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  1. dwalton

    Colorado's weighted point fee for sheep?

    What's the consensus on the $100 preference point/weighted point for sheep in Colorado? I'm sitting at 3 pref and 18 weighted points. Can't see how purchasing another weighted point will help me much in the nonresident draw. Any thoughts?
  2. dwalton

    Alternate tag 065 deer.

    Received an email from NDOW, stating that I have been selected for this tag. To say I'm surprised is an understatement. Lived in the Elko area for 18 years, so I'm familiar with 065. Have there been any big fires out there this year?
  3. dwalton

    Wy G&F website..WTF?

    I wonder how much money was wasted on creating this? Who thought making a toolbar that covers 40% of the page was a good idea?
  4. dwalton

    2014: What a year!!

    I've always wondered what too many tags would look like, and this year I got to experience it. I'm fairly certain I won't be able to repeat the hunting season my family had in 2014. First up was my daughter"s bison on Aug 15th. This hunt lasted less than an hour: Next up was my...
  5. dwalton

    My daughter's amazing year! (pics)

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-27-14 AT 11:37AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-27-14 AT 11:34?AM (MST) Like any story, it begins when the results of the draws are posted. My daughter was lucky enough to get a bison, elk and antelope in Wyoming for 2014. The bison hunt was first, with her drawing the Aug 15th...
  6. dwalton

    Wyoming Moose

    After a week of hunting (My plan A bull got whacked by someone else), a couple of friends located this old guy for me. A plan was put together to push the small pocket of quakies where my bull, three other bulls, and a cow had bedded in. The drive worked perfectly, and I was able to connect...
  7. dwalton

    Nevada ewe hunts

    Anyone have information regarding this new hunt? What specie, Cali or desert? Will there be any non-resident permits? I've called a couple of NDOW offices, and the people I talked to weren't quite sure of the specifics.
  8. dwalton

    Returning a tag

    Is there a deadline for returning a tag? I have a 067-068 antelope any weapon that I may not have the time to do.
  9. dwalton

    0085 is dead

    Just got a call from my Representative. The Resident Pref Points bill got voted down 31-27. They want to do an interim study later this year.
  10. dwalton

    Hicks' response to SF0155

    Here's the reply I received: "Thank you for voicing your concerns. I appreciate the time you have taken to contact me and I will take your concerns into consideration on this bill. I am including some experts on this issue that are better capable of answering any of your technical question or...
  11. dwalton

    Kids and antelope 2012

    Like I've said before, kids and antelope hunting go together like peas and carrots. Had 2 great hunts this past week. The first was with my 13 yr old daughter this past Wednesday. With her first buck tag in hand we set out to find her a decent one. We made a great stalk, and she connected on...
  12. dwalton

    Ewe tag: who applied?

    I applied. Thought it would be kind of cool to whack a ewe.
  13. dwalton

    Antelope and kids II

    Goforbroke's post got me thinking how special Wyoming antelope hunting is. This past Sunday I was able to take two of my kids out to look for some doe antelope. This was my 12 yr old daughter's first big-game animal. Quite a proud moment for both her and me! This was my 15 yr old's...
  14. dwalton

    Got my Wyoming bull.

    I had a quick hunt, finding this bull about an hour into the opening morning. A short stalk and one shot later, I had my largest bull elk to date.
  15. dwalton

    Area 31 elk!

    Got lucky and drew a bull tag! My son had the same tag last year.
  16. dwalton

    Wyoming area 31!

    Looks like I'll be heading down there again this fall! My son had the tag last year.
  17. dwalton

    A 16yr old's Wyo Moose

    Two days after my Colorado deer hunt, a friend of mine called me to see if I can help with his son's moose hunt. They hadn't been successful in locating a good bull, and his son had missed a couple of little bulls. The morning we headed out, the weather had turned cold, and there was quite a...
  18. dwalton

    Hey Kilowatt

    Kilo, Please send me a PM with your e-mail address. I have some pictures for you to post. Thanks!
  19. dwalton

    102-1 Wyo Deer!

    My son got this permit in addition to his 31-1 elk. It's going to be a great fall!
  20. dwalton

    WY area 31-1!

    My 14 year old drew this on his first try as a resident. We hunted cows there last year, and saw an amazing number of bulls. Can't wait to share this experience with my son!
  21. dwalton

    Awfully quiet after Wyo draw

    It sure seems that MM members didn't fare well this year. Usually there are a bunch of guys who got lucky with a moose or sheep tag. I thought my wife a was sure deal with her points, but it seems every year she misses it by just a wee bit. Best of luck to all with those coveted tags!
  22. dwalton

    Will 10 non-ressy points be enough....

    to draw a 2nd season 21 deer tag this year? I hope it will be because I applied yesterday. Best of luck to all in the draws!
  23. dwalton

    WY Moose: where did you apply?

