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  1. Deepcolor

    WTB Browning 22 Hornet

    How does this keep happening?
  2. Deepcolor

    Reloading Supplies.

    Wanting to clean out a few items to make room. 200 pieces of Winchester brass 204 Ruger $60 per bag. 100 pieces of Remington brass 204 Ruger $60 per bag. 100 pieces of Winchester brass 25-35. $50 per bag. Approximately 1800 .20 Vmax bullets in 40 grain. $720 1000 rounds of HSM 38 Special...
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    Spring Time Hunting Fun ... Photo Contest

    Little spring time fun.
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    SOLD Weatherby 6.5 PRC

    Back to the top.
  7. Deepcolor

    .338 Win mag brass and .41 Magnum Brass Needed

    How much 41 brass do you need?
  8. Deepcolor

    SOLD Weatherby 6.5 PRC

  9. Deepcolor

    For Sale RL 26 and RL 33

    Willing to trade 1000 mag primers for the 26?
  10. Deepcolor

    SOLD Weatherby 6.5 PRC

    PM sent
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    For Trade H1000 for RL26

    We are close to one another, I sent a PM.
  12. Deepcolor

    For Trade H1000 for RL26

    Where are you located?
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    SOLD Weatherby 6.5 PRC

    I will be coming through Vegas the last week in July.
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    SOLD Weatherby 6.5 PRC

  15. Deepcolor

    SOLD Weatherby 6.5 PRC

    Up for grabs in a Weatherby Vanguard High Country model in 6.5 PRC. Rifle has 50 rounds fired during break in and load development. Recoil lug has been bedded with some minor stock work( shrunk groups in half). Currently shooting a 150 SMK at 3000 FPS which is under MOA. Load and dope chart is...
  16. Deepcolor

    Anyone shoot a 6.5-06 or 6mm-06???

    You want to sell any of those Elite Hunters?
  17. Deepcolor

    Relocating Cougars ... Will it work?

    *their beat ya Homer.
  18. Deepcolor

    Relocating Cougars ... Will it work?

    I am quite rural so very few neighbors and no cougars, there is however the occasional mountain lion roaming around. 🤷‍♂️
  19. Deepcolor

    Relocating Cougars ... Will it work?

    I was hoping for something different when I read the title.
  20. Deepcolor

    Trade or Barter- Cases, Bullets,Powder and Primers

    I have a pound of 4895, looking for 6.5 Berger elite hunter 140 grain. SE Idaho.
  21. Deepcolor

    The cutting edge of culture

    Here are a couple made by Brad Watkins out of Dillon MT. Skinner belongs to a friend that helped us out on a mule deer last year and the little drop point is the knife I bought from Brad in November.
  22. Deepcolor

    What do they want?

    You have hit a person with bear spray? Please elaborate, I have often wondered how that would go.
  23. Deepcolor

    Wanted Hornady 7MM 162 eldx reloading bullets

    I have 2 boxes of ELDMs.
  24. Deepcolor

    .223 reloads

    I used 10X in my 204.
  25. Deepcolor

    .223 reloads

    I shoot a 40 grain V max and 322, pretty sure it is 26 grains.
  26. Deepcolor

    Grand Slam award

    Do you recreate the persons rams as close as possible or are they a generic representation? Either way that is insane how much talent some people have.
  27. Deepcolor

    How many days are you gonna get in 2021?

    45 ish days between big game and upland bird hunting, and every weekend through winter either ice fishing or chasing cy dogs when we get enough snow. Can’t wait for the day I don’t have to work anymore.
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    SW in Pocatello had a few things on the shelf today. Good supply of pistol primers, a little bit of rifle ammo ( plenty of 6.8 Western) and a fresh batch of powder. I was checking out and the guy behind me set 2 lbs. of powder on the counter. He said the employee had just set it out.
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    Pack Goats - Anyone else used them?

    Founder, check out Marc Warnke on FB. He has a ton of info about goats and what they can do for you in the mountains. I am a llama guy and they have served us pretty well the last few years.
  30. Deepcolor

    10 PP mule deer Wyoming What the options

    Then just go G and hunt your ass off. I always scratch my head on this type of subject of a guy sitting on a pile of points and having no plan setup. 10 years of building points and I don’t know where to go hunting.
  31. Deepcolor

    Kenetrek vs Scarpa

    You like wet feet?
  32. Deepcolor


    Maybe draw pictures for some that still don’t get it?
  33. Deepcolor

    Christian Hunters

    Billy Molls is a stud! The Limitless guys put out some good videos also, a little heavy on preaching sometimes but still good hunting content.
  34. Deepcolor

    Old Reloading Stock

    Wondering if anybody else is digging into the old stuff and considering a new recipe. Let’s see what you have stored away that could still be used.
  35. Deepcolor

    For Sale Vortex Viper HS-T 6x24x50

    I paid $520 for the same scope 9 months ago. Is there a scope shortage also?
  36. Deepcolor


    I have a partial box of Partitions if you are interested.
  37. Deepcolor

    SOLD Berger 30 Cal 210g VLD Hunting

    Tell me a story about the buck in your avatar.
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