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  1. mozey


    Lots of gear in this tent, but doesn't look like anyone has been around for months.
  2. mozey

    Did someone actually mistake a bighorn

    for a barbary?
  3. mozey

    More good news:

    Staking out a dead head for four months: pretty awesome.
  4. mozey

    If anyone has a Tikka 30-06 they're interested in

    selling, please send me a PM. Rifle only--don't need a scope. I messed up while divvying up my father's estate, and hope to be able to make amends with one of my nephews... Thank you.
  5. mozey

    Who's killed a Barbary in high winds?

    I've got one--a 22" ram that I walked right up to, startled us both and didn't end well for him. Other than him I can count the barbarys I've seen when it gets really windy on less than one hand. I'm looking at the forecast for this weekend and wondering if I should change up my game plan...
  6. mozey

    Stallion Range camping

    Can someone tell me how close the camping area is to the gate? I'm helping a friend next week and we're try to decide whether we want to camp there or go someplace else.
  7. mozey

    At what point to trailcams become litter?

    I think this might be a sensitive subject, but I know of a couple (saw them both again today), about four and five miles from the nearest road, that based on the spider webs, etc., I don't believe anyone has visited them for a couple years. Are there really slob hunters that go to the trouble...
  8. mozey


    Does outstanding work.
  9. mozey

    Need some advice on Unit 53 cow elk

    I'm going to be helping a couple huntresses on their cow elk hunt in 53 in a couple weeks. One is my former employee on her first hunt ever of any kind, and the other is a close friend who is 1 for 1 on her only cow elk hunt. I don't know 53 very well, so I drove several areas of it today...
  10. mozey

    Canada moose in BC.

    it was an epic adventure. Dease Lake float plane to where our guides were waiting with horses to go another four hours into the bush. Lesson learned: next time I'll take some horse riding lessons before I try something like that again. It was a 10-day hunt, but I shot mine on day 4, then my...
  11. mozey

    Just got back from two weeks in the BC wilderness.

    Did I miss anything? :-)
  12. mozey

    Dall or Stone first?

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-12-17 AT 08:19AM (MST)[p]I realize I'm addressing a very select group here, but I'm looking for advice on which of these two sheep should be attempted first. Is either of the two generally more physically demanding than the other? My thought is that if I go for a slam, at...
  13. mozey

    Accubond or LRX BT for Canada moose?

    This is a little bit of a continuation of my previous question: In a few weeks I'll be headed to BC for a Canada moose hunt. I'm taking my 300WSM. I've experimented with several loads and narrowed it down to two: 180-gr Accubond or...
  14. mozey

    NM Desert Bighorn

    Not the record bighorn that everyone wants to see, but I was very blessed to be able to take a gorgeous desert ram: I've never ever considered going for the grand slam, but now that I've got this one I'm going to have to seriously consider actually going for it. Maybe doable if I put off...
  15. mozey

    Fra Cristobal Desert Bighorn starts this Friday

    As one of you already texted me: yes, I'm having trouble sleeping. Got my 300 WSM dialed in with 150-grain TTSX bullets at just under 3,200 FPS, point-blank to 310 yards. Forecast is for low 90s (gotta find something to complain about). ;-)
  16. mozey

    Fire in the Jemez...

    Evacuating homes. Looks like it's going to be a bad one...
  17. mozey

    Won the lottery--what caliber?

    The NM lottery gods smiled on me this year and I drew a OIL desert bighorn on the Armendaris Ranch. I'm trying to decide which of my rifles (25-06, 7mmRemMag, or 300 WSM), I should go with (I shoot them all reasonably well out to 500 yards). Or should I use this hunt as justification to get a...
  18. mozey

    Sausage recipe for deer?

    My boss just gave me about a 10-pound chunk of deboned frozen whitetail (he goes to Nebraska every year). I still need to thaw it out to see what it actually is (he can't remember), but I'm already thinking sausage will be the way to go. I was disappointed the last time I tried to make...
  19. mozey

    Banned lead

    So I've been reading and rereading President Obama's last EO swipe at us bitter clingers, and I'm still not sure whether or not I'll need to re-sight my 300 WSM with some non-lead bullets for this upcoming NF/BLM barbary hunt. Assuming Trump does not nix it before then, is there anyone out...
  20. mozey

    2012 or 2013 draw odds reports

    I'm doing some research for an MBA project. If anyone out there still happens to have a copy of either of these reports, I'd be most indebted if you'd be willing to send me a copy. Thanks in advance. My research partner actually sent a direct request to NMDGF and for some reason they want...
  21. mozey

    Landowner tags?

