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  1. NiceRack

    Class Action Law Suit

    With the total failure of AZ F&G handling of the computerized 2021 draw it would seem that if the results are as screwed up as the draw process a class action law suit would be in order. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars are at stake. Dropped points, inability to update the portal...
  2. NiceRack

    After the hunt

    I'm looking for advice on meat processing and transporting from Anchorage to Boise. Any good moose processors in Wasilla? Best way to bring home meat on Alaska Airlines? Thanks PB
  3. NiceRack

    What's the hold up?

    Isn't it about time to apply for Deer hunts? PB
  4. NiceRack

    2019 Idaho Mule Deer

    Always good to get a mature buck. PB
  5. NiceRack

    BC or ALB moose hunt guide only

    Is there anyone that knows of a guide to hunt moose in BC or ALB. I don't want to use an outfitter I would prefer to bring my own camp and do my own thing. As a non resident I know I must have a guide so any help would be great. PB
  6. NiceRack

    Idaho Moose Rut?

    Anyone know when the Idaho Moose rut begins and ends? PB
  7. NiceRack

    Bullet Seating / Short Magazine

    I have encountered a problem with a rifle magazine that is too short for the hand loads that I am working up. When the bullets are seated to .020 from the lands they are way too long for the magazine. Does anyone have any advice on modifying the rifle to accommodate the rounds or am I going to...
  8. NiceRack

    Buck Folding Hunter

    Who else out there had a "Buck Folding Hunter" for their first deer? I was 17 and shot a forked horn buck in San Diego County for my first deer. I still have the Knife and I think next season I will bring it out of retirement for my Idaho Elk hunt. PB
  9. NiceRack

    Remington Rifles

    Anyone else having problems with Remington? I bought a new 783 in .223 a few months ago and had to immediately send it back for repair. The firing pin was not traveling deep enough to fire every round. And now just yesterday received (after ordering the rifle in May the 700AWR in .338RUM and...
  10. NiceRack

    Rabbit's Foot Fire

    The Rabbit's Foot fire is eating up unit 28. Iron creek and cabin creek roads are closed. The fire has burned over 35000 acres. Fire crews are in "full suppression" mode to stop the east movement towards Elk Bend. Pray for rain because the terrain is very steep and tough to get fire crews in to...
  11. NiceRack

    European Wild Boar Hunts

    Has anyone booked a hunt with "European Wild Boar Hunts" in Shoshone, ID. Looking for reviews. PB
  12. NiceRack

    West Texas Pig Hunting

    I'm looking for a reliable pig hunting outfit in west Texas. Anyone have suggestions? PB
  13. NiceRack

    338RUM ammo

    Just ordered a Remington 700AWR in 338RUM. Anyone have an opinion on factory ammo? I like the specs of Barnes VOR-TX LR 250gr. What about Nosler? PB
  14. NiceRack

    Wolf Breeding Pair increase

    I heard from a guy who heard from a cousin of an ex-brother in law's third wife's nephew that the Wolf breeding pairs have increased 35% in unit 28. Anyone else heard of this rumor? PB
  15. NiceRack

    Alberta or BC Moose Hunts

    I am looking for recommendations. My son and I are planning to do a Moose hunt next year and are looking to find a reputable guide/outfitter. We will be driving up from Idaho to make the trip easier. Any suggestions? PB
  16. NiceRack

    "Mule Deer Jacket"

    Custom made "Mule Deer Jacket" in excellent condition. Zipper front, leather trimmed and fabric lined and two front pockets. Size 38-40. All three hides to make the jacket came from my Idaho deer hunts. $175.00 Shipped Located in Boise area. (909)260-8654 CAUTION..DO NOT WEAR THIS JACKET WHILE...
  17. NiceRack

    Unit 28

    Got my Bull Elk opening day....that's the good news. The bad news...I haven't seen a Buck in 10 days of hunting. Only a hand full of does in an area where historically I have seen Bucks and Does every day. Last winter has taken a huge toll on deer numbers here. Also the Chukars are almost non...
  18. NiceRack

    Sighting In?

    I am working up new loads for my 300wsm and my 270 Weatherby. Is it better to shoot the loads at 50 or 100 yards? Which distance will give the best grouping results for hunting? The best load I can produce from each caliber will be used on Deer and Elk out to 500 yards. Fire away. PB
  19. NiceRack

    unit 741

    Hello Colorado hunters.....I was considering archery Elk in unit 741 next year. I know absolutely nothing about the unit other than my son and his wife have property there and claim it has Elk. I don't want anyone to think i'm asking for secret spots. I just wanted to know if opinions favor a...
  20. NiceRack

    300wsm load advice

    I am going to load up 300wsm rounds. I have 180gr Federal Trophy Bonded Tipped Bullets. Any powder / load recommendations? PB
  21. NiceRack

    Salmon-B Non-Res tags sold out

    I'm bummed, my best friend and hunting partner for the last 41 years waited too long to buy a Salmon-B Elk tag. Word from F&G they sold out May 30th. Looks like I will packing Elk with my 24 year old son....thank goodness. PB
  22. NiceRack

    Powder Shelf Life

    Is there a shelf life for smokeless powder? I have a few cans that are 20 years old....should I spread them in the garden for fertilizer? PB
  23. NiceRack

