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    2021 Party Hunt Tag Return Changes

    Agreed. This new rule was actually in their docket for the 2020 season but I guess they couldn't push it through in time.
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    Turkey Draw

    No go here but good luck to those who drew! Be sure to post up a pic or two later :)
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    Turkey Draw

    Never hunted turkey in my life but I've got a few points in the system so far. Good luck to you guys!
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    Unit 081 Rifle Deer

    Wow, fantastic harvest! Great job, guys! Awesome pictures
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    Best fletching jig

    I'm pretty happy with the Bohning Helix Tower jig. I can do 3 fletchings at a time and it sets me up with a perfect 3 degree helical which works great for my set-up. Stabilizes my heavy FOC arrows and does not affect velocity at all. Regardless of what you use, I think it's more important to...
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    6.5 Creedmoor powder combo

    I actually dialed it down from 43.0 grains. I'm at 42.6 now (where it shoots sub-moa), but I've gone two seasons with that recipe and I keep thinking I'm on borrowed time. I'll get back on the bench and try 42.0 grains.
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    Successful 2020 in Nevada

    The happy faces says it all. 7 straight! Way to grind it out! What caliber did they use?
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    6.5 Creedmoor powder combo

    You won't be disappointed. I was able to come up with a load for 140gr Bergers that crono at 2863 fps from a 22" barrel. Slightly stiff bolt lift, so it's definitely hot. But case necks are fine and primer pockets are not flattened.
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    Nevada bull elk hunt

    Man, that is awesome. Time with your son and an awesome bull. You can't put a price on that. Thanks for the pics
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    2 NV bulls down!

    That is awesome. Very inspiring. I live in NV and looking forward to drawing my first elk tag. Thanks for sharing! Awesome bulls you got there
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    Sons first duck

    Thank you for sharing! Way to git 'er done :) Can't beat a day out with your son
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    101-109 mule deer

    Thanks for sharing. 0 degrees sounds brutal. I was with my son on his hunt last year and it got down to 6 degrees. I would have died without our little buddy heater in the tent. :) Congrats on the harvest!
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    Ruger american Predator 308

    That rifle has an 18" barrel but a fairly fast twist rate. I would try Federal Gold Medal Match 168 grain rounds. I don't have that rifle, but I have a Remington 700 with the same length barrel but a slower twist rate (1:12). If I keep my shooting to 500 yards or less, it shoots sub-MOA with the...
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    NV Elk

    Congratulations on an NV bull! Alternate tag, awesome friends, great memories. That's what it's all about. Thank you for sharing :) I live in NV but have yet to draw an elk tag. I look forward to being in your shoes one day.
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    051 youth deer

    That is awesome. Thanks for sharing and congratulations to your son on his harvest!
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    6.5CM vs 300 RUM

    Believe you me, I have no explanation for it. This combination of rifle, powder, primer, case and projectile seems like voodoo magic. No signs at all. No primer cupping, the primer pocket is still tight. No bulging around the case head. The case necks are good (no cracking). To blow your mind...
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    6.5CM vs 300 RUM

    You're welcome and good luck on working up a good load recipe!
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    6.5CM vs 300 RUM

    6.5 is my go-to for muleys. I focus on bullet performance and required velocity to ensure optimal expansion. I load Berger 140gr standard hunting VLDs and according to their spec sheet, as long as the projectile makes contact at 1,800fps or more, you're good. Based on my ballistics...
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    Spot X messenger

    Our local Costco is also selling the InReach Mini. I'm really happy with mine. Don't forget to upgrade your firmware - I believe version 2.8 is the latest.
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    151-156 deer hunting

    A fine looking buck. Thank you for sharing! Congrats mevertsen - congrats to your daughter! GONHUNTIN - congrats to your girlfriend as well :)
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    Unit 22 deer this year

    No such luck this year, sir. Thank you for the post. We had an amazing time out there and glassed several large groups of does, but the bucks were elusive.
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    Jarbidge Elk 2020

    Great write-up and awesome pictures. Congratulations on the harvest! Time spent outdoors with your son is always priceless
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    Check out this stud

    Oh, the good 'ol framing stud that used to be affordable until people started to binge watch DIY videos.
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    Unit 22 deer this year

    A compromise was reached! I told her I would bang out the honey-do's before the weekend so she agreed. I then jokingly said, "What if I just bang the honey instead?" She said "YES! But you still need to build that raised garden bed you promised me last month". Fine. Few planks of 2x10 and...
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    Wal Mart removes all guns from stores

    Yep, local Wally World was devoid of guns and ammo couple of days ago. I asked the clerk what's going on and he said that the order came directly from Corporate office. I asked why and he said it was due to the civil unrest a couple thousand miles away in Philly.
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    Two for Two

    Agreed. Congratulations to you and the boys on an amazing hunt!
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    No such luck on a good shooter buck. We focused mainly on some of the older burns and glassed several large groups of does but the big bucks were just too smart for us.
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    My son's Nevada Muley. Unit 131-134

    Your first paragraph sums it up. Great job raising a fine young man who will undoubtedly take your teachings well into adulthood. I've yet to draw an elk tag anywhere, so until then, I will have to live the hunt through you and many others. lol Good luck and I hope you guys take home a monster. :)
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    Unit 22 deer this year

    We were out there this past weekend. The temp dropped quite a bit on Sunday but still no luck glassing a decent buck. The biggest challenge is convincing my wife to let us head out there again this week. I'll let my son do that - it's his tag. :D
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    My son's Nevada Muley. Unit 131-134

    7mm Rem Mag will get the job done for sure. Congrats on the harvest and more importantly, good job on ya for spending time with your son on an amazing hunt.
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    Unit 22 deer this year

    Ah, bummer. My son has a tag for Area 22 and we're heading up there soon. I guess we've got our work cut out for us. Looks like our only hope is a sudden drop in temp to force the migration.
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    Nevada Unit 115

    Density may be low right now so you'll be glassing quite a bit. Your best bet is an early winter storm that forces those deer to come out of the park and lower into BLM land towards the north of the National Park. Try and get a hold of the biologist for that area for additional intel.
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    Garmin inreach SE+Satellite communicator

    I have the Garmin inReach Mini and based on your needs, I think it may be better suited for you than the SE. All of the inReach products use the same Iridium network and you definitely have to be outside in order to sync with the satellites. With the Mini, some cover (cloud/trees) is tolerated...
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    My son drew this same tag as well. We intend to head out there early, so like Fairlane64man, if we return early, I'll let you know what we find.
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    Sticky lube on brass....

    Is that a KitchenAid dishwasher? Looks like mine! :D Try a little Lemi-Shine along with your dishwashing mix. It'll really shine up your brass (and the inside of your dishwasher) as well as minimize water spots on your dishes.
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    Help with anchor and form

    If your wingspan is 72" from the tip of one middle finger to the other, then you're really closer to 29" than 28" as far as DL. I find that a swing of 1/2" either way is enough. 1.5" plus/minus is too extreme in my humble opinion. By and large, most folks tend to anchor with their wrist just...
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    Range finder..

    One more vote for the Sig Kilo. That 'constant scan' function where it keeps ranging dynamically as long as you keep your finger on the button is quite handy. You can follow a deer with it or scan an area to determine your effective ranges.
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    Mule Deer 221-223 Late any weapon

    Congrats! I helped a buddy last year who drew that same tag. He harvested a nice 3x4. Access in general is pretty good, but some areas can get dicey when it rains. You can set up camp in the unit or stay in Ely, Pioche or Panaca. You should have no problem finding deer. Get away from the road...
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    Best guess when NV draw will post?

    Increase in tag applications? Hmm.. about 3-4 days before the application deadline, one of their biologists in the tag quota meeting said that they were down 28,000 applications from last year. Either way, good luck to you guys!
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    Chicks in my backyard

    Most hens are fairly quiet. I currently have ISA Browns in my flock and they rarely make a peep. With that said, my buddy has silkies and mentioned that they scream like someone is ripping their wings off. Silkies are nice show birds, but I'm in it for the eggs (and the quiet demeanor) :)
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