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    For Sale Large Rifle Primers

    I have some large rifle primers. 1,000 brick of Winchester Large Rifle Primers and 500 CCI 200 Large Rifle Primers. Pick up only. I live in the Powell/Cody area. However, I will be in Billings, Montana on Saturday March 27, 2021. I want $ 300.00. Would consider partial trade for Hodgdon 4831 SC...
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    Wolf Information from Idaho I read this article about wolf management and mortality from the adjoining State of Idaho. Although, I am not convinced that Idaho is a state to emulate when it comes to fish and game...
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    New Cody Regional Office,28122 Saw this in the Powell Tribune.
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    Tundra or Silverado

    I sold my 2007 Tundra. In the past, I have had that Tundra for 13 years and prior to that it was Chevrolet Silverado. I am looking for a used Tundra or Silverado in the 2015 to 2018 range. Crew Cab or perhaps a Double Cab. I need it to hunt in and to pull my toy hauler in the summer. Any input...
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    MH Mule Deer Hunting 2020

    I started mule deer hunting on September 15 on the Greys River. A friend traded me info in that area. I am letting him and his entourage stay in my bunkhouse for his 54-1 elk tag. Based on the info he provided, I may or may not turn the water or heat on in that bunkhouse. That about tells the...
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    Hornady ELDX

    A couple of weeks ago, I shot a 3 year old muley buck here in Wyoming. I was shooting my Sako 85 in .300 Winchester Magnum with a 178 grain Hornady ELDX bullet being pushed by 72 grains of H4831SC. While quartering the buck, I discovered a 33 grain portion of the bullet in the opposite shoulder...
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    G&F Not Guilty Verdict Cody This is an interesting read. It demonstrates how difficult it can be to obtain a guilty verdict in a game and fish violations where the defendants do not plead the case out. This case was tried over many...
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    Sunlight Creek Boondoggle I have watched this project for the last few years. The original cost was supposed to be less than a million dollars. I was told this was originally funded by a grant. Now it would appear that the G&F...
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    Grizzly Bear Attack in NW Wyoming

    A shed hunter was attacked in the Sunlight Basin (East Painter) today by a grizzly bear. He has been airlifted to the hospital in Billings. I will provide a link when I have the time. Right now, the USFW is in charge of the grizzly bears in Wyoming and not the G&F. I hope the local man survives...
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    Moose Sheds

    No, there are no moose shed pics in this post. I have found a lot of whitetail, mule and elk sheds over the years in Wyoming. I have even found some deadhead rams while wandering around. My usual technique involves finding them when I am not looking for them. When I lived in North Idaho, I found...
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    Glock 22 c .40

    Glock 22C in .40 with one clip. I am located in NW Wyoming. If interested send me a PM. mh
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    I was out with a friend the other day doing some target shooting. He was shooting a recently purchased Keltec .22 SA pistol that holds 33 rounds. He told me that the first one he had purchased had a cracked frame and he returned it. The one he had just acquired was shooting all over the place...
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    Hunter Opportunity or Deception?

    I have been a hunter for a very long time. It was always my belief that when hunting that my tag did not guarantee me an animal to harvest but only an opportunity. I have been told this by various G&F employees especially in the last few years. By way of background, I have hunted Wyoming...
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    Mystery Ranch Metcalf W/ Quick Draw Rifle Sling

    I purchased this new from Black Ovis in 2018. This includes the Mystery Ranch Quick Draw Rifle Sling. The color is coyote. I have hauled a mountain goat and a mule deer with this pack since I purchased it. The pack works great but I am afraid that at 65 my backpack hunting days are just about...
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    CWD and Wolves

    For many years the wolf experts have claimed that wolves can prevent CWD in deer. This expert suggests the opposite is true. just
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    Region F (So Far)

    The Big Plus here is G&F listened and actually had check stations on the Chief Joseph Highway to cover the Sunlight/Crandall deer, elk, sheep, goats and moose units. They also had a check station in Clark for the 5 day lowland season in 105 and Elk Unit 54-2. The weather brought lots of early...
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    2019 Wyoming Wolf Area 1

    The 2019 hunting season for gray wolf in Area 1 opened September 1st. The quota was 4 wolves. The quota was filled by September 11th and the area is now closed. Last year, the quota was substantially higher in Area 1 and the quota was filled by the second week in November. How many people, who...
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    NW Wyoming Snow Storm

    I just pulled my trailer out of the backcountry. I was worried it might spend the Winter up there if I didn't. Looks like cold temperatures and more snow for the next couple of days. I saw a lot of elk hunters pulling out of 51-1. It is hard to say how much snow will accumulate. They say 12"-15"...
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    Buddy's Goat Tag

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-06-19 AT 11:37AM (MST)[p]No, I am not looking for any honey holes or places to hunt. I have knowledge of the area and the location of the goats. I am doing this to request any insight on how to keep going and pushing myself. I will be 65 in January 2020. I know I have slowed...
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    Comparing NR tag numbers in F, G and H