    Hornady GMX

    Anyone using the Hornady GMX bullets? They (on paper) appear to be comparable to Barnes Triple shock. PB
  24. NiceRack

    375 H&H for Elk, Making the switch.

    Any advise out there for the 375 H&H for Elk? I have 270gr Rem. factory rounds but was going to load up 235gr or 270gr Barnes TSX. I have been using my 300wsm with 165gr TSX for many years and killed eight bulls. I have noticed that with several of the bulls that were hit behind the front...
  25. NiceRack

    2010 Ford Ranger

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-07-16 AT 10:26AM (MST)[p]2010 Ford Ranger XLT Super Cab, 60160 miles, 5 Speed Manual Trans., New Tires and New Clutch 09/15, New Windshield 12/15, No Accidents, original owner. 4.0L/V6, 2WD, A/C, Power Windows and locks, Cruise Control, Tow Package, ABS, Tilt Wheel, Power...
  26. NiceRack

    2010 Ford Ranger

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-16 AT 11:22AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-16 AT 11:21?AM (MST) 2010 Ford Ranger XLT Super Cab, 60160 miles, 5 Speed Manual Trans., New Tires and New Clutch 09/15, New Windshield 12/15, No Accidents, original owner. 4.0L/V6, 2WD, A/C, Power Windows and locks, Cruise...
  27. NiceRack

    15 Days

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-08-15 AT 10:41AM (MST)[p]15 Days of Elk hunting in unit 28 and finally got a spike. He's not the biggest bull on the mountain but I think he will be quite tasty.
  28. NiceRack


    I am seeking information from any Wyoming hunter that can explain the difference between "Regular and Special" Antelope application fees. I am an Idaho resident that wants to apply for Antelope in Wyoming. I cant seem to find any help on this within the Wyoming hunting regulations. Thank all, PB
  29. NiceRack

    Rifle slings

    I am posting a question to the "Africa" hunters.... Why, when I watch television hunting programs of African Safaris the hunters almost without exception opt to not use a rifle sling and instead would rather choose to cradle their rifle on their shoulder with the business end (presumably with a...
  30. NiceRack

    37A Bull Elk Photo

    My son Walter's 6x6 bull from 37A.
  31. NiceRack

    37A Bull Elk Success

    We had 4 Bull Elk tags for 37A and filled all of them within 3 days of hunting. We saw over 60 Elk every day, among them 6x6's, 5x5's, rag horns and spikes. My son Walter shot the biggest one (photo below) a 6x6 at 300yds with one clean shot to the heart. The part of 37A that we hunted was all...
  32. NiceRack

    37A Scouting Trip

    I will begin scouting 37A on 8/15/12. We have 4 Bull Elk tags in our group. I know of three herds, each has upward of 125 Elk. In past seasons while Deer hunting in 37A I have seen many Trophy bulls and yet not a single Elk hunter within miles. I plan on scouting for a full week to get a real...
  33. NiceRack

    37A Bull Elk Tags

    Four of us applied as a group and we were drawn. Three non-residents and one resident. Three of the eight non-res tags gone! I have been applying for this hunt for 7 years and finally got lucky. I wonder if applying as a group had any influence on the odds? Paul "Nice Rack" Taxidermy
  34. NiceRack

    Elk Drawing

    Anyone know what the hold up is for the Elk draw? Historically the results were available by March 29. I sent a check so I can't verify if I was drawn, they cashed the check a long time ago. Paul
  35. NiceRack

    Commercial Meat grinder

    Howdy folks, I am looking for a commercial meat grinder that will handle grinding an Elk. I already have the small electric home kitchen type but it takes too long to complete a two step grind process. Paul "Nice Rack" Taxidermy
  36. NiceRack

    5A Bull

    I was very fortunate to take this magnificient bull in 5A on November 27th. My brother Bob and I saw 3 bulls, "Big Red" a massive 6x6 bull, this bull I took a very nice 6x6 and another rag horn. Throughout the entire weeklong season we saw 8 bulls. Paul "Nice Rack" Taxidermy
  37. NiceRack

    Walter's 2011 Bull

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-21-11 AT 03:41PM (MST)[p]Opening day while on two weeks leave from the USAF my son Walter took this 6x6 herd bull after passing three 5x5 bulls, a half dozen rag horns and too many spikes to count in a herd of about 126 Elk. Guiding for my sons has become most rewarding part...
  38. NiceRack

    Unit 28 Salt Fire

    OVERVIEW: The Salt Fire?s approach to the Panther Creek area led to an evacuation order for an area southwest of Panther Creek. No new fires were reported for the forest yesterday. A red-flag warning will continue for the next two days, ending at midnight on Thursday. The weather will keep the...
  39. NiceRack

    Unit 28

    I spent all last week scouting unit 28 in the areas of Iron creek south to Ezra creek, from the Salmon river to Iron Lake. I only saw 1 spike bull and 8 cow/calfs. With temps in the low 90's all week I wasn't surprised that I didn't see much. I figured the Elk are staying cool up high on the...
  40. NiceRack

    Smith & Wesson Mod. 29-3 .44mag.

    I am selling a Smith & Wesson model 29-3 Lew Horton special. It is in excellent condition and only test fired. $900.00 and includes shipping and insurance to your FFL agent in the lower 48 states. I do not have the original box.
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