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    Swaro ats 65mm vs 85mm

    Which is the best way to go and why?
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    Neat Mule Deer facts

    A neat tid bit.
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    What bipod do you use?

    Best 6”-9” bipod’s out there, carbon or steel? Looking for a new bipod for my rifle but with a million options out there which one would you sugges?
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    CC hits

    When should we be seeing them and or results?
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    hunt plans 2020

    what hunts do you have planned? backpacking? out of state? deer, elk, antelope, OIL tags? how do you think the corona will affect the 2020 season?
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    Whats the good word for g3? Whats everyone been seeing? This storm was a good one, what I wouldnt give to have that tag this year!
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    goodale fire

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-11-19 AT 05:09PM (MST)[p]fire is growing more and more every day,10-12,000 acres estimated, climbing up shingle and steckers and across the flats. hopefully our wintering deer can find feed this year. whats everyones opinion? fresh growth and bigger deer in the future?
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    sheds 2019

    anybody finding any freshies yet!? have been seeing them hit the ground in other states, just curious about California. they were packin way late last year!
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    looks like we had a weather move in and dump a little snow on the crest with more on the way, with hopes it brings down some big boys for the hunt! gonna head out this weekend and break out the phoneskope. any body gettin any good photos of anything good?
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    x10/g38 bucks

    anybody have any luck this year in the zone? lets see some bucks
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    zion OTC elk

    lookin to see if anyone could help me out with zion unit, hoping to hunt otc rifle elk this fall, don't know much about this unit, I know a lot of private and a bunch of people that's about it, so any information will be greatly appreciated! TIA
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    wonderin if anyone can help me out with this zone, NOT ASKING FOR ANYONES SECRET SPOTS, that being said, which hunt is better? early or late? any migrating deer during g38? hunt on the mountain? any help would be great really appreciate it hoping to draw this year.
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