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    NV 051 Landowner tag available

    Helping rancher sell tag. 1 tag available Mule Deer Tag, can use in all seasons in 051 Archery, Muzzle, Rifle Cost $5,000 Contact. 707-974-6384
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    Nor Cal Pig Down

    Actually it was a friends dog, he actually uses the dog as a decoy for Coyotes, we have a Coyete problem on this particular ranch. The yotes killed 5 calves last spring. So he has been helping to level the playing field
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    Nor Cal Pig Down

    The boys that work for our ranch make carnitas out of them, they are better than any domestic pork meat I have ever had. The best ones are usually around 100-200lbs, over 200 lbs, the meat gets a little tougher.
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    Nor Cal Pig Down

    Boar, weighed about 275lbs
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    Nor Cal Pig Down

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    For Sale 6.5 Creedmore Christensen Arms

    I gave my brother your info Thanks
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    For Sale 6.5 Creedmore Christensen Arms

    Is gun still available By brother is looking for a gun for his boy Can you send a number to talk about details
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    Unit 051

    Going back to Nevada later this week into unit 051, wondering if anyone has any information on the Osgood Mtns (Owhyee Desert). Been on the perimeter but never inside, really like the look of the area. Any information appreciated!!!! Thanks
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    Late Snatch!!

    Nice Bulls That 2nd Video of lone bull is awesome!!!
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    Nevada 051 lLandowner Tags

    Looking for 3 Nevada 051 Mule Deer land owner tags. Any help appreciated Thanks
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    Really well, read down on Nevada, Posted pix and ?Nevada Mule Deer Fun?
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    Nevada Mule Deer Fun

    051, north of Winnemucca
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    Nevada Mule Deer Fun
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    Nevada Mule Deer Fun

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-11-18 AT 04:43PM (MST)[p]My brother and I got these bucks in the same canyon 3 hours apart, approximately 800 yards from one another. Spent all day on the mountain hiking and stalking to within 500 yards. It was the 5th day of not really seeing many shooters. Got some...
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    Sorry Bullskin!
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    Lol, nice, roofing nails!!!! Thanks for info Buckskin, will definitely get off the beaten path!
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    My Dad and I were fortunate enough to draw 051, we are just finishing up with harvest (which started In early August) Have not had any time to do any scouting, hunted there 3 years ago, beautiful country. We leave next Sunday, not looking for honey holes, just a general area to focus on hiking...
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    2018 N.R. Guided Antlered Mule Deer Hunt

    Our group (myself, brother, and Dad) were lucky enough to draw 051, with 3 points. Not a great zone for big bucks, but will be a really fun hunt!! Absolutely love the area, great guides coming with us, will be a fun week!!
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    Nevada LO Deer Tags

    Looking for 3 LO Mule Deer tags for 051 or 031. Thanks
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    #1 buck I chased on the Henry Mt.

    Absolutely awesome buck!!!
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    Big Buck Down! My Widest Buck Ever!

    That's an awesome buck, love the width, got to admire your patience for waiting that one out!!! Good video!
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    Another Nevada Landowner Tag

    Will be looking for Nevada 051 tags for 2018, if you come across some let me know. Thanks 707-974-6384
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    Unit 031 Help

    Was unable to draw 051 this year, however was able to purchase LandownerMule Deer tag for 031, have never hunted or scouted this area, any help would be appreciated. Love to hike and have good glass and 4 wheelers, will be going last week of October till Nov 5th, (close of season). Most likely...
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