Hunt. She only had a couple points so figured it was worth the shot although they only have a few days to hunt. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go and help out. If anyone has any...
  15. bowhunter3

    Ammo Prices/Supply

    I know I’m late, but gotta start somewhere right? Just trying to figure out if it’s only going to get worse from here, or if I should hold off starting a stockpile for a little longer!
  16. bowhunter3

    Ammo Prices/Supply

    I’m a newbie to this topic, but have been looking to get a decent stock of ammo for the guns that I own. 22 and 223 of course seem to be very hard to come by right now in any quantity, and are more expensive than I ever remember. I guess what my main question is: is ammo supply and demand very...
  17. bowhunter3

    Enclosed Trailer Conversion

    Thanks for all the info guys! Very helpful
  18. bowhunter3

    BBD and he tastes great!

    Stud buck!! Nice work
  19. bowhunter3

    Enclosed Trailer Conversion

    I have a 14’ enclosed trailer I’m looking to convert into a hunting trailer that I can still use for storage and ATV’s when I’m not camping in it. I’m thinking insulated walls, couple of strip lights connected to an exterior generator hook up, sink in the front with a gravity fed tank, and fold...
  20. bowhunter3

    Wanted Brent R Todd Paintings

    Just sent you a PM.
  21. bowhunter3

    Landowner Tag Availability 2021

    Hello all, I've never purchased a landowner tag before, so I'm just trying to figure out how to 'get in the game' for the 2021 season. I'd really like to find an early rifle tag, not sure on the unit yet. I understand CO does not allow brokering of landowner tags. I'm wanting to start my search...
  22. bowhunter3

    COVID=Cancelled years' Hunts?

    I’m on a construction project in New Zealand right now and they have very strict border requirements right now. I have went back to the US every fall I’ve been here for a mule deer hunt. Because NZ won’t let me back in if I leave I’ll likely miss my hunt this year and not be able to travel again...
  23. bowhunter3

    Good Scope without Turrets

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I guess I’ve never heard of locking turrets because I didn’t know that was a thing, all the ones I have seen are always able to dial with exposed turrets. Although that scope that @Lancetkenyon posted looks like a game changer!!
  24. bowhunter3

    Good Scope without Turrets

    Hey everyone, I am in the market for a new rifle scope. I am looking in the $1,000-$1,500 range. But nowadays it seems like almost all the scopes over $1,000 have turrets which I am not a fan of due to missing the buck of my life a few years back with my first time using them. I also really like...
  25. bowhunter3

    Crispi Briksdal’s

    Has anyone tried them? I have been on the hunt for years for a boot that stays waterproof for more than one season. Thinking of switching back to a full leather boot and thought the Briksdal looked like a good option. I prefer boots that are as light and flexible as possible but it seems those...
  26. bowhunter3

    Catching up on the last few years

    Hello all, I am absolutely terrible keeping up posting here but I am lurking around all the time. I figured as much as I enjoy looking at every one else’s photos it would be good to finally post a few that I haven’t put on here yet of the past few years. Work has taken me to New Zealand...
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  32. bowhunter3

    Jump to Post to Post

    Sorry I guess I should have said thread, not post. On the old forums there was a button at the top and bottom of each thread that you could jump to the next one without having to go back to the forum menu. Does that make sense?
  33. bowhunter3

    Jump to Post to Post

    On the old forums there was a button that you could jump to the next newer or older post. I always used this if I hadn't been on for a bit I'd scroll down to the first post I hadn't seen, then click next post until I got to the top to read through them all. Is this feature gone in the new format...
  34. bowhunter3

    Longest sheep tag application drought?

    I’m interested to hear if any of you that have put in for multiple states for many years have ever calculated how much you have spent on points until you were able to draw a tag?
  35. bowhunter3

    Wanted Brent R Todd Paintings

    Jealous! Thanks for rubbing it in that’s awesome!
  36. bowhunter3

    Wanted Brent R Todd Paintings

    Looking to buy any of the following paintings by Brent R Todd. Let me know if you have one you are looking to get rid of! Wyoming Living Legends Wyoming Living Legends II High Country Hideaway Popeye the Legend Seasoned Survivors Hat Racks Mountain Top Monarchs Thanks
  37. bowhunter3

    Wyoming Living Legends

    Does anybody have the Wyoming Living Legends print by Brent R Todd they would be willing to part ways with? Or know where it could be purchased? Thanks
  38. bowhunter3

    Popeye Replica’s

    Does anyone know if there have ever been replicas made of the sheds off of Popeye that were found? If so anyone know how you would go about getting some? What about morty or Goliath?
  39. bowhunter3

    Swarovski EL Range

    Hey guys, So I have the EL Ranges, I think I've had them since about 2012 so probably the first model. I have always had issues with them not ranging sometimes, ironically it's mostly when I am hunting and at home they work mostly fine. I would say up to 50% of the time they don't work in the...
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