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  1. COLO3D

    2020 Family Hunts

    2020 was a tough year for antler growth in Colorado, but a lot of scouting paid off for our family. I started with a buck in archery season, my wife tagged out opening morning of third season and my son took his best buck in fourth season.
  2. COLO3D

    My son's first two years of deer hunting.

    My son has always had a love for deer and was finally old enough to participate in 2018. He is off to a good start!
  3. COLO3D

    Colorado High Country Buck

    I have had the goal of taking an alpine buck for quite a while now. I finally realized that goal last Wednesday evening. I hiked countless miles in pursuit of a big four point that eluded me for the first few weeks. He disappeared after the muzzleloader season so I went in pursuit of other...
  4. COLO3D

    Colorado Back Door

    The back door is open. Good luck!
  5. COLO3D

    G5 Prime Centroid

    Black G5 Prime Centroid, 60-70lbs. with 28" cam. This bow is abstolutely perfect! Literally not a single scratch or nick on it! I bought this bow 13 days ago and have not even filled out the warranty card or worn the hat. It has all the latest technology; dual cams and a titanium flex cable...
  6. COLO3D

    Badlands Hypervent Pack

    I have a Badlands Hypervent pack that is in perfect condition. I only took it on three hikes. The camo is Realtree AP. I will ship it to your door in the lower 48 for $90. Paypal prefered.
  7. COLO3D

    Vortex Nomad Spotting Scope

    I have a Vortex Nomad spotting scope that is in nearly perfect condition. I have used it, but not abused it! It is a 60mm scope with a 20-60x zoom eyepiece. It has the angled body and includes a view through scope cover with a shoulder strap, that not only protects the scope but does not need to...
  8. COLO3D

    Greatest day of bowhunting ever!

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-20-10 AT 06:54PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Sep-20-10 AT 06:46?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Sep-20-10 AT 06:45?PM (MST) Well it was for us anyway! Last Wednesday started with a bang for my friend Tim and myself. We spotted a buck at first light that got away from us pretty quickly...
  9. COLO3D

    K&K Tripod with two heads

    I have camo tripod that extends to 51" and closes down to 17". It has two of the K&K pistol grip heads, which I think are superior to the Bogen, I own both models. The tripod is Made in the USA and retails for around $300 at Sportsmans Warehouse for the tripod and one head. I will ship it to...
  10. COLO3D

    Epek XC-3 Broadheads

    I have 5 packs of Epek XC-3 Broadheads for sale. All but one of the broadheads are unused. I have decided to stay with fixed blades. I am looking to get $32 a pack or all 15 for $150. This price includes shipping in the lower 48. Paypal prefered.
  11. COLO3D

    Badlands Bino Case

    I received a Badlands Bino Case as a gift and finally tried it our on a day hike this weekend. It is just not for me. But it could be for you, for the low, low price of $50. I will ship it to you, Priority Mail. The camo pattern is Realtree AP.
  12. COLO3D

    Lee Kay Archery Range

    I am in town for a couple days and was wondering if there is an archery range at the Lee Kay Center. I am working by the airport.
  13. COLO3D

    A couple that made it

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-18-08 AT 10:38PM (MST)[p]I have quite a history with the 3x4, he has been hanging around my area for several years. He was a 4x4 last year and was actually hit by an archer (Friend of mine) and made it through. He is definatley on the down side. The buck with the cheaters is...
  14. COLO3D

    Let's see those 2 Points

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-20-08 AT 07:29AM (MST)[p]The Utah deer season started two days ago. Where are all the 2 point pics? I know thousands of them hit the dirt at first light Saturday morning. Let's see those pics!
  15. COLO3D

    Northern Arizona Taxidermist?

    My step dad shot a very nice bull in Arizona this year, we had promised to pay to get it mounted if it was a 6 point or better. Well he got a 7x7 that should score around 345! His first call to a taxidermist in Arizona was for $1200. That is quite a bit higher than here in Denver and I just...
  16. COLO3D


    Is there a decent doubler on the market? I have not heard a lot of good things about them, but sure do like the thought of having the option of sizing up animals when I don't want to carry my 80mm scope.
  17. COLO3D

    Trail Cam Pics

    Here is a bull that came in a few days ago. What do you think he will score?
  18. COLO3D

    Colorado is killing me!!!

    I just found out that the draw results will not be out until June 12. That is over two weeks later than usual. Two additional weeks of uncertainty. Brutal! Apparantly the sheep and goat results have been delayed even beyond the posted dates. I hope this does not happen with deer and elk too.
  19. COLO3D

    Colorado is killing me!

