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  1. BenHuntn

    For Trade H1000 for RL26

    Willing to purchase or trade. I have 2 lbs of RL26. I want 2lbs of H1000
  2. BenHuntn


    Looking to buy some H 1000. I have RL26 to trade. Julius
  3. BenHuntn

    Shawn Bradley Paralyzed

    Hit by a vehicle while riding his bike. You don't realize how tall he is till you are standing next to him. 7'6" and played for the Dallas Mavericks. He is a Utah Great Athlete.
  4. BenHuntn

    Seen This?

    I just received this in email from a friend. ACTION ALERT: YOUR HUNTING OPPORTUNITY IN WYOMING IS THREATENED! A bill has been introduced to the Wyoming senate that would drastically reduce your nonresident hunting opportunities. We urge you to please send comments TODAY on this important...
  5. BenHuntn

    A Tribute to First Responders

    To all the First Responders.
  6. BenHuntn

    Unit 44 3rd season

    Back in the day when unit 44 3rd season was over the counter and after that it took 3 points. I never shot a big one but seen a few. Here is some pics of my friends unit 44 deer 3rd season. The top pic is of 2 monsters taken by some friends of mine. The bottom pic is of another monster that my...
  7. BenHuntn

    Grandson scores

    I took my wife and Grandson hunting this fall. Both score on Mulies. Here is a pick of my Grandson Isaiah with his first buck a 4x3 at the young age of 13.
  8. BenHuntn

    Wife's Mulie

    My wife took this forkie for the unusual trophy.
  9. BenHuntn

    Elk Draw for NR's

    Why is it so important for Game and fish to have the NonResident draw results before resident draw results. It must have something to do with Outfitters.
  10. BenHuntn

    Shed hunting

    Teton County ask Non-Residents to stay out of the county for shed hunting.
  11. BenHuntn

    Snow is piling up

    Well it's Feb. and the snow is getting deep in Star Valley. I live up against the Salt River Range and we have about 4' and it's still snowing.
  12. BenHuntn

    Unit 44 3rd season?

    Like to hear from anyone who hunted deer unit 44 3rd season in 2019. Should of had a great hunt or is the unit just hype now. You invest up to 20 years of building points to hunt this premier unit was it worth the wait? Julius Charles Darwin: Father of the theory of Evolution...
  13. BenHuntn

    FS Kestrel Sportsman

    KESTREL 5700 SPORTSMAN BALLISTICS WEATHER METER WITH LINK TAN $350 Charles Darwin: Father of the theory of Evolution; Suggested that natural selection is the mechanism by which species evolve over geologic time.
  14. BenHuntn

    FS Leica rangefinder Rangemaster 1200 CRF-Y

    For sale is my Leica Rangemaster 1200 rangefinder. It is in excellent shape. $350 you pay shipping from 83127 WY Charles Darwin: Father of the theory of Evolution; Suggested that natural selection is the mechanism by which species evolve over geologic time.
  15. BenHuntn

    FS Swarovski slc 10x42 wb

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-07-19 AT 04:02PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Nov-07-19 AT 04:00?PM (MST) Up for sale are my slc 10x42 wb binos. They come with Badlands bino case if you choose. Excellent shape. They are not HD. seller pays from Thayne WY 83127 first $1000 takes them. Charles...
  16. BenHuntn

    Poacher nabbed again

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-02-19 AT 07:37PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Aug-02-19 AT 07:35?PM (MST) Thayne Wyoming Poacher caught again poaching mule deer. Link is on Wy game and fish home page.
  17. BenHuntn

    Landowner Tags

    What the F**k is going on. On the Hunts and Tags Classifieds They are brokering Landowner tags for Colorado. No brokering allowed according to the rules. Why is this not shut down by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Hunters Domain is one of the brokerage firms doing it. The Landowner tags...
  18. BenHuntn

    Fishing with Luiza

    When I die I want to come back as Luiza's bicycle seat. Charles Darwin: Father of the theory of Evolution; Suggested that natural selection is the mechanism by which species evolve over geologic time.
  19. BenHuntn

    I need to go fishing with Luiza

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-19 AT 05:00PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-19 AT 04:59?PM (MST) What a great day to be out fishing with Luiza. I bet she could teach me a thing or two.
  20. BenHuntn

    Mule Deer

    Is there forest service access from Coalville UT. I hunted that area before only on private property. Is that entire area a general tag? I think it is called Chaulk creek or something like that. Father of the theory of Evolution; Suggested that natural selection is the mechanism...
  21. BenHuntn

    Guide recommendation

    Looking for an outfitter near Saratoga Wyoming or Encampment WY. I would like to hear from people who have hunted with an outfitter in those areas I mentioned. I have a general tag. Rifle or archery. Thanks in advance.
  22. BenHuntn

    Elk Outfitter Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a good outfitter they have experience with. Thinking of going with Battle Pass Outfitters, however I know nothing about them. This will be a rifle elk hunt. This is a general tag. I would be hunting in the areas of Saratoga Wyoming or Encampment Wyoming. Thanks for any help...
  23. BenHuntn

    Grizzlies to Calif.

