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  1. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Oregon 7x7

    Great find
  2. Blue Mountain Muleys

    In what state did you take your biggest buck?

    Aren't we all?😂
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  4. Blue Mountain Muleys

    In what state did you take your biggest buck?

    166" utah with a rifle153" colorado with a riflenice bucks y'all
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  6. 18483.jpeg


  7. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Which buck would you be getting after?

    Either of them, they are both amazing bucks. I would use a rifle
  8. Blue Mountain Muleys

    How many pairs of hunting boots do you own?

    Lowa, danner, and a couple more I can't remember
  9. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

    Not three but I've only killed three
  10. 18508.jpeg


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  12. Blue Mountain Muleys

    san juan

    I haven't gotten a tag for a couple of years but whenever your on the mountain you can see quite a bit
  13. Blue Mountain Muleys

    san juan

    Oops didn't realize how old this post was😂
  14. Blue Mountain Muleys

    san juan

    166" btw
  15. Blue Mountain Muleys

    san juan

    Not on elk ridge but in San Juan county
  16. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Shed off buck mount

    Very cool
  17. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Shedding buck

    Very cool
  18. Blue Mountain Muleys

    "Angry pose" mule deer mount

    Looks like a friendly dog.😂
  19. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Hydro Dip.

    That turned out great!
  20. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Most Impressive Big Buck?

    #3 for me
  21. Blue Mountain Muleys

    My Son's 2018 Wyoming Buck

    Great buck
  22. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Second buck of 2020

    This is the story of my second buck of 2020. I had drawn a tag for unit 72 and 73 for the 3rd season in colorado. I had already got a buck on cwmu early this year. It scored 166" and had amazing characteristics. Anyways we had helped a couple friends on there bull tag for san juan unit, so we...
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  24. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Muley Success Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    Another great one, third day of 3rd season rifle in colorado
  25. IMG_20201109_155208566_HDR.jpg


  26. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Monster shed

    Geez, that is a absolute giant
  27. Blue Mountain Muleys

    My 2020 Colorado Public Land Bull

    What was the nearest town/city, also nice bull
  28. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Trump bull

    That is an awesome picture, both the bull and the flag!
  29. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Last day buck

    Sorry outo correct changed inline to online
  30. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Last day buck

    Me and my dad had hiked our butts of all of the general seasons. Unfortunately we didn't kill a buck, but one of my dads friends get a tag every year for cwmu. He wanted to know if he could mentor the tag to me and my brothers. Well his brother which had the same tag also wanted to mentor the...
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  32. 18508.jpeg


  33. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Wide Buck Photo Contest ... Nice Prizes!

    I don't know how wide he was but a nice buck
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