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    2 BIG bucks down!

    Here is my brother’s and my 2020 Montana bucks. Any guess on what they score?
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    Archery goat down!

    Filled my archery tag on this buck at 50yds. Took me (2) days to figure out his pattern. Any guesses on gross score.
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    Unit 42 archery antelope tag!

    I picked up an archery tag for some private land around Logan New Mexico. Is anyone familiar with the unit as far as quality and quantity?
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    Swaro 65 for 95 OBJ!

    Guys I have a swaro STX spotter with a 65mm objective. I love how compact it is for backpacking but I really want the 95. I'm looking to trade someone for a 95mm and a little cash. Text 602-758-5535.
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    Found out why you have to wear Orange.

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-07-19 AT 11:54AM (MST)[p]Just returned from hunting around Pagosa Springs. I have realized why wearing an orange vest and hat is mandatory. Spent some time hunting Valle sacco, 8mile Mesa, Jackson Mtn etc. I've never seen so many hunters in the field at one time. It was a...
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    WTB-Remington 700 ultimate muzzleloader

    Looking to buy a Remington 700 ultimate muzzleloader with synthetic stock. Text me pics if you have one for sale. 602-758-5535
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    3rd season 077 unit.

    Guys I drew a 3rd season unit 77 tag. How good is this unit and what is a good expectation on trophy quality?
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    Water catchments/tanks

    Does anyone know if Utah has an app or map that shows water catchment locations? I know here in AZ we have a website that shows all out water catchments. Also what's the best map to buy for hunting there. Here in Az we have flatline maps and they show just about everything per unit.
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    West Desert Riverbed-Antelope

    Well I thought I drew the SWD unit but to my surprise I drew the (1) non res archery West Desert Riverbed archery antelope tag. I plan on making a couple scouting trips up that way and was wondering if anyone had any tips on where to start looking and what type of bucks does this area usually...
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    Swarovski ME 1.7X multiplier

    Selling a Swarovski ME 1.7X that is new never used with box. It will fit any STX, ATX, or BTX. $300 tyd Pm or text 602-758-5535
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    Swarovski-10x42 El'S

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-16-18 AT 12:41PM (MST)[p] Im selling a pair of 10x42 Swarovski EL'S. Bino's are in good shape and are crystal clear. There is one smaller scratch on the left eye piece but it doesn't impact the view...
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    Unit 77-771-78

    Hey guys I have an opportunity to buy a 3rd season deer tag. I've heard there was a winter kill off in those areas. Can anyone verify this info for me? I don't want to buy it if the numbers are way down.
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    Youth bull hunt!

    LAST EDITED ON May-18-17 AT 06:33PM (MST)[p]Hey guys it looks like my son drew the youth any weapon elk hunt Sept 16-24th.What can one expect on this hunt? Is this more of an opportunity hunt or are there elk to be hunted? Also can someone explain what areas are open? I've found the map they...
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    Youth bull elk hunt!

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-24-17 AT 11:47AM (MST)[p]Hey guys I'm thinking of applying my 14yr old son for the non resident youth bull elk hunt #EB1007. Does anyone know how many tags are issued and how difficult it is to draw?
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    Arizona bull!

    Since alot of us are waiting on the Az draw I thought I would share my successful Az hunt from 2016.
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    WTB: swaro STX 65mm

    Looking for a swaro STX 65mm. Text me if you have one for sale. Thx! 602-758-5535
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    Unit 14a for Archery deer

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-24-17 AT 05:03PM (MST)[p]Anybody know anybody who sells trespass fees to hunt there property during the archery hunt in August around Monticello or blanding? Possibly an outfitter?
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    Got my droptine mount back.

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    SAN Abajos 14a archery deer hunt for 2017

    Hey guys looking to find any landowners in the 14a area that is willing to sell a trespass fee to hunt private land during the August archery Hunt. I've hunted the public land side for years and looking to try private in hopes of finding some 140"+ bucks. Pm if u have info. Thx.
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    Turning a tag back in???

