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  1. mlycrzy

    2020 Bonus Point Data

    Its showing the number of applicants that applied for that unit and what choice (1-5) they used with the corresponding bonus points on the left column they had going into the draw.
  2. mlycrzy

    2020 Bonus Point Data

    We moved from NV 5 years ago. I still continue to apply as a NR but don‘t plan on drawing anything other than maybe a deer or antelope tag in the next 5-10 years. My goal is to move back after I retire with my 35+ sheep and 25+ elk points with the hope I can still get around the hills good...
  3. mlycrzy

    2020 Bonus Point Data

    The 2020 bonus point data has been posted.
  4. mlycrzy

    Bear C-Card Hit's?

    I’m thinking hits will start Tuesday afternoon. Good luck to all those impatiently waiting like myself.
  5. mlycrzy

    Master baiter, San Juan or la Sal

    Try BTO. I believe they guide for summer bear hunts on the SJ unit.
  6. mlycrzy

    Cow Elk 222-223 Dec Hunt

    Great story and pics.
  7. mlycrzy

    SOLD Browning X-Bolt 28 Nosler

    Wish I lived closer. That’s a sweet rifle.
  8. mlycrzy

    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

    My three best bucks. All from Nevada.
  9. 67514E97-8F8E-4779-8D2B-FE4E1774528A.jpeg


  10. A441E733-3807-4681-96ED-176AD63048D9.jpeg


  11. Big Buck Down

    Big Buck Down

    Fine trophy buck here that mlycrzy shared in a fun thread in the forum. A thread loaded with awesome success pics. Here...>>>
  12. mlycrzy

    How big?

    Pretty buck. 181
  13. mlycrzy

    An awesome year with the kids!

    Lots of tasty meat right there. Congrats.
  14. mlycrzy

    Daughters first big game

    Heck ya! Way nice.
  15. mlycrzy

    My youth outdoors

    Wow. Lifetime worth of memories right there.
  16. mlycrzy

    2020 Nevada Archery Buck

    That’s a pretty buck. Love those chocolate antlers.
  17. mlycrzy

    One in the books

    Couple of nice NV bucks!
  18. mlycrzy

    What do you guys think of this?

    Probably happens more than we know but not posted for the world to see.
  19. mlycrzy

    Monroe Late Bull...

    Beautiful bull!
  20. mlycrzy

    My 2020 Colorado 3rd season buck.

    Tough 3rd season for our crew as well. Way to stick with it and get it done.
  21. mlycrzy

    La Sal limited Entry Elk

    Curious as well.
  22. mlycrzy

    Wife and Daughter like to Hunt

    All great animals but that moose is amazing.
  23. mlycrzy

    Second buck of 2020

    Cool looking buck!
  24. mlycrzy

    71/711 3rd season

    My oldest boy ended up killing this 4 point on what turned out to be a tough 3rd season hunt. We had a great time and got to see some cool country. Thanks to those who offered their help/advise.
  25. 071ABD97-EAAF-4136-B002-FC2C568395E9.jpeg


  26. mlycrzy

    2020 Pauns Cactus buck

    So cool.
  27. mlycrzy

    71/711 3rd season

    My boy killed this cool 3rd season buck today. Heading to 71/711 tomorrow in hopes of seeing some rutting bucks And maybe luck into a big buck.
  28. 27EDBCF2-1F34-4FC6-A652-78B9869356C4.jpeg


  29. 73FE4CCE-22E3-4A0D-AF47-E1C357BC6C7B.jpeg


  30. mlycrzy

    Two for Two

    Thanks guys! Headed to Colorado for 3rd season in a few days. Hoping this hunt didn’t spoil them too much on expectations :)
  31. mlycrzy

    Best bull to date. Score?

    Beautiful bull!!
  32. mlycrzy

    Two for Two

    A couple of good friends approached me a few weeks ago about mentoring their CWMU tags to my boys if they didn’t find anything they wanted to fill their tags on by the last day of the hunt. Today was the last day and we were able locate and harvest the two best bucks we could find. I’ve gotta...
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  36. 549BF837-244B-4A30-B4B7-388E2B3A9432.jpeg


  37. mlycrzy

    Heavy Idaho buck, score...

    Solid buck. I’d say high 160’s
  38. mlycrzy

    71,711 3rd season deer

    My oldest boy drew 71,711 3rd season deer as a non resident. He’s been busy with HS football so he hasn't gotten to get out in the hills much. He’s pumped for this opportunity. We have some places lined out to hunt and I was told to buy him an OTC bull tag just in case as well. Just wanting to...
  39. mlycrzy

    Daughter’s 2020 Nevada Buck

    Love Nevada! Great buck.
  40. mlycrzy

    131-134 Late Mule Deer

    Wish I could help. I’ve had several buddies hunting in 13 this year and they all said it was brutally hot and dry. Deer numbers way down and very few elk spotted. Hope you get the intel you need.
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