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  1. Ahunter74

    Unit 22 colorado

    Hunted it several years ago (3rd season) saw a lot of deer, and 10-20 bucks a day. i didn't see anything over 160, a freind shot a mid. 170s deer. It is a fun hunt as far as seeing deer, but a frustrating hunt when you look over as many bucks as we did, and you dont see any really mature deer.
  2. Ahunter74

    Lion caught in trap. Have you ever tried to get a lion out of a trap?

    Grew up in Arizona, my father made his living trapping. I have helped him release a few. Released 1 lion by myself, with a choke stick. Cats are tricky to get out. You don’t have much time as it seems they use up all the oxygen in the blood steam as they go nuts. Javelina on the other hand you...
  3. Ahunter74


    Grew up in Az, father made his living tapping. When they put a trapping ban up to vote, some of the sportsman’s groups didn’t oppose the ban. Their thinking was there will be more game for us. These Anti hunting/trapping groups will always want more.
  4. Ahunter74

    UT Points

    Non resident LE Elk 20 DBS 20 RMB 12 LE Deer 12 Gen. Deer 9
  5. Ahunter74

    2020 Az deer draw

    Once again the annual celebration of the accumulation of another point. 23 now, maybe next year???
  6. Ahunter74

    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack on my back!
  7. Ahunter74

    Colorado Unit 22 3rd season help!

    Cell is 330-231-2621.
  8. Ahunter74

    Colorado Unit 22 3rd season help!

    I hunted last year. Sent you a P.M. advice above was good.
  9. Ahunter74

    WIN a Daypack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack !
  10. Ahunter74

    Colorado Deer Poll

    Colorado. 1spotter, my wife. Definitely encountered some of the spotters traveling in herds.
  11. Ahunter74

    Unit 22 Third Season - Mule Deer

    I sent you a pm.
  12. Ahunter74

    Colorado unit 22 3rd Mule Deer

    It's been tough deer scatted everywhere. Not a lot of deer movement.
  13. Ahunter74

    Colorado unit 22 3rd Mule Deer

    Leaving this week for a 3rd season hunt. If you have any insight you want to share send me a PM. I would appreciate it. Also if any of you have 4th season tags I would be more than happy to share what we experienced on our hunt. I know some don't like people asking for advise, but I am also...
  14. Ahunter74

    October onX Elite Membership Giveaway

    ?I want the Hunt app!?
  15. Ahunter74

    WIN an Eberlestock X1A2 - Easy to Enter as Always

    ?I need a pack!?
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