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  1. larrbo

    In California, no less

    Fiddleheads is an example of what all citizens in our state should be doing to fight back against government overreach. We have been herded up and caged like sheep for the past year. I'm also having a hard time understanding why teachers are refusing to go back to the company...
  2. larrbo

    What was the toughest job

    My toughest job was starting my business, I worked 80+ hours per week for 15 years a put every nickel we made back in to grow the business. I get a smile on my face when people say "business owners have it easy".
  3. larrbo

    Outdoor Life June 1942

    I used to go online a buy the issue of Outdoor Life for peoples birthday for the month and year they were born.
  4. larrbo

    Good ole days 2 Duck Stamps

    My wife bought this for me around 20 years ago. It has the federal duck stamps from 1935 to 1994 with a Harry Adamson print.
  5. larrbo

    Christian Hunters

    I can't believe how many people want to limit the ability of others to share their thoughts with others. Founder banned political posts on this site, now you want to ban someone that posted about a Christian hunting site. Next thing you know we will have anti hunting people on our site...
  6. larrbo

    Won’t lie

    What you smell is the stench of free speech that died on this site and is now rotting. Keep with the party line if you don't want to be canceled.
  7. larrbo

    Cold spell/ Power Outages

    Now Texas knows what Californian's have had to deal with on the green power problem. If we continue down this road everyone else in the country will enjoy the lack of a dependable power grid.
  8. larrbo

    Rush - RIP

    I listened to Rush's first show in 1984 on KFBK Sacramento, my first thought was this guy is really good.....boy was that an understatement. Rush was a great conservative voice that entertained us for decades. RIP Rush, you'll be missed.
  9. larrbo

    Speaking of education....

    Having a business degree i feel the degree is only one of the building blocks for a successful career. Equally important are work ethic, common sense and having a plan. Those that work their way up in companies with these building blocks are the best leaders.
  10. larrbo

    Student loan

    By the government forgiving loans it will just increase the cost to attend college. I worked full-time and graduated from college in 4 years. I choose a college that I could afford and graduated with zero debt....whats so hard about that.
  11. larrbo

    GM Going electric

    The fines are 10k per day per violation
  12. larrbo

    GM Going electric

    Here's the problem with government mandates, the politicians and bureaucrats don't understand or care if 5he technology exists to meet their decrees. I live in Kalifornia and own a food distribution business. Several years ago the California Air Resources Board mandated that we had 5 years to...
  13. larrbo

    GM Going electric

    California can't even keep the lights on now....yep, that will work.
  14. larrbo

    Bear hunting ban proposed in Kalifornia

    Its sad to say that we are rapidly losing many of our rights in this country and bear hunting is now added to the list. These politicians are emboldened and don't care what we think and many of those in office that should be standing up and speaking out are hiding under their desks,
  15. larrbo

    Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge vs Toyota vs Others

    Just got my new 2021 Chevy Silverado High Country last week.
  16. larrbo


    I took a double take when I saw who started this thread, but then I saw it was from 2010. Sage always told me how he did in the latest poker game. Sure miss him.
  17. larrbo

    Ever been totally lost and still denied it?

    I was on a elk hunt in Western Wyoming around 30 years ago with a couple of buddies. We hired a guy to drop us into the wilderness around 8 miles off of the nearest road. We also rented 3 horses from him to hunt off of, and when we were finished hunting we were to tarp our camp up and ride out...
  18. larrbo

    Another 1.9 Trillion?

    Any Covid relief should be targeted to businesses and people that have been financially hurt in the shutdown, not shotguned out to everyone.
  19. larrbo

    Getting the Vaccine

    I registered my business yesterday for the vaccine because we are the next in line. We have been lucky to only have 5 covid cases out of 75 employees. We have never shutdown being in the food distribution and logistics business. I'm looking forward to getting the shot.
  20. larrbo

    FB and Twitter got dumped

    I guess Tim Cook from Apple has evolved on riots and violence. Last summer he supported the protesters and rioters that were burning our cities down. Today he came out and denounced the protesters that breached the capital last week and said everyone involved should be prosecuted. Glad to see...
  21. larrbo