    Now that the application period is over, where did everyone apply? Put the wife in for area 27, resident, with 9 points. Last year this was 100% draw with 9, 20% with 8. Hope she draws! Best of luck to all that applied!
  24. dwalton

    Full Curl Social

    Does one have to pre-register for this, or can one sign up for it on Saturday at the Expo?
  25. dwalton

    My $27 binocs are nice.

    Stopped by the Lehi Cabela's today. I bought the Cabela's Euro 10x42. Total cost was 747. I had $570 in Cabela's points to spend. I got my promo gift card activated for $150, so my binos basically ended up costing me $27. Very nice optics for the price!
  26. dwalton

    Wyo Sheep & Moose Results

    Results are posted. Click on turkey draw results, type in your draw info, and the results pop up. No love in Wyoming for my wife. I thought she was a shoe-in for the area we picked. Damn point creep! A friend snagged a resident area 5 sheep tag, though.
  27. dwalton

    Wy moose apps & economy?

    According the the G&F, elk applications were down 14% from last year. I'm thinking the moose applications will show a larger decrease, as people will wait and pay the $75 for points only. I applied my wife in an area that has been 100% draw the last 4 years for a non-ressy with 8 points. She...
  28. dwalton

    Wyoming Results 2/20

    The Wyo G&F states that the results for the non-ressy elk draw will be posted tomorrow at 8am. Best of luck to all!
  29. dwalton

    Fishlake or Stansbury?

    Which would be the better hunt; Fishlake muzzy or Stansbury late? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  30. dwalton

    Last year's ram: he won!

    Just found out that my ram from last year won first place in the Wyoming Guides and Outfitter's Association 2007 big game awards. Another cool thing is the first place animal is called the Courtney Feeley memorial award. Best of luck to all that have sheep hunts this fall!
  31. dwalton

    Wyoming Relocation

    After being away for 18 1/2 years, it looks like my wife and I may be moving back to WYO. Some things that sound good are: Cowboy football games, deer and elk hunting every year, and summer camping in thw Wyoming Range. I'll have to wait a year for the deer and elk hunting, but my son and I...
  32. dwalton

    Wyo moose and sheep results

    Just checked. The results are there. The big UN for my wife on moose.
  33. dwalton

    Montana Ewe Tag

    Seriously thinking about using my 7 points to try to get a ewe tag. I know Ramdreamer has hunted a Montana ewe, and have chatted with him about the hunt. Was wondering if anyone had any more input (areas, ideas, etc.) to help me in my decision?
  34. dwalton

    Slam # 1393

    Hello all, Found out today that I'm now oficially Grand Slam #1393. Still find it hard to believe. Hope everyone has a great fall hunting season.
  35. dwalton

    Wyoming Sheep Success!!

    Hello all. Just got out from the hills. I killed a dink on opening day.....Of course, I'm kidding. The Hunting Gods definitely smiled me. Justin and Cody found a a bruiser of a ram as we were setting up back pack camp on Aug 31. We watched him until dark, hoping he'd be there opening...
  36. dwalton

    Wyoming Sheep....leaving tomorrow

    Well, guys, tomorrow I start the journey that I hope will complete my Grand Slam. My outfitter and I will ride the mules 10 hours into main camp on Thursday. On Friday, we'll load up the backpacks and head out in search of a ram. Will send photos to Kilowatt to post when I get home. Best of...
  37. dwalton

    MM members and sheep tags

    Looks like a bunch of Monstermuley members have drawn some really great sheep permits through-out the West in 2007. Some of us will be trying to finish our Slams, while others will be going for the first time. Best of luck to all!! Hopefully more of us will score in the remaining draws. It's...
  38. dwalton

    NV 076,077,079,081 early

    Wife drew the tag. Anyone care to share any info? Live in Spring Creek, so scouting should take up a good portion of the summer. Thanks for any help!
  39. dwalton

    Wyoming Sheep..what did you do?

    The application period has ended. What did everyone apply for, and with how many points? Myself: Area 8,23 with 11 points. Best of luck to all that applied.
  40. dwalton

    Wyoming today????

    Think the G&F will be nice, and post the results a bit early? Best of luck to all that applied!
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