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  1. sb2017

    Dad's Elk Success

    We just got back from an unforgettable hunt! After 22 years my dad finally pulled an elk tag in NM. Him and my mom went down a week before season started to scout around and learn the area. I drove down and got there Friday afternoon, the night before season. I made it out for an evening glass...
  2. sb2017

    Unit 29 Access

    I'm from Los Angeles... first time hunter. Bought a tag off the leftover list... won't have time to scout and won't be able to make it there until mid season. Would anyone be willing to tell me where the biggest buck in the unit hangs out? Best place to drive to for a shot? I have tickets to...
  3. sb2017

    2019 Buck Mount

    Got my buck back from the taxidermist last week. Really thrilled about how it turned out.
  4. sb2017

    Muley Success

    This was a hunt that I have been looking forward to for years and years. I finally drew this year and put a lot of work in and was able to get this guy on 2nd to last day. I went into the season with high hopes due to the early snow and cold temperatures... but a switch flipped 2 days into the...
  5. sb2017

    Shiras Moose Video

    Had a pretty cool encounter with this guy over the weekend. He had no idea I was there and just moseyed around the meadow for a while. I'm interested to hear opinions on his size? He looks like a decent bull to me but I'm not the best judge.
  6. sb2017

    Region 7 Antelope

    I posted back in August asking about public land info in Region 7. I drew the R7 rifle antelope tag this year. I have done quite a bit of research and made a plan for the hunt that I'm pretty excited about, but at the end of the day the sheer size of Region 7 is pretty daunting. I'm reaching...
  7. sb2017

    Montana Region 7

    I have a question that might be stupid but this forum seems like my best bet at getting it cleared up. Thank you in advance for any info. I drew a tag in R7 so my first step was to pull it up on maps. I quickly found the Montanta Sportsmen's Atlas and it seems like a great resource. My...
  8. sb2017

    2018 Antelope Posted this in the Taxidermy thread but thought people might enjoy the story too. I drew this tag last year and made it up to WY for a week towards the end of the season. I had dreams of staying two weeks or more but work and...
  9. sb2017

    2018 Antelope

    Got my antelope back from the taxidermist last week. He is my first one. I seem to like him more and more each time I look at him. I'm by no means an antelope expert but his width seems rare. I know width doesn't count towards score, but I could care less about that. Everyday reminder of time...
  10. sb2017

    Sheep Mount

    I'm more of an observer on the site and love reading the stories & seeing the photos, but I picked up my 2017 ram from the taxidermist a few weeks ago (long wait but well worth it) and thought people might like to see it. Very happy with the quality of the animal and the taxidermy. He won't...
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