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    Leftover draw

    Does anyone know in leftover draw do they issue more tags if a group draws and there aren’t enough tags left to fill all the group? I know obviously in regular draw they do this but I haven’t saw any info on the leftover draw relating to this
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    Drop outs

    So what are peeps thoughts on how many may delete Their app due to this mess from a NR perspective? I thought I read somewhere NM was extending the date to withdraw your app but I’m not sure on that
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    Hunter ed

    I'm coming out in early oct for a elk hunt and possibly in August to do some scouting. I would like to get my hunter Ed point if possible? There seems there are different avenues to Take the test, which is the simplest and most efficient? At the moment, I don't see offered when I'll be coming...
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    18A early rifle elk

    So what's the skinny on this hunt? The tag is good for 15 A and B and 18A. My understanding is 18 is the better unit to focus on? I have OnX and I understand the unit is very checkerboarded. Are most roads open to travel through the private to the public parcels?There are some larger tracts of...
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    Precipitation map

    I know this is a bit unrelated to elk but is there an app/service where u can view moisture/precipation within a certain area or unit over a given timeframe? I would like to know within a unit where the moisture may be concentrated. I know gohunt shows average rainfall etc but I would like to...
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    Bugling bull wapiti whacker

    Anyone tried the new VEET tubes? I have an old bully bull tube w the one inch opening but I've thought about trying one of the these?
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    5 points elk

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-05-17 AT 02:31PM (MST)[p]So i usually don't have problems figuring out the unit I want to hunt, but WY has proven to give me headaches trying to figure out the private/public access issues for a guy from Alabama. I've always hunted big expanses of national forest and I know I...
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    2nd hunt

    I have a muzzy elk tag for UT this fall. I'm kinda kicking around the idea of doing a second hunt after this one if I were to finish up early. So my question is what if any hunts could I do last week of sept or first week of oct? I don't care if it's elk or deer! Doesn't have to be UT either but...
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    Powder choice

    New to muzzleloaders so I would like to prelude this by saying I'm primarily concerned with ease of use and keeping it simple. Of course accuracy is a concern but Im not familiar with muzzleloaders and don't want to make a mistake in the heat of the moment. So I'm tryin to decide between...
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    Nebo elk

    Looks like I've drawn a nebo muzzy elk tag! Super excited. Most of my elk hunts have been in CO archery OTC. So I'm thinking this should be a much better hunt. I understand the unit is very steep and rugged. And most of the elk reside in the northern half of the unit. It seems the elk herd there...
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    Gunnison basin

    What's the consensus of impact of winter kill in unit 55 for elk? Trying to decide if I'm gonna apply first rifle for this area? I've archery hunted it in the past but Thinkin of trying first rifle. Thanks for any feedback!
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    Mathews creed

    Mathews creed #70, RH, 29.5". Comes with 6 gold tip arrows, code red drop away rest, peep, stabilizer, and wrist sling. $700
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    Unit 65 archery elk

    Im going to CO OTC mid sept and like the looks of this unit for early season archery. Elk numbers look good and above objective. Steep, rough terrain looks like maybe some places to get away from the crowds. I'm thinkin about trying the wilderness area east of quray. I have a couple areas picked...
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    Leftover list

    So I wasn't aware of this but if you check the box for leftover list and only buy a PP, you can only buy a cow leftover tag from the leftover list as a NR. This makes no sense in that they ask you to check the leftover list box but won't allow you to buy a bull leftover tag because you only...
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    Hey guys, My name is Thomas Ott and I'm from Alabama. I've drawn an early archery 6A AZ tag. I've been doing some research on unit and am fairly familiar with the unit at this point. I have my ideas on areas I want to look into and places I'll avoid. This will be DIY totally so I wanted to get...
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    Hey guys, new to forum. I'm from Alabama. Drew a 16c archery elk sec season. Trying to find a starting point on this unit? Don't know a lot about it? Any help would b much appreciated. Also, wondering how it compares to other gila units, as well as accessibility? I will b camping DIY. Thanks!
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