    I just found out that the draw results will not be out until June 12. That is over two weeks later than usual. Two additional weeks of uncertainty. Brutal!
  20. COLO3D

    Colorado Archery Muley

    I posted this in the Archery section, but thought some of you "Thunderstick" guys might want to see it too. Friday night I was heading back to the truck earlier than normal to spend a little time with the family. I was walking down an old logging road when I rounded a bend I came across this...
  21. COLO3D

    Colorado Archery Buck

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-02-07 AT 08:21PM (MST)[p]Friday night I was heading back to the truck earlier than normal to spend a little time with the family. I was walking down an old logging road when I rounded a bend I came across this buck. He patiently waited for me to get a good look through the...
  22. COLO3D

    K&K tripods bino mount

    I just bought one of the K&K tripods that they sold to Cabelas. Does anyone know how to get ahold of K&K? I would like to add a bino mount.
  23. COLO3D

    The one that got away.......for now

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-29-06 AT 10:31AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Dec-29-06 AT 10:08?AM (MST) I am snowed in again, I am so bored, here it goes; I went for a drive the other day and ran into a couple of old friends. I was at full draw on the smaller one twice, but just could not bring myself to shoot...
  24. COLO3D


    Some of us are not residents of Utah, so please help us out and let us know who SFW is and why some many people think they are the devil.
  25. COLO3D

    Tell me about K & K tripods

    I just saw the K & K Tripods at Sportsmans Warehouse this week. They were much lighter and more compact than my Bogen. How do they perform? Are thay as stable in the wind? Weight bearing capabilities? Is there any information available online? What are the exact weights?
  26. COLO3D


    I just applied for archery elk in Arizona, they make you buy a hunting license so I figure what the heck, might as well look at a deer hunt on the famed Kaibab. I know that it is down right now, but is it still worth it? I just want an opportunity at a decent buck.
  27. COLO3D

    Boot recomendations

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-06-06 AT 03:12PM (MST)[p]I am in the market for a good pair of hunitng boots. I am an early season bowhunter, that hunts some pretty rough country. I am looking for boots with good support that are still quiet enough to stalk in close. There are way too many rattlers to go the...
  28. COLO3D

    I don't mean to brag.....

    Who am I kidding? Yes I do! My wife and i got a couple of pictures in the recent issue of Monster Muleys. On page 69 there in the "More great muleys" section there are two photos of mine an my wifes bucks from last year. Then on page 71 in the "Still roamin the hills" section there are two...
  29. COLO3D

    Colorado Velvet

    This is a buck that I saw last Tuesday. He is much further along than the other bucks that I have seen in the same area. Hopefully you will be able to see that he is a 4x5 and already wider than his ears. He has great eyeguards as well. Henry
  30. COLO3D


    I just got our mounts back from the taxidermist and my rack shrunk 2" in spread from the time I shot it to the time I got it back from the taxidermist. It went from 29" down to 27". I mentioned this to some friends last week at the tournament in Vegas, they asked if I put 2x4's in the rack. It...
  31. COLO3D

    My Christmas gift

    My wife bought me a Bogen 3001BN and a 3265B for Christmas. This just goes to show that constantly talking about something and wining alot about the poor quality of your current tripod gets results. This thing is awesome! It is very stable in the wind and believe me it has been plenty windy...
  32. COLO3D

    Muley mount poses

    My wife and I were fortunate enough to harvest two bucks during the bow season here in Colorado, both are at the taxidermist right now. I was wondering if people could post some photos of their mounts so we could get a better idea of what poses we want. Thanks in advance for your help. After...
  33. COLO3D

    Tripod suggestions

    I am considering a new tripod and have narrowed it down to two models from Bogen. I am looking at the 3001BN and the 3205GN. I am having a difficult time justifying the extra expense of the 3205GN. Your thoughts? I am also looking at a few different heads. The 3265 has is my first choice but I...
  34. COLO3D

    My Wifes First Buck

    Well when it rains it pours! My wife was able to harvest her first buck this evening. It was a VERY symetrical 4x4 all points are virtually the same length except the G-3's one of them was 1.25" longer. I find this completely unfair, I told her that it is supposed to take her alot longer then...
  35. COLO3D

    My first archery buck,

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-06-04 AT 09:19PM (MST)[p]Last Monday night while hunting with my wife I was able to put an arrow into my first muley buck with a bow. My wife was right behind me with the rangefinder telling me the distance. She also was a big help in tracking and ultimatley found the buck. It...
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