    FB and Twitter got dumped

    Spell check, ugh
  22. larrbo

    FB and Twitter got dumped

    I think this whole situation with Big Tech is larger than what has happened this week. Other larger companies are getting involved in canceling those they disapprove off. One of those is Mastercard that stated they won't contribute to any candidate that supported questioning the election...
  23. larrbo

    Deleted social media

    I deleted my Facebook page today because of the recent actions of Big Tech. I didn't have a Twitter account but I do have a Parlor account that has been shutdown. Google is a little more difficult because they control much of the internet. Isn't it great to live in a country where we have so...
  24. larrbo

    Tech censor

    Looks like our political leaders are doing more to consolidate their power than to serve we the people.
  25. larrbo

    Tech censor

    You need to reread what wrote. I was saying that the left that is supporting Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Google to remove who they want on their platforms are the same people that supported suing the nuns and baker.
  26. larrbo

    Tech censor

    RELH, yes I am. If you notice Twitter hasn't taken down the Supreme Leader of Iran who is calling for death to America and Israel. I also haven't heard much about Antifa or leftist groups taken down after the riots from last year. Its pretty obvious whats going on.
  27. larrbo

    Tech censor

    Founder, you state that these tech companies are private and have the right to choose who can use their platforms. It also looks as if the left in our country supports their right remove those disagree with. It kind of funny that the left took the baker (private company) to court because they...
  28. larrbo

    Tech censor

    Most people under the age of 30 get their news and prospective on social media sites. The danger is when Google, Facebook, Twitter t
  29. larrbo

    Tech censor

    I'm all about freedom of thought and speech in our country even if I don't agree with someone. We have seen our freedoms eroded over the last several years with 2020 leading the way in limiting what we are allowed to do because of covid. The powerful have been emboldened in their control of...
  30. larrbo

    Freedom lost

    People get their news and information from App's and websites now a days unlike the good old days. This will basically eliminate Parlor from being used. I would imagine most of the Tech guys are anti hunting, maybe Monster Muleys will be next and we'll see how you like that.
  31. larrbo

    Freedom lost

    We all lost more freedom this evening. Google removed Parlor from their play store and that will remove the App. Someone from Parlor was on Tucker Carlson 5onight and said that Apple may follow suit. This country is becoming a banana republic.
  32. larrbo

    What you spending your $600 on?

    Think about it, when was the last time the politicians paid down the national debt one nickel? We are at a place in our country where the government wants total control over our health care, personal income and whether we can go to work, church or out to dinner. The Pol's have enjoyed there...
  33. larrbo

    What you spending your $600 on?

    This money should be targeted to businesses and employees that have been restricted or shutdown by the government. It doesn't make much sense to give this money to people that haven't missed a pay check. Welcome to socialism.
  34. larrbo

    New Years Resolutions

    Hopefully get back to a normal life.
  35. larrbo

    Was Monster Muleys Saved Today?

    I think Founder should bring the political forum back and allow members ţo voice their opinions. Because liberals can't argue policy or facts they call those they disagree with names or censor them if they have that power. Because MM members are overwhelming conservatives Founder couldn't win...
  36. larrbo


    Welcome to the world of the thought Police....don't get canceled.
  37. larrbo

    Poll: Christmas Tree Hunting

    Haven't cut a tree for a while but we decided to cut a tree for our cabin this year. Headed up to the high country a found a nice silver tip.
  38. larrbo

    Climate change.

    Together, when you don't have a good argument you call people that you disagree with "halfwits". Have another glass of your cool aid.
  39. larrbo

    Climate change.

    It was way warmer in the 1970's than it is today. In northern California in the 70's we would have 30 plus days in a row of 100 to 115 degree weather. And all the talk of droughts now a days, go back and look at 1976 to 1978. Weather patterns continue to change as they have for thousands of...
  40. larrbo

    My apologies

    As a native of the People's Republic of Kalifornia there's not much that happens politically or buerocratillly that I agree with. All of you in the other states need to wake up because we are close as a country to becoming like my home state. We need to continue standing up against this far...
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