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  1. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Second buck of 2020

    This is the story of my second buck of 2020. I had drawn a tag for unit 72 and 73 for the 3rd season in colorado. I had already got a buck on cwmu early this year. It scored 166" and had amazing characteristics. Anyways we had helped a couple friends on there bull tag for san juan unit, so we...
  2. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Last day buck

    Me and my dad had hiked our butts of all of the general seasons. Unfortunately we didn't kill a buck, but one of my dads friends get a tag every year for cwmu. He wanted to know if he could mentor the tag to me and my brothers. Well his brother which had the same tag also wanted to mentor the...
  3. Blue Mountain Muleys

    My first buck

    This is a story of my first muzzy buck. Me and my dad were up above this canyon that we were glassing. We found a nice 3 point that I was for sure I wanted. We hiked to this spot and we were looking for him again Most of this canyon was very thick. We lost the 3 point in the thick trees and...
  4. Blue Mountain Muleys

    Couple of good sheds

    Found a couple good horns. The four point was 79" on his left side and I'm still trying to find his right. The three point was nice. VERY BROWN!
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