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    New boy for boy

    Lol... new bow for my boy....
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    New boy for boy

    I am looking at getting a new boy for my 14 year old boy. This will be his first year elk hunting with a bow. Anyone have any suggestions? I have been looking at the Mission Hammr, but open to any quality bow.
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    22-250 For Deer

    If he shoots your 22-250 good keep him on that rifle for practice. When you take him hunting swap out for your 6.5. He won’t even notice the difference with the excitement. My boys have taken 5 cow elk, one bull elk, four antelope, three oryx, and a few stink pigs with thier 6.5 CM rifles. Both...
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    Crispi vs. Kenetrek

    I can’t say anything about the Crispi boots, but I do own a pair of Kenetrek. I am very, very, disappointed with them. They might as well be made from steel. I have over 200 miles in them and they are as stiff as the day I bought them. Hell if I didn’t know better I would say they are more stiff...
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    Oryx #2 for my boy

    We were in TA 2B.
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    Oryx #2 for my boy

    I figured that was where the sheep were. My boy took his range #2. I forgot which sub unit it was. The one farthest to the north on the NM border. how did you do on the sheep?
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    Oryx #2 for my boy

    Where was the barbary hunt? I assume the mountain range on the east side of the base? We were wondering where it was at.
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    Oryx #2 for my boy

    My boy lucked out and drew a second oryx tag for Ft. Bliss this year. Texas side this time. Talk about luck. Two oryx in one year. Not nearly as many on the Texas side, but we were able to get it done. One shot from the 6.5 at 200 yards and it was a done deal
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    Spot X messenger

    Purchased three of them for my crews at work that end up in the middle of the mountains or way out in the desert by themselves. Seem to work good. They are able to check in with me and I feel better knowing they can reach me if they get in trouble. They do upload a little slow, but do work.
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    Cool picture

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    Cool picture

    No, not three bulls. Two cows and this bull. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Cool picture

    Here is a cool picture of my 11 year old son walking up on his first bull (third elk). Here is another couple of pictures of the same bull from last month and a day before the hunt.and finally one of him packing out the rack.
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    Two oryx

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    Two oryx

    Got a call in July asking if they wanted the tags. Past that it was fifty thousand government forms to enter Ft. Bliss.
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    Two oryx

    No it was a depredation hunt.
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    Two oryx

    My boys doubled up on oryx this weekend on Ft. Bliss. Fun hunt
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    16C youth elk

    Any reports out of 16C? Guessing they are bugling pretty good now. Both of my boys (11 & 13) have tags. Headed out this weekend for our last scouting trip prior to their hunt. Was out for Labor Day weekend, but it was hot and dry. We found one more area not to go to that weekend. Hope to find...
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    Youth pronghorn

    Congrats DYI. It was nice meeting you and your boy at the burger joint in Espanola.
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    Tripod and head

    Any suggestions on a tripod and head? I have been looking at the Manfrotto, but I am undecided on the head. I will be mostly spotting from the truck or atv with 18x binoculars so weight is not a huge factor. I would like to keep the cost under $450.
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    Earlier then ever!

    I have a confession to make. I'm one of "those" people that don't have internet....
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    Texas School Shooting

    We defiantly have a major problem that no one seems able to or willing to address. In my opinion a lot of ?us? are the problem. Saying the ?gun grabbers? or ?liberal this or that? is one of the biggest roadblocks to any viable solution. It goes both ways. The other side is screaming ?gun lover...
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    Antelope-Harris Land and Cattle Ranch

    My boys had doe tags out there last year. The ranch is a little broken up so that makes it a little hard to hunt. Stick to the sections that are to the west and south. Best buck we saw was about 14?, but we were chasing does.
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    Prairie Dogs??

    Too funny. My brother-in-law and me were talking about it two weeks ago when we were down there around Deming. My boy did some internet research and they seem to be some sort of kangaroo rat that is native to that area.
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    Good unit for a traditional elk bowhunter?

    Unit 15, 17, or any of the 16s are where you want to be. 16D and 16A would be and are my first and second choice.
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    Bosque del Apache turkey hunt

    Has anyone ever had their kid draw this hunt? One of my boys drew it. Wondering what it is like. Pretty excited for him.
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    Turkey hunt for kids

    Yup, I already put them in for the Bosque hunt, but the odds are really low so I am not holding much hope for that one.
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    Turkey hunt for kids

    Does anyone know of a private land hunt that I can take my boys on that doesn't cost as much as a african safari? I want to get them thier first turkeys without having to compete with 50,000 other public land hunters. Just need acess to the birds. Don?t need a guide. Please PM me if you know of...
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    Nothing for my boys today. Only saw six, all on private property. Hunters everywhere doesn't help. Did see eleventy billion deer and elk with a couple of them fairly nice.
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    Northern NM Elk rutting timeframe

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-19-18 AT 09:02AM (MST)[p]Same as Colorado, which is the same as Wyoming, which is the same as Montana. The rut/breeding happens the same time each year and is based on the length of the daylight in the day. Bugling intensity might vary, but that would probably be more...
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    6.5 Creedmoor and elk

    Nope the 6.5 will not work on elk. Seen it first hand. Both my boys this year shot elk with it and the bullets just bounced off. One cow just went back to eating after the bullet bounced off her shoulder.....,,Really?? Asking if a 6.5 works on elk is kinda silly. Both my boys dropped their elk...
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    Dogs 2 hunters 0

    Took one of my boys out yote hunting today. Called in two and missed both. One came up behind us and I missed him in the brush at 100. The second ran up on us and my boy couldn't find him in the scope at 4 yards. Talk about close. That dog growled at us when he figured out what was up. I was...
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    Opinion of WT taking over

    We need to build a "wall" to keep them out!!!! Oh wait.....never mind
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    Youth Hunt Opportunities for 10 Year Old?

    Stink pig is a virtual guaranteed draw and a fairy easy critter to hunt. Past that he would have high odds of an antelope doe tag. The thanksgiving youth encouragement hunt is a high success rate hunt. PM me if you want info on that elk hunt.
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