    I was looking at deer populations and NR tag Quotas in 3 different regions in Western Wyoming. I wish that I had looked at these figures while the local G&F was proposing significant changes in deer hunting seasons in March and April of 2019 in Region F. I am left with some serious questions of...
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    Puzzling Predator Counts

    I was thinking about the subject of predator counts a few weeks ago. This was after reading an article claiming that only 80 wolves now live in YNP. At a meeting with G&F in March of 2018 I asked Luke Ellsbury about mountain lion numbers in NW Wyoming. I specifically asked if the lion...
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    Region F Deer Tags

    I have been asked by some non-resident hunters what they should do if they were contemplating putting in for the Region F deer tag. I was going to wait until the final changes come out in F before suggesting anything. If you have not already put in for this tag, I would advise you not to until...
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    Grizzly Bear Update 2018,17522 This is another good read from the Powell Tribune concerning the state of the grizzly bear population in Park County. The G&F is criticized by the usual eco-elite groups for not doing enough...
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    Question Re: Annual Harvest Reports

    How does the G&F in Wyoming determine the annual harvest of deer or elk in a particular game unit when they have no check stations in that unit and the harvest reporting to G&F is not mandatory? A local G&F biologist told me that the voluntary harvest reports they receive each year in this part...
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    Kahles Binocular Experience

    I sent in a pair of 10x42 Kahles binoculars for work that were purchased new at Sportsman's Warehouse in Colorado Springs. They were hardly used as my primary go to binoculars included a range finder. The clarity had gone bad in these binoculars. Swarovski in Rhode Island is the agent who...
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    Current Status of Grizzly Delisting This is a good read. The article raises a lot of good questions. It is not at all clear where we go from here. just
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    Conviction for Killing Grizzly Bear This case had been kept quiet for the last year or so. A fine of 25k and suspension of hunting privileges for a year. I note that Luke Ellsbury, a G&F employee/biologist, killed a...
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    Attaching rifle to backpack

    For years I had an Eberlestock hunting pack with a built in rifle scabbard. The pack was all right but the scabbard was great for packing a rifle. Last year at the expo, I bought a Mystery Ranch Metcalf with the Quick Draw Sling. The Quick Draw sling sucks in my opinion. Anyway, I discovered a...
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    Latest Grizzly Bear News,16793
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    MH deer season NW Wyoming

    Interesting would be the best word to describe my 2018 deer hunting with a general tag in NW Wyoming. The hunt was tough to say the least. I did not fill my tag. This is the first general deer tag I have eaten in Wyoming since 2001.That being said, I am going to be 64 in another month and there...
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    Mystery Ranch Quick Draw Sling

    At the hunt expo last year in SLC, I purchased a new Mystery Ranch Metcalf pack with the Quick Draw Sling. I was replacing my Eberlestock Just One pack with the scabbard for my rifle. The Eberlestock backpack was heavy and worn but I really liked the scabbard centered between my shoulders that...
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    Equal Access to Justice Act Some proposed legislation that would put a real damper on all the ESA lawsuits from the eco-elites. Take the money out of...
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    NW Wyoming 2018 Prospects

    I have been spending a lot of time out hiking and scouting the backcountry in NW Wyoming. This would be in both the Clarks Fork and Shoshone River drainages. To say that there is an incredible amount of water and snow would be an understatement. I have lived, hiked and hunted in this area for...
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    A Good Read,14413 An interesting read concerning the shooting of a grizzly bear sow by our local game warden, Chris Queen. just
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    Follow Up 2017 MH sheep

    I have been trying to get back into Wyoming Sheep Unit 1 for about 6 weeks. Because of a deep snow pack and flooded streams and creeks, I was not able to do so until day. I was unable to get as far back in by vehicle as I had hoped to. This gave me an extra mile or so to walk but I certainly...
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    Skull Max Euro Mounting Systems

    I went to the SLC Hunt Expo last week. I was looking for a Euro Mounting System for a dead head bighorn ram I found in 2017. I had already done the cleaning and bleaching of the skull and bondoed the horns onto the skull. There is no doubt that euro mounting bighorn sheep skulls involves a lot...
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    Latest Wolf Season This is a good read. just
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    First DIY Euro Sheep While sheep hunting this year, I found a nice deadhead bighorn ram. This is my first attempt at any euro mount. just
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    Bear Attack Story An interesting follow up story about a grizzly attack in the Cody area. No time for the guide to pull his...
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    Mightyhunter Observations NW Wyoming Deer

    There are a couple of posts on the 2017 deer hunt in Region F for nonresidents. I live in deer Area 105 but don't usually hunt it. This year, I hunted for mule deer in 106, 110 and 111. Basically I am hunting mule deer on public land that would best be described as migratory. I call them...
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