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  1. BenHuntn

    For Trade H1000 for RL26

    Powder is Gone.
  2. BenHuntn

    For Trade H1000 for RL26

    Star valley Wyoming. I can travel.
  3. BenHuntn

    For Trade H1000 for RL26

    Willing to purchase or trade. I have 2 lbs of RL26. I want 2lbs of H1000
  4. BenHuntn


    Looking to buy some H 1000. I have RL26 to trade. Julius
  5. BenHuntn

    Shawn Bradley Paralyzed

    Sounds like the accident was in January. I sat near him at Flaming Gorge Lodge having breakfast. We were both flyfishing the Green River below Dutch John.
  6. BenHuntn

    Shawn Bradley Paralyzed

    Hit by a vehicle while riding his bike. You don't realize how tall he is till you are standing next to him. 7'6" and played for the Dallas Mavericks. He is a Utah Great Athlete.
  7. BenHuntn

    Living in or near Star Valley

    Buzz next time you are in Star Valley get ahold of me and I will take you out to lunch.
  8. BenHuntn

    Seen This?

    I just received this in email from a friend. ACTION ALERT: YOUR HUNTING OPPORTUNITY IN WYOMING IS THREATENED! A bill has been introduced to the Wyoming senate that would drastically reduce your nonresident hunting opportunities. We urge you to please send comments TODAY on this important...
  9. BenHuntn

    A Tribute to First Responders

    To all the First Responders.
  10. BenHuntn

    What was the toughest job

    Cal Fire Firefighter. 30 years of service. Brutal at times.
  11. BenHuntn

    Utah Trail Cam Ban

    Next thing I will advocate is a Utah statewide ban on Laser Rangefinders.
  12. BenHuntn

    Unit 201 Early Rifle Adventure (pic heavy)- Enjoy!

    Oh please do. I like nothing more than to match wits with such douchebag as you Lopez.
  13. BenHuntn

    Failing marriage

    That's good.
  14. BenHuntn

    Unit 201 Early Rifle Adventure (pic heavy)- Enjoy!

    Ok enough of that. I have a ton of points for Utah Elk. I will put in for a hunt unit that has big mature bulls. I am not sure which season to pick but I am holding out for a big bull. My biggest to date is a 340" 6x6. I am old school, however since I will be hunting in Utah I figured I would...
  15. BenHuntn

    Unit 201 Early Rifle Adventure (pic heavy)- Enjoy!

    Ok I will try and explain my thoughts. When I read the write-up I focused on 28 years building points for elk in Colorado. That's what you call a once in a lifetime hunt. Your goal should be to harvest the biggest elk possible, that's why he picked unit 201. To put the odds more in his favor he...
  16. BenHuntn

    Gotta love us seniors....

    Now that there is funny.
  17. BenHuntn

    3rd season CO buck

    Great buck to a ethical hunter.
  18. BenHuntn

    Wyoming archery success!

    I bet you were so excited of the entire experience.
  19. BenHuntn

    Trade or Barter- Cases, Bullets,Powder and Primers

    What would you like for some H1000
  20. BenHuntn

    Unit 44 3rd season

    You have thick skin ddflyfisher. Let's do some flyfishing
  21. BenHuntn

    Unit 44 3rd season

    Yes those were the days.
  22. 1609886409427.png


  23. BenHuntn

    Unit 44 3rd season

    Back in the day when unit 44 3rd season was over the counter and after that it took 3 points. I never shot a big one but seen a few. Here is some pics of my friends unit 44 deer 3rd season. The top pic is of 2 monsters taken by some friends of mine. The bottom pic is of another monster that my...
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  26. BenHuntn

    Pre-1990 Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    Here are a few of what my Dad killed back in the day. The deer laying in the driveway was from 1954 Calif up out of Sonora CA. The big 4 point was a Colorado buck in 1967 not far from Rangely CO. Back in the day there were not many 4x4 vehicles. My Dad and his friends would trailer flat fender...
  27. BenHuntn

    Can you handle the truth?

    Hot wife? Send photos!!!
  28. BenHuntn

    Sportsmans bought by Bass Pro

    Bass Pro is owned by John Luke Morris
  29. BenHuntn

    Utah Game Wardens

    I've been hunting Utah for 40 years and love it. I have never been checked by a warden. I'm a non-resident and have never purchased a hunting license from Utah. Best state to get away with poaching.
  30. BenHuntn

    What you spending your $600 on?

    Use it to pay tax on the previous free money.
  31. BenHuntn

    Wyoming elk feedlots

    I have also been reading about the research being done with Humic Acid. They seem to be onto something. I'm all about treating the cause of CWD not the effects.
  32. BenHuntn

    Trying to understand draw odds...1st choice vs 2nd

    Lots of private land.
  33. BenHuntn

    Trying to understand draw odds...1st choice vs 2nd

    Bill are you asking about region A deer? Are you looking at the 2020 draw odds? If so, the way I see it is if your friends put in for the special non resident tag they will draw. If you put in for the special non-resident draw as a second choice you will draw.
  34. BenHuntn

    Unit 201 Early Rifle Adventure (pic heavy)- Enjoy!

    Not impressed with your decision making. Rookie moves.
  35. BenHuntn


    I'd rather have a lump of coal.
  36. BenHuntn

    Sportsmans bought by Bass Pro

    Cabelas was never near bankrupcy. They bought out Gander Mountain online sales. When Cabelas went public customer service went downhill. Next Bass Pro buy's Cabelas.
  37. BenHuntn

    Sportsmans bought by Bass Pro

    Fake news boy. Do your homework.
  38. BenHuntn

    Wife's Mulie

    Great job on a great trophy.
  39. BenHuntn

    Wife's Mulie

    Thanks Guy's.
  40. BenHuntn

    Grandson scores

    Thanks Fellas.
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