    Skin that one Pilgrim.
  24. BenHuntn

    CWD Breakthrough

    This discovery is huge.
  25. BenHuntn

    CWD Breakthrough

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-18-19 AT 05:35PM (MST)[p]Scientist have discovered that CWD is a bacteria and the Prions are just a byproduct of the bacteria. They are coming up with a test to see if your deer is infected immediately after your kill. They are working on a vaccine that may eradicate the...
  26. BenHuntn

    NR Preference Points Change

    I am proposing a change in the way Wyoming Game and Fish prefernce point system works. I have spoke with many folks and we would like to see our Preference Point system just like Colorado. Person with the lowest points in the group is how many points your group has going into the draw. This will...
  27. BenHuntn

    image hosting

    What are you folks using to post your hunting photos? I used to use Photobucket but then they started charging a fee. Then I went to Cloudinary then they ended the free hosting. What's a poor hunter to do?
  28. BenHuntn

    Colorado and CWD

    Well this year my wife and I were lucky to bag 2 great bucks the 3rd season in unit 3. However it was a mandatory CWD testing unit. Low and behold both bucks tested positive. The CDC and all the wildlife agencies say to throw the meat away and do not consume it. This problem seems to be quite...
  29. BenHuntn

    Colorado Deer

    Well after spending $800 on 2 mule deer tags in Colorado and harvesting to big bucks I am supposed to throw the meat away at the landfill. Both bucks tested suspect (positive) for CWD. They are supposed to refund me my processing fee.
  30. BenHuntn

    2018 Colorado Success

    Well my hunting season this year will be hard to beat. Wyoming Mule Deer and bull Elk. Colorado Mule deer with my wife and I still have a late season Wyoming Cow Elk tag. It does not get any better than that.
  31. BenHuntn

    A few good Bucks

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-28-18 AT 03:58PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-28-18 AT 03:58?PM (MST) A few good bucks my family and I have taken over the past two years. Enjoy. Julius Vatalaro
  32. BenHuntn

    Looking for Elk outfitter

    Looking for a Wyoming outfitter that can take a group of 7. This will be for the 2019 elk hunting season. Price range of $3000 to $4000 each. 7 hunters all non-residents all have 3 elk points Any help would be greatly appreciated. Julius
  33. BenHuntn


    I am looking for a Wyoming outfitter for 2019 elk season. Here are some of the things we are looking for. In the $3000 to $4000 range accommodate a group of 7 hunters they average 3 elk points All non-residents
  34. BenHuntn

    2018 Wyoming success

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-18-18 AT 12:12PM (MST) by Founder (admin)[p]Had fun this year hunting WY. Now I can fill the freezer with some organic red meat.
  35. BenHuntn

    Wyoming Final draft. Mule Deer

    Wyoming wins the prize for doing research and creating lots of reading. However nothing will change, they will just keep analyzing the problem. They have ticket writers and researchers but no bodies to put boots on the ground and make changes to habitat and mule deer numbers. One graph shows...
  36. BenHuntn

    Unit 31 type 1 Elk

    Any advice on where to scout for bulls in unit 31 for bull elk. I will have about 2 weeks to scout but I have never hunted elk with a rifle in the unit. I've spent a little time near Little Mountain but that's it. Julius
  37. BenHuntn

    NM unit 15

    I drew an archery unit 15 elk tag. I was told it is a primative weapons area. What can I expect to see. Never been there. Are water holes effective way to harvest a bull? I will be hunting the 8th of sept. Do they bugle much that time of the month? Thanks for any help.
  38. BenHuntn

    New Utah UTV

    Latest and greatest UTV for the Mormon outdoor enthusiast.
  39. BenHuntn

    Wyoming Men's One Shot Antelope hunt.

    What a bunch of crap. SenateFile SF0003. Sets aside 80 antelope tags for the wealthy. It's for Govenror's and other dignitaries. You or I cannot participate. They have a web page. Now the women of wealth are getting 80 tags also. This is a bunch of #####. The politicians have voted this ##### in.
  40. BenHuntn

    Unit 44 deer 3rd season

    If I had a unit 44 3rd season tag I would be getting nervous. If the weather does not change soon it could be tag soup. Pray to the snow Gods.
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