    First year in forever that I didn't draw either a deer or an elk tag. I hate to sound so ignorant about such things, but where do guys find a list of cow elk landowner tags for sell? Could be up to four of us interested. Much thanks.
  22. mozey

    First-timers & wolves

    I took a couple first-time deer hunters out with me this past week to an area in 16 where I've seen decent numbers of deer the past several years. I was talking up this hunt quite a bit last year when I had them both attach to my application. But when I started scouting the area this past...
  23. mozey

    Unit Flyover

    Not saying I'm going to do this as over the years I have developed a justified fear of flying (lost a close friend and had three separate near misses myself), but is there someone out there that you guys would recommend to do a unit flyover? Based on my summer schedule, there is no chance that...
  24. mozey

    thunder chicken...literally

    It's no secret that I'm the world's worst turkey hunter. The five days that I've spent turkey hunting this year have been one gobbler after another fleeing my turkey calls. I've often heard fellow hunters refer to these sinister fowl as "thunder chickens" but it never occurred to me that it...
  25. mozey

    115 yards from the truck

    Had the privilege of helping one of my employees on his first barbary sheep hunt. He and his buddy and been working Unit 30 since Monday without seeing any. After driving down from Rio Rancho half the night I met up with them in their camp at about 12:30 yesterday afternoon. I got a sense...
  26. mozey

    Same deer?

    Earlier this year I ran across these guys: Hoped to see them on yesterday's opener. With a new job, I was only going to get one day's shot at them. The sun was setting when this deer stepped out into an opening...
  27. mozey

    On- and Off-Range Success

    Had a great October thus far. First, got to help my buddy with his OIL Rhodes Canyon hunt. We were hiking down into a draw when I spotted a couple oryx sneaking out of the same draw below us at about 800 yards. As I was trying to keep an eye on those two to see where they bedded, my buddy...
  28. mozey

    which one..

    would you shoot? I have this tag rifle tag in November. Both are bigger than any muley I've ever shot, and if I see either without out the other, I won't hesitate to pull the trigger. But if I see them both at the same time, I've got a dilemma. I think I'd go for the tall narrow one, because...
  29. mozey

    2103 McGreggor Oryx is home

    LAST EDITED ON May-30-14 AT 09:37PM (MST)[p]Words can't express how happy I am to have it back. Temporary spot for now--hoping to get a pedestal so that I can keep in my office. I specifically requested a mount that could be either wall or pedestal. Must be getting dyslexic: Make that "2013...
  30. mozey

    Kudos to NMDGF for getting the results out early.

    I could get used to that every year...
  31. mozey

    McGregor Oryx

    Sometimes good things happen in spite of ourselves. This all starts about five years ago on my Rhodes Canyon OIL, when I shot an oryx at about 20 yards as the sun was going down the first evening. I knew immediately that I'd hit it a little too far back, and it ran a couple hundred yards into...
  32. mozey

    McG Oryx

    It was a hard and often very frustrating hunt, but it ended well. I may have pulled the trigger, but most of the credit goes to Jim from Compass West--the guy operates on a whole nuther level than us weekend warriors. Much thanks to him. When I get a chance I'll write the story. L = 39"...
  33. mozey

    I don't get it...

  34. mozey

    Bear is finally coming home...

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-17-12 AT 02:22PM (MST)[p]I remember his neck being quite a bit thicker, but otherwise I'm very pleased with how he turned out.
  35. mozey

    Improving the gene pool...

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-31-12 AT 05:25PM (MST)[p]...was not my intention. First saw him at about 250 yards running directly away from me. From behind he looked bigger than anything that I had seen thus far and he was just about to disappear over the hill. Made a snap judgement and the 7mm reached...
  36. mozey

    Recoil tolerant scope?

    Don't know if this has been beat to death or not, but I'm looking for scope suggestions for my Tikka T3 Lite 300 WSM. Originally topped with a Sightron Big Sky 3.5X10X42, it used to shoot like a dream, but as the years have gone on the groups first started getting larger and now they're totally...
  37. mozey

    16.5-inch NM Speedgoat...

    ...16.5 inches wide--that is; horns are 13 inches: Tough conditions with the wind yesterday, but we ended up three for three. Despite what else I've read on this board, our assigned ranch in 56 was very good to us. 2012 is off to a good start. Next up, archery elk.
  38. mozey

    horse meat? Even though I've spent a good part of my life in those countries that eat it, I've never had it myself. But I actually wouldn't mind seeing the 2b herd thinned a little...
  39. mozey

    Got lucky in NM

    I don't claim to know what I'm doing when it comes to bear hunting. I buy an OTC bear tag every year in NM just because I used to get lots of bear pictures from my trailcam before the Las Conchas fire destroyed it. And every year, I spend so much time in the field scouting/hunting for deer...
  40. mozey

    Got lucky

    Zone 1 bear taken at 5:50 this evening...
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