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  1. 970_lly

    CO 74

    Well, first off I’m ready for the scalding. But, my dad snagged an early rifle 74 buck tag today, and I was curious if anyone would feel like giving up any info or tips over pm or by phone. I’ve got tons of waypoints marked and glassing points marked, as well as a few areas I’ve been and seen...
  2. 970_lly

    ISO CO 69/84/85/86/691/861 antelope tag

    Looking for a buck antelope voucher, rifle season, unit wide unless it comes with a good amount of private. Units on the 69 hunt code, or I would possibly be interested in others if they are very affordable. Needing something ASAP or I’ll be buying an otc archery tag. Pm me or text 970-812-6297...
  3. 970_lly

    Colorado G12

    I ended up drawing a goat tag in G12 2nd rifle here in Colorado. I’ve been in the unit a time or two looking for deer and backpacking, but have limited experience. I’ll spend most of my weekends scouting all summer, but if anyone has any info they would be willing to share it’d be greatly...
  4. 970_lly

    Tracking Elk/Deer

    First off I have my own ideas and criteria on this subject, but I’m really curious as to what other people think. Here’s the question, if you’re on a hunt in country that’s conducive or efficient to track elk and/or deer (ie. thick PJ country, flat country, minimal water, minimal glassing, etc.)...
  5. 970_lly

    GoHunt vs. Epic Outdoors vs. ?

    Curious as to everyone’s preferences for research/info? I’m leaning towards renewing GoHunt or getting Epic but am open to others. Out of those two which are people more pleased with? I love the insider but it seems Epic has a similar program? And they also say you are welcome to call their...
  6. 970_lly

    Nebraska late muzzy

    This may be in the wrong area, not sure if it should be under “guides/outfitters” even though I don’t want a guide. None the less I am curious if anyone has any leads on property owners/ranches that offer their land to hunt in Nebraska in exchange for a trespass fee. I’m considering doing the...
  7. 970_lly

    2019 kill pics!

    We are nearing the end of 2019, let's show off your 2019 mule deer kill pics!
  8. 970_lly

    Utah general archery

    Well I'm sure I'll catch some flack for this, but I believe it?ll be a big help to me if I can get some experienced answers. I'm trying to decide what unit to apply for this year for Utah general archery. All that I am asking is a recommendation of a unit/units that have the potential to hold...
  9. 970_lly

    Montana or Kansas whitetail

    I've never hunted whitetail, and I've always wanted to kill at least one nice whitetail buck. Treestand/groundblind hunting definitely isn't my thing so I've began looking at Montana and Kansas. I'd consider Wyoming if it weren't for the fact that I've been building points and have my eyes set...
  10. 970_lly

    Western Muzzle loader advice

    It's time to pick up a muzzle loader for an upcoming hunt next year. That being said I would like to try to satisfy as many states muzzy laws as possible with this one gun. I'm looking for a lightweight muzzle loader, other than that I just need it to comply with most states laws. I live in CO...
  11. 970_lly

    Idaho OTC desert terrain

    Long story short, I only ended up with one mule deer tag this year and wasn?t able to find a bull of my liking on my elk hunt in CO. So I'm now looking at a last minute trip to Idaho. My only question is what units should I be looking at if I want to hunt more ?desert? terrain such as sage...
  12. 970_lly

    ISO swaro or ziess spotting scope

    Looking to buy an angeled Swarovski or ziess spotting scope. $2k or less, looking mainly for an ats 20-60x65, ats 20-60x80, or Gavia 30-60x85. HD or non-HD. Pm or text 970-812-6297
  13. 970_lly

    Colorado unit 67

    Hi there everyone. This is my first time posting here, although I've been lurking and reading info for a while. I'm a pretty avid mule deer hunter and this year I drew a unit 67 2nd season tag. I'm not really looking for any info on areas to hunt, I'm mainly just curious as to what type of a...
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