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  1. ReinerDude

    Sad news about my Best Friend

    I'm sorry for your loss, I'm glad you know that you'll see each other again in a better place
  2. ReinerDude

    Meanwhile in Colorado

    That’ll be a tough decision between running the dope leaf plates or the wolf plates, maybe wolf in front and dope leaf on back. I’m sorry Colorado residents
  3. ReinerDude

    Spending Question

    Environmental justice is basically zoning. It’s talking about poor people (typically they’re speaking about minorities) living in industrial areas where there are higher concentrations of pollution. Kind of common sense to most of us since the three rules of real estate is location, location...
  4. ReinerDude

    New deck

    Probably get more female membership when they find out y’all are posting deck pics here!
  5. ReinerDude

    Bigfoot's Toilet?

    Never drink stump water!
  6. ReinerDude

    Gun control coming?

    Absolutely, stop the manufacturing because of liability associated with it
  7. ReinerDude

    Gun control coming?

    Thanks RELH, I figured my definition and theirs would be different
  8. ReinerDude

    Gun control coming?

    Does anyone know their definition of “high capacity magazine”?
  9. ReinerDude

    Advice sought for 2021 deer

    Thank you Coloradoboy, I appreciate your help!
  10. ReinerDude

    Advice sought for 2021 deer

    Good luck with your decision Founder
  11. ReinerDude

    My Kinda Gal

    And she makes them mad too! 😂
  12. ReinerDude

    Advice sought for 2021 deer

    Hey Coloradoboy, just to let you know, I sent you a private message before I posted this thread. I appreciate your insight and previous help. I'm curious, since the second season is as late as I can draw in 66 this year (I'm probably only a point or two off from 3rd season) would you hunt...
  13. ReinerDude

    Advice sought for 2021 deer

    Thanks Txhunter, to be honest I never considered that but that gives me something to ponder. Thanks for the suggestion
  14. ReinerDude

    Advice sought for 2021 deer

    Founder, thanks for the information and advice. I guess have some thinking to do, but good advice and insight helps makes things clearer. I appreciate your thoughts and time!
  15. ReinerDude

    Advice sought for 2021 deer

    Thanks for the advice SureShot, much appreciated!
  16. ReinerDude

    Advice sought for 2021 deer

    I am a NR with 18 points and was hoping some of y'all might offer some good advice for me on a deer hunt. My situation: I was lucky enough to have gotten to hunt 44 and take a couple of nice bucks there in the past and I never intended to build up as many points as I have, but I kept building...
  17. ReinerDude

    And Another Late Season Muzzy Buck

    Congrats, beautiful deer! I’ll bet you taught him to be responsible for his own equipment 😂
  18. ReinerDude

    Eastern Kansas buck

    That’s awesome, congrats!
  19. ReinerDude

    2020 Colorado mule deer

    Awesome deer, congrats!
  20. ReinerDude

    2020 Pretty 6x6

    Beautiful bull! Congrats!
  21. ReinerDude


    We should probably all quit playing on the internet and get busy praying for this country. Scary, sad, and confusing times. God bless America... again (as Bobby Bare says)
  22. ReinerDude

    FNG introduction

    Good to meet you, welcome
  23. ReinerDude

    First muley!!

    Congrats, great buck and cool pictures!
  24. ReinerDude

    Nebraska Whitey and one happy hunter!

    Congrats, that’s a beautiful buck! Don’t show the wife the picture of him on her countertop 😂
  25. ReinerDude

    Wife killed a nice one

    Congrats to her, nice one!
  26. ReinerDude

    Pre-1990 Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    I’m hoping those wide collared hunting shirts make a come back 🤞
  27. ReinerDude

    how about them utah cowboys

    It was funny hearing them announcing the Wright Brothers! I kept thinking about the aviator cowboys Orville and Wilbur. The Utah Wright brothers were sure tough competitors, never seemed to let any pressure bother them
  28. ReinerDude

    A Lost Friend

    I’m sorry for your loss. True friends are rare and the older I get the more I treasure my friends
  29. ReinerDude

    Couple of bucks from 2019 and 2020

    Congrats, two really beautiful bucks!
  30. ReinerDude

    Not many CO reissue tags this week

    Congrats, glad that worked out so well for you, good buck!
  31. ReinerDude

    Another great hunt in Idaho

    Congrats, nice bucks!
  32. ReinerDude

    Whitey Down

    Great buck, congratulations!
  33. ReinerDude

    My 2020 Colorado Buck

    Congrats, really nice buck!
  34. ReinerDude

    Favorite binge watch

    Breaking Bad for sure, Yellowstone, Longmire
  35. ReinerDude

    Poll: Christmas Tree Hunting

    I think Clarke Griswold had the same affection for Christmas trees as you
  36. ReinerDude

    Daughters First Muley

    Congrats, love the smile!
  37. ReinerDude

    Little chilly!!

    Congrats, mucho frio!
  38. ReinerDude

    CO Bucks

    Congrats, very nice bucks! Impressive
  39. ReinerDude

    Round valley jun

    Bo knows bucks!
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