    Hey guys trying to get some info on turning an archery deer tag back in as a non resident. Does Utah take tags back and if so do they refund you the full amount and do you get your bonus point back? Thx for any info.
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    (2) Az Archery strip bucks down!

    My brother's and I 2015 archery strip bucks!
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    San Juan/ abajo mtns #1521

    LAST EDITED ON May-20-14 AT 01:20PM (MST)[p]Hey guys I drew hunt # 1521 archery deer as a non res. What kinda bucks should I expect to see and where is a good place to start my scouting? Thx for any info.
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    Looking for LIFESIZE desert sheep mounts???

    Ok guys I was lucky enough to pull a desert bighorn tag in Arizona last year. My taxidermist is getting ready to mount my ram in the next few months and im still looking for the right pose. Anybody care to share there mounts or pictures of lifesize sheep they like??? Here is my ram.
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    Lifesize bighorn sheep mounts!

    Looking to get my desert bighorn ram life-sized but haven't settled on a pose. Anybody with pics care to share some different mounts?
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    Opening day AZ desert bighorn down!

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-06-13 AT 12:27PM (MST)[p]Here is a ram I was able to take on opening morning at 312 yds. I sat on this ram for 2 weeks from dawn to dusk and he was my #1 ram based on early trail cam pics. I spent every weekend scouting since the draw came out based on this being the 1st ever...
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    Opening day ram!

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-06-13 AT 12:26PM (MST)[p]Here is a ram I was able to take on opening morning at 312 yds. I sat on this ram for 2 weeks from dawn to dusk and he was my #1 ram based on early trail cam pics. I spent every weekend scouting since the draw came out based on this being the 1st ever...
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    Check out this broadhead in action makes them!
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    Gravedigger broadhead

    Fixed and mechanical in one broadhead.Check out the video!
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    6A archery bull success!

    Tough hunt with all the rain and full moon. Had to be mobile in order to find the pockets of rutting elk. Never seemed like a true rut hunt with everyday being different on how much the bulls bugled. Passed 6 bulls before making a 61yd double lung shot on this bull.
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    Looking for an HD camcorder??

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-12-11 AT 08:24PM (MST)[p] For all you experts out there im looking to upgrade to an HD camcorder, ill be using it mostly for wildlife and hunts any suggestions?? Im looking to spend $300-$500. Also is it better to buy one with a hard drive or not?
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    New mathews

    Just went to mathews website and they have the clock counting down the release of there new bow. Im hoping for a z7 with a 2-3" ata more. Anybody have any idea what it will be?
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    42 junior camp

    How many monstermuley's members are going to be at the 42 junior camp? I will be helping my nephew on his 1st hunt, should be a great time look forward to meeting some new people..
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    check out this new grip on my z7! ----------------- (.)

    Mathews new focus grip!
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    mathews focus point grips

    Any mathews guys ordered or tried a focus point grip yet?
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    canon xl1

    Hey guys just curious if anybody has used one and what the pro's or con's are? Looking to film hunts and wildlife..
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    2010 archery mule deer success!

    Here is my buck that i was able to stalk and shoot at 50 yards..
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    "Desert Rut"

    Looks like the rut may have started found this buck with does. You can see the does off to the left in the brush. Any guess on how wide he may be??
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    lightspeed 3d arrows

    I was thinking about trying the lightspeed 3d arrows next year for 3d tournaments just wondered if anybody has tried them and could tell me pro's or con's? I am thinking about getting the 340's with 80 gr nibb and g nock. I shoot a 30" draw at 65lbs.
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    Buck Down

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-02-09 AT 11:10AM (MST)[p] Hey guys just wanted to share a pic of a deer i took in montana with mike zmek (bluerockoutfitters). I was able to stock within 30 yards of this buck bedded down facing the opposite way of me and make a good shot...
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    30" 3x3

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-22-09 AT 09:20PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Sep-22-09 AT 09:19?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Sep-22-09 AT 09:19?PM (MST) Hey guys just wanted to share a pic of a buck i shot in montana. I was able to get within 30 yards of this buck bedded and make a good shot. This buck